No human being is without love and no one can escape love. Love is a deep feel of our hearts. Love can be defined in different forms: mother’s love, child’s love, friend’s love and lover’s love. The more pleasure is in being loved than to love. Cute quotes about love can give you fantastic quotes about love. On the below section you can find cute quotes about love, which you can use it to send it your lover.


“Love is a feel where the world spins around you than you spin around the world. Missing love is missing your life. Don’t miss your life!”


“Smiling without reason when alone is the cause of love. Love enjoys every moment and get lost within love.”


“Expecting something unusual and expecting more from others mean they mean so much to you and they are into your heart in the name of love!”


“When I am with you I like myself and always wanted to be by your side. I can win the whole world when I am with you!”


“Getting a garden when asked for a flower is love. Love gives you a lot when you expect nothing from it.”


“Love doesn’t have any impossibilities, it makes any impossibility into possibility. Love is not just a happening in our life it’s a gift of God.”


“Love happens by accident; it then becomes inevitable; and finally it is a fate in our life.”


“Love is touching someone with spirit and touched by soul with their full heart.”


“Belief and Hope are the essential ingredients in Love, hope dies when believing is stopped. So Belief and Hope together makes the love more beautiful”


“Love gives you everything you need in life; if love is with you it makes feel fulfilled in life.”


“The place where your mind sticks on and never wants to return back is the place where you can find your love.”


“Impossible things – Tasting without tongue; seeing without eyes; touching without hands; living without breathing; anything impossible can become possible with LOVE.”


“Love finds your smile even when you are in sadness. Love is living the present and dreaming the future.”


“Love is finding your soul out of million souls; love is when you feel comfortable when you are with your soul mate.”


“Holding the hands tightly and never letting it go is true love. Love doesn’t have limitations.”

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