Mehndi-designsIndian marriage decorations won’t be complete until the bride and her friends do the beautiful mehndi designs on their hand. Mehndi is something Indian women love to do in their hands to show their femininity and creativity.  The mehndi designs are so intricate and creative, that you will love the hands with mehndi. Indian women do mehndi on all popular occasions and festivals.

Mehndi is done with natural dye from henna leaves. Mehndi is popular in India, Pakistan and Arab countries. Beautifying the brides legs and hands is custom in these countries. Now Mehndi is popular in western countries also.they use it for temporarily tattoo, natural hair coloring etc. Black mehndi is popular in tattoo industry for temporary tattoo designs.

We are quite accustomed with the mehndi designs, of wedding and family functions  But mehndi designs are not restricted to wedding or family functions  Gujarati’s do the mehndi on the festival season of navaratri. Indian muslims do the mehndi for their wedding and edul fitter festivals

Please find some great mehndi designs to tickle your Indian spirit

1. simple mehndi designs for hands


Please find one simple mehndi designs for hands. These Designs are the basic mehndi designs for beginners. This is easy to make as it is symmetric and not as intricate as normal bridal mehndi designs. This is suitable for any occasions, as it is easy to do and less time consuming.simple-mehndi-designs

2. simple mehndi designs for kids

Kids are angels, and they deserve an angelic mehndi desgn, and it should be a simple design to do it easy and quick. Please find here one simpke mehndi design for kisd which will give you an idea about mehndi design for kidssimple-mehndi-design-for-kids

3.simple mehndi designs for beginners

Here is another simple mehndi designs for beginners  This is so simple so that any girl with little drawing sense can do this mehndi. If you are a beginner  I suggest you to try something like this.simple-mehndi-designs-for-beginners

4. new mehndi designs

Always we may not have the time and patience to do a complicated mehndi for hands. Here is some simple design which is really simple but elegant. You adopt these type of designs when you go for modern party where, complicated mehndi design will make you real village girl.


5. Easy mehndi designs for beginners

Beginners need some time to master the mehndi designs. Mean time it is always better to do easy mehndi designs for beginners. As the time passes beginners will become master in their art and they can start to do more complicated ones. Sotry some thing like this


6. mehndi tattoo designs

In western countries Mehndi is used as a temporary tattoo. You can find it here


7. Mehndi designs for hands

Bridal mehndi designs for full hands is common along with Indians and Arabic  Brides friends will meet together and they do this each other. They day is especially cheerful and happy and it will bring the happiness and warmness to a marriage house


8. Arabic mehndi designs for hand

These are very popular in the world. AS Indians normally stick to traditional mehndi designs with black shade, Arabic mehndi designs use little bit color here and there


9. bridal mehndi designs

What a beautiful designs. This designs are done by professional people


10.Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs

The full hand bridal mehndi designs is common in north India. It is very popular withRajputs and with Gujarati. Indian muslims also do this for their marriages and on Eid festival.


11Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs


12 Latest Mehndi Designs


13 Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Designs


14 Indian mehndi designs for Feet


15 Indian mehndi design for hands

Indian mehndi designs hands are very popular all over the world. There are lot of mehndi design centers across the world to cater the Indian community in abroad.


16.Indian Mehndi Designs For feet

Mehndi is not only for hands, but it is done on feet also. Some women match their mehndi designs to their dresses and ornaments to get an elegant look


17. arabic mehndi designs


18 arabic mehndi designs For Hands


19 beautiful eid mehndi designs


20 Arabic Mehndi Designs For Brides


21 mehndi designs images


22 indian mehndi designs


23 indian mehndi designs -2


24 Indian Mehndi Designs -4


25 pakistani mehndi designs




Mehndi Designs For Feet


29-Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Leg



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