Love Birthday Messages

Love is most important thing in the life. All world is made on love. if there is no love there wont be any relation. So let us enjoy the most special feeling given to us by the god. Express you love to your lover by love messages and email. In the modern world there are lot of way to express you love to your sweetheart so let them know how much you love them

Make your dear ones feel loved and appreciated on his/her special day. Send them a birthday greeting card that contains love birthday messages and romantic birthday wishes. Don’t know how to start? You may use these samples of birthday greetings as birthday card messages or birthday SMS messages. Look through our collection of inspirational messages for birthdays. You can use these messages to to send a birthday card to your  lover

Happy Birthday Love Messages

I never had a definition of love until you helped me describe it by loving me.
You’re a gift to me.
Can I be the same for you?
Have a lovely birthday.

People enter to our life with a reason
When I found you, I instantly know why.
Because of you, I saw how wonderful life can be.
Happy Birthday!

My love for you grows each day.
Today, I love you.
Tomorrow, I will love you more
You will always be in my heart.
Happy birthday, my dear!
My life changed because of you.
Now I don’t have to be afraid being alone
For you always stay by my side to hold tight
And give me all your love.
I couldn’t ask for more.
I love you so much. Happy Birthday

I just want you to know that you became the most important person in my life
I simply can’t imagine a life without you.
I will always be thankful for all the love and care.
Happy Birthday, my dearest love.

You just don’t have any idea how happy I am to spend this special day with you
Let me show you how much I love you.
And let’s spend a lifetime proving it to you.
Happy Birthday, dear!

I know it’s easy to say I Love you,
It’s hard to prove that it’s true.
That’s why let me spend a lifetime with you,
To prove that I truly love you.
Happy birthday, my darling!

Love Birthday Messages for Him

Birthday Love Messages for Boyfriend, Love Birthday Wishes for Husband


Sending you warm wishes, hugs and kisses on your birthday,
Save it up for the whole year as the next ones will be on your next birthday.
Just kidding, I’ll be more than willing to show you how much I love you every single day.
Happy Birthday!

The best thing I have ever done in my life was to love you.
Staying in love with you is the best task I am willing to do.
Happy birthday and I love you so!

You are the best boyfriend in the world!
You make me happy
You never fail to make me smile.
Because of you, I view the world in a different light.
I love you so much, Happy Birthday!

I am so happy when I am with you,
With you, all my troubles fade
All my worries disappear.
You are my everything.
Happy Birthday!

On your special day, I want to thank you
For all the love and care you have given me
You did a wonderful job loving me
I wanted to return the favor by showing my love for you.
I love you so much, dearest.
Happy Birthday!

Distance may keep us apart, but you will always be in my heart
Your name is carved in it; I will let no one delete it.
I love you so much, happy birthday!

Birthday Love Messages for Her

Happy Birthday Messages to Girlfriend, Birthday Love Wishes for Wife


Happy Birthday, dearest.
I would gladly catch all the stars above and give you as a present if I could.
Too bad I can’t. So let me just show you much I love you.
And prove it for a lifetime.

I love you so much sweetie.
You just don’t know how lucky I am to be your man
Happy birthday!

You have probably received tons of birthday wishes already
So I plan to make mine extra special, my everlasting love is herewith attached.
Happy Birthday!

You are such a wonderful girl,
So sweet, caring and kind.
I want to give you the best of everything
Let me start by showing my love for you.
Happy Birthday!
You are the sunshine in my life
You are everything I could wish for
I am so lucky to have you.
Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Your beautiful eyes enthralled me
Your sweetest smile mesmerized me
You simply swept me on my feet
I am so in love with you.
Happy Birthday!

You are the most wonderful thing that ever happen to me
I couldn’t imagine a life without you by my side.
I feel so blessed.
Happy Birthday, my dearest love.

Birthday Messages for Someone You Love


You are an affirmation set to make hearts feel worthy.
Positivity is what you bring forth.
You are a hero in your own ways.
These are just few of the positive words you deserve to get in return.
Today is special for someone who never fails making other people feel special.
Happy Birthday, Good Heart!
Let positive vibes be your visitor.

You’ve sacrificed a lot.
You’ve been to so many struggles.
Why did you forget to take some rest for yourself?
Let me give you a treat, dear.
On your birthday, I’ll show you how you explained love to me.

You are a chocolate to my hungry soul.
Feed me more. The impact is too sweet.
Have a great day, honey.

Dear Love
Patiently listening to unending dramas…
Trying to understand my odd character…
The responses that make me think and believe that you’re right…
The rare you…
The puzzling gifts…
Now, can I offer my time as a sign of gratitude?
Be with me on your special day.
Will you let that be real?

You are a masterpiece on my canvass of life!
Splash your day colorfully, darling.

I can’t believe I’m greeting you.
You’re an angel who is too good to be true!
And today is a great time for you.
I will spread the good news!

Sweet Romantic Birthday Love Messages

Birthdays are always fun and wonderful,
Wishing happy birthday to you is more wonderful.
Because My heart feel love when I wish you Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday My Love!

When I say Happy Birthday to you!
It comes from My heart with.
All the love mixed it!
Happy Birthday My sweet!

Let me Whisper “Happy Birthday My Love”!
Let me Shout” Happy Birthday My Love” !!
Because I am in Love with you!
Happy Birthday my sweetheart!

You are a candle who guide my way on my darkest hours.
Don’t cease to shine and warm.
My brightest smile is my gift to you.

When I write this message Here!
My heart overflows with joy and love.
I am so lucky to have your love!
Happy Birthday my Love!