Christmas season is here once again. Express your love and affection to your boyfriend, fiancé, husband or lover this holiday season by giving him the best Christmas gifts and top Christmas gift ideas you could ever find. In doubt? I’ve compiled some of the best Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend that you may consider.

You may be having a tough time deciding what to give. Or you probably have an idea on what he wants but can’t afford it. Or maybe you simply do not have any Christmas gift ideas for him yet. Here is our list of top 20 Christmas gift ideas for your man. These are surely on your man’s wish list and would definitely help you decide.


Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend


1. Fine Shaver and Cream Set

This is really nice and personal. Imagine smelling his aftershave and knowing his shaving cream was from you. And you will also have the chance to make him smell the way you want to. Think of a fresh musk scent from bath and body works or The body Shop.

2. Personalized Pillow

You can have your picture printed on the pillowcase. That will definitely put you in his head before his sleeps and right when he wakes up.

3. Whiskey

Let’s face it. Men love christmas drinks. Why not give him booze this Christmas? He probably likes a classic Jack Daniels or maybe a Johnny Walker.

4. Perfume

He loves to smell nice. You will definitely love that, too. There are several perfume choices out there. Pick one that smells really nice and fits his preference.

5. Swiss Knife

A Swiss knife is a must-have for every man. Whether your man likes tinkering in the garage, or camping outdoors or simply staying at home, he will always find this handy.

6. 15-Gallon back pack with a tent

Most guys love the outdoors. Treat him with a bag where he can put all his camping stuff. Include a tent to make sure he has somewhere to sleep when he’s out there. Or better yet, you can go camping together and enjoy a peaceful campfire and barbecue outside your house this Christmas season.

7. iPod with hub and portable speakers

If your man is tech savvy and loves to keep their playlist updated, an iPod can be the perfect gift for him this holiday season. You can also put in as many pictures of you and your partner as you like.

8. Phone Upgrade

You can give him a techie treat with a phone upgrade. The iPhone 5 is out, and maybe he is already planning to buy one himself. You can get him one instead. That will definitely put a smile on your partner’s face this Christmas.

9. Car Accessories

Of course, a new car is better. But if you can’t get him one, you might want to buy him a new accessory for his car instead. You can dig into his magazines and check what he got his eyes on. You have lots of choices – mags, decals, GPS, LED screens, etc.

10. LED television

When you give him a huge LED TV, expect him to be the sweetest man alive for the next few days. This gift is pretty expensive. But if you love your man so much, it is going to be worth it. This will definitely make this year unforgettable.


More Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend


  • Towel or robe
  • Keychain
  • Hat or cap
  • Gift certificate to a hardware store
  • Christmas Food Hamper
  • Headphones
  • Personalized mouse pad
  • Cardigan
  • Christmas Gift Basket
  • Wine and Cheese Hamper

By considering above top Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend, you should be able to come up with the perfect choice of Christmas presents.

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