Engaging one’s life to accept someone as their life partner and announcing it to friends and relatives is the engagement. The engagement gift ideas article gives you the clear suggestions in how to decide a gift and what to gift the engagement couple. The engagement day is celebrated with the introduction of two families and gifting the engaged couple. Confusions arise only when understanding the concept of the celebration lacks behind and if understood it is easy to select the gifts. Engaged couple’s need has to be analyzed in order to decide the gifts for them. This is the right way of gifting. The gifts you are choosing for them individually or for couples should make them happier. The gifts can either be used as individual among the couples or by both of them. Here are some of our suggestions and engagement gift ideas.

Flowers and a wishing card
Flowers speak the language of love and affection and it is the best messenger of wishing. Floral bouquets gifted on an engagement function will be the apt gift a person can give to the couple as individual or as couples. The bouquet can carry a wishing card with your warm wishing words on it.

Personalized photo frame
Get the picture of the couples and put it on a decorated frame and gift them as an engagement gift. It would excite the couples as they would be very much happy to see themselves together on the frame. They can cherish the photo frame for years and years to come.

Coffee mugs
Nice couple wordings or a picture of couples can be printed on a coffee mug and gifted individually as an engagement gift. The mug with his name can be gifted to her and mug with her name can be gifted to him as it would make them happy.

Books about leading a successful married life, life’s secrets for happy married life can also gifted as an engagement gift. Cooking recipe books can be gifted to the welcomed bride. Any books of usefulness to the couple can be the best gift.

Decorative items
Engagement gifts are memorable gift as it is everyone’s special day where their life is going to be shared with someone who is so special life partner. Decorative items like paintings, wall hangings, show pieces, time piece, candle stands etc can be present as an engagement gifts.

A wallet can be gifted with their photos in it. It would be the simple but best gift on an engagement function.

Gift vouchers
Gift the couples with gift vouchers as it would make them happy. They can use the vouchers as per their wish and can be exchanged into their likeable gifts.

Any electronic gadget can be a perfect engagement gift. Gadgets include digital diary, wristwatches, alarm clocks, schedulers, mp3s, ipods etc.

Personal note
Prepare a personal note expressing your affection on them and your wishing words. The note can also say about life’s success and how they can lead a happy wedding life.

Marriage countdown clock
A perfect and fun gift would be a marriage countdown clock where the couple can start counting down their marriage day. The nearing days for their marriage will be keep ticking on with your countdown clock gift.

Apart from these gifts you can also get to know the likes and needs of the couples and gift them according to it. Gift them individually or as couples to celebrate the occasion of engagement in a happier and fun way. Your love and affection can be well expressed with the engagement gifts if chosen aptly knowing the tastes and need of the couples. Your wishes are very much essential to them for their happy married life.

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