Here are some beautiful wedding poems for you. We can never choose when to be born, neither can we choose when we will die. However we can choose when we will wed. How glorious is that thought. When two people decide to celebrate their love by wedding it is a wonderful thing because it is a loud witness to all who care to listen that the two are proclaiming their love for the whole world to see. And what better way to commemorate this special day than to share special words from the depth of your heart!

Tell the one you love how much they mean to you with words from your heart. You do not have to be the best poet in the world or the best lyrist neither do you have to have the perfect arrangement. Simple words said with love will be treasured by the one you love and long after the wedding day has passed your darling will remember your vows to them.

Wedding Poems #1: Promise of Sweet Serenity

The lifetime promise of our sweetest serenity;
Will stay on our side up to the boundless eternity.
I hope that our love will stay flavorful and savory;
And will be at its best despite the pain and misery.

The lifetime promise of our sweetest serenity;
Will keep us safe and sound in the midst of adversity.
I hope that our affection will always be healthy;
I hope that my forever with you is so joyful and lovely.

Wedding Poems #2: Invincible Love

Our love will never break, even if the mountains erode;
Our love will stay the same, even if all irons corrode.
We will stick with each other, even if volcanoes explode;
Our love is a big mystery, no one could ever decode.

The torrential rain in our heads will keep on falling;
But together forever, we will keep on shining.
Up to this day, until the sun in our lives is setting;
We will never part, and we’ll spend forever loving.

Wedding Poems #3: I Won’t Leave You

Eternity will be spent with my beloved one and only;
In times of highs, in times of lows, you will always be with me.
Even if the rest of this big old world will go crazy;
I will always be here, to help you through and make you happy.

The love that I have for you will never go to waste;
For I know I picked the right one to give my love of sweet taste.
From now until forever, we will always be laced;
And share the love that we have, so true, so dear, so chaste.

Wedding Poems #4: THE AISLE OF LOVE

We walk together in love, tenderly, blessed and hand in hand,
The magic of knowing you are mine, is the reason my heart still beats,
Funny how the mention of your name still makes me weak in the knees,
This is the aisle of love and for you I will never stop walking.

We were joined as one in love, happy and never shaken,
And as one we have lived together, never to be displaced,
You remain my one true love, in my heart your place can never be taken,
This is the aisle of love and with you I am rightly placed.

You have made my fears a thing of the past,
You smiled only once and taught me that love could last,
I love the way you love me, addicted to the feeling of every night,
This is the aisle of love and I love that you are my light.

Wedding Poems #5: DANCE WITH ME

Dance with me, though no one will understand,
Dance with me, so everyone can get to know our stand.
Dance with me, so that my hunger for you can be nourished,
Dance with me, and I know my yearnings will be fulfilled.

Dance with me; like the rain on the roof, let our love be on the move.
Dance with me; as I look into your soul, let me discover your insecurities.
Dance with me; let me hold you in my arms, so I can hear the tune of your heart beat.
Dance with me; as I make you mine forever, let me hear you say I do.

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