Use these poems for friends to express your care, affection and appreciation to one of the important persons in your life – your friends. These poems for friends can be used in friendship cards. You can also write these friendship poems in a gift note if you are to give them a birthday gift or any sentimental stuff. For flower note tags, these can be written as well.


Poems for Friends #1: [snip msg]Friends Indeed

Sometimes we fight with all our might
And doors are seemed to close.
But in the end, friends again
And that’s what counts the most.

Through thick and thin, tested by time
Our friendship will never die
We might grow old, all secrets told
But we’ll be here, as time goes by.

BY: 365greetings[/snip]

The Homecoming


Poems for Friends #2: [snip msg]The Homecoming

Long lost friend, come to me
Hear my voice calling
Where have you gone
Leaving me in longing?

Alas, you returned my friend
And no matter how far
The waiting is over
Now, together again we are.

BY: 365greetings[/snip]

My Sister, My Friend


Poems for Friends #3: [snip msg]My Sister, My Friend

My sister, my best friend
Let’s share each other’s secret.
My sister, my beloved
While the night is still and quiet.

My friend, my sister dear
though at times we scream and fight
My sister, my friend forever
Together, hand in hand we’ll be alright.

BY: 365greetings[/snip]

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