This Mother’s Day, the day of the most special woman in our life, make her feel special and sooth her heart with extra ordinary piece. Mother’s day poems are one way to express how much we appreciate and how grateful we are to have a mom, a special one to us. You can include these short poems on mother’s day in your gift cards or tags.

A personalized mother’s day card with these heartfelt poetical lines can make a great present on their special day. Your mom will absolutely love and appreciate this heartfelt gesture and cherish this moment forever. Take a look at below samples of mother’s day messages in a form of poems and verses.

Mothers Day Poems #1

Her Love

A mother’s love is always is pure
No trace of insecurity but a better cure
A mother’s love maybe strict
But her loving way to make you stick.

A mother’s love Is always true
It’s all you need to get you through
A mother’s love can seem like hate
She’s only firm to keep you safe

A mother’s love is a shelter
In times of troubles you don’t have to fear
A mother’s love is always there
In simple ways she’ll show she cares

A mother’s love can never compare
With anyone else’s anywhere
It is always here to stay
Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day Poems #2

Priceless Reward

I see her tired when I get home.
And thinking of days she’s all alone.
I witness how she do the chores
Wiping noses, washing dishes,
Doing the laundry, dusting cabinets.

Life is really hard for her
But what she’s doing is priceless and dear;
Never heard her complaining to me,
No matter how exhausted she seems to be.

And one day she’ll look back,
Being proud of how she rear.
Then she look at me with tearful eyes,
and know she got the priceless reward.

Mothers Day Poems #3

Steadfast Devotion

Happy Mother’s Day to you my mother
With courage and faith you soar higher
With endurance you fought with stress,
A never ending effort to give your best

You cross over valleys of defeat
Dream big for your kids
Never thought to surrender
But to push yourself further.

It is my pleasure to let them know
That I’ve been blessed with a mom like you
For all the things you’ve done
I am proud to call you mom!

Mothers Day Poems #4

You Taught Me

You taught me how to love
Love as pure and white as a dove
You taught me how to care
Simply show that I can share.

You taught me to be happy
To smile and laugh but sometimes sappy
Indeed, you are the best teacher
Happy Mother’s Day, my dear Mother!

Mothers Day Poems #5

Today is Your Day

Your toll is not a joke
It won’t be relieved with a bottle of coke
Your hardships are incomparable
But you never showed that you are not able.

Your tears are unseen
But you have never been mean
I love you just the way you are Mom
Today’s your day for being awesome.

Mothers Day Poems #6: Sweetest love

The sweetest love I have felt, is the sweetest I know,
The sweetest love from my mother makes life bright,
The sweetest love from my mother lights up my night,
Mother you are the sweetest feeling even when I’m low.

The sweetest love is better than a million dollars,
My mother is the sweetest love in life,
The sweetest love is both a great mother and wife,
Mother you make every second of life worth living.

She brought me into this world, only because of love,
She is the sweetest love, who can hold me when I fall,
She helped me face the world with the purity of a dove,
Mother you are the sweetest love, special in my heart.

Mothers Day Poems #7: On Mother’s Day

Though the rain may seem to never stop, my love won’t end,
You denied yourself so I may have a smile even when it’s rare,
I am who I am because you showered me with true love and care,
On mother’s day I choose to celebrate you as a mother and friend.

I reflect on the days when I feared to make the first step,
Then I looked up and you were there to make me complete,
If I could, I would bring the moon and stars at your feet,
On mother’s day I celebrate you as my one true wealth.

Your kisses are the only ones without a condition,
You loved me and still love me even with my flaws,
The other affections come attached with claws,
On mother’s day I celebrate your unconditional love.

Mothers Day Poems #8: MORE THAN MONEY

Money comes money goes, but mother’s love remains,
More than money is how valuable her love is even when it rains,
Though the times get tough, her love is the reason I sail,
More than money my mother’s love ensures I never fail.

A mother is priceless; no amount of money can buy her love,
Mother’s kisses and hugs always makes the sun shine bright,
You can’t buy a mother with money; her love is as pure as a dove,
More than money my mother’s love is the reason I can fight.

When I count my blessings, I count mother twice,
Even with all my wealth, I have not found mother’s price,
Mother is the reason behind all the happiness around,
More than money, in my mother’s arms I want to be found.

Mothers Day Poems #9: More Than Amazing

I look for words to write to describe what you mean to me,
Beautiful, amazing and from my heart is what I want it to be,
A poem that shows what is deep in my heart, but no word is best,
More than amazing is what I can say, it comes closer than the rest.

I run out of words to say I love you, and my tears can’t help but flow,
I have gone around the world but only in your arms am I warm from snow,
I know many cannot understand, because you are my gift from heaven,
More than amazing is what I can say, because only your love keeps me driven.

We may quarrel and argue, but in my heart you remain,
Even when I run, only to you will I return to heal the pain,
With you I am happier; you ensure that the tears never fall,
More than amazing is what I can say; you take care of it all.

Mothers Day Poems #10: My Mommy

She always knew how to make the pain go away, my mommy,
She kissed my little cheeks and hugged me tight, my mommy,
She is the reason for my strength and my joy, my mommy,
My mommy lifts my spirits up and makes me smile when I’m down.

My mommy held my hand and never let go,
My mommy made it easy to face the cruel world,
My mommy made me feel like I could fly,
My mommy remains special even until I die.

Someone let me celebrate my mommy’s unassailable love,
Let me shout to the world to know how lucky I am to have her around,
In her arms I am comforted and with her I feel so sound,
Only my mommy can make me smile even when it is dark.

Note that these Mother’s day poems were originally written for 365greetings so kindly put attribution in case you want to use these poems for personal use.

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