Christmas is the time of year to make your partner feel special, to show her how much you care about her, and most of all, how much you love her. This is also a time of giving Christmas gifts for girlfriend. If you’re running out of Christmas gift ideas for her, then you’ve come at the right place.

Aside from the excitement the season brings, men are also faced with the dilemma of choosing the best Christmas gift he can give his girlfriend, and that bothers guys every single year. You may say that chocolates and flower arrangements are too cliché and roses are too ordinary. Don’t worry, save those for other occasions because we are giving you a list of special Christmas gifts that will really make her smile during the season of giving.

There are millions of Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend out there so if you’re looking for the best gift to give her, here is our top 20 that you can choose from.


Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Her



Something that she can wear wherever she goes will surely make a very memorable Christmas present. You can never go wrong with a piece of jewelry, more so a necklace. Make it ultimately special by choosing a pendant that reminds her of something uniquely you, or something you both share. Place is it in a small red box wrapped with gold and white ribbon. And offer to put it around her neck, and don’t forget to seal the deal with a kiss.



Start shooting. Record a sweet Christmas message and pour your heart out on that video. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with complicated video editing tools online. You can simply use Windows Movie Maker which is a no brainer. You can easily drag and drop pictures or movie clips and add a song on top of it. Save it in a CD then put it in a box with some chocolates or truffles. That would definitely be the sweetest Christmas for her.



Everyone’s getting techie nowadays. And this is a perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife.
You can help her with her busy schedule while making her smile with personalized reminders you can put on the reminders’ list before you give it to her. You can also keep her entertained with music by downloading her favorite songs and arranging the in a playlist. Put as many pictures of you together in the iPod, and better yet, set one of your best couple photos as the wallpaper and screensaver.



It’s always a plus for a woman that her man gives her something chic and classy that she can wear. Though cashmere sweaters are expensive and sophisticated, they are also very practical and comfortable. She can wear them any time of the year, and whenever she does, she will definitely remember you. Pick something that fits her style. If you are not sure which one best compliments her, stick with the classics – black, white or beige.



Giving her something to read and she will definitely love it especially if she likes reading. If she doesn’t, do not fret. You can always give her something to laugh about. Or you can also check out informative selections like cookbooks or how-to’s. There are countless of genres in the bookstore, and you can choose one according to her interests. If she is a hopeless romantic, nothing can beat a Nicolas Sparks classic. If you want to make her laugh, you can choose a book of jokes and anecdotes that she can relate to. Never forget an inscription. That’s what will make the package complete.


More Christmas gifts for girlfriend

  • Pillow
  • Cooking lessons
  • Spa set
  • Gift certificates to clothing stores
  • Baking appliances
  • Personalized car plate
  • Personalized keychain
  • Classy black dress
  • Pendant
  • Engraved bracelet
  • Surprise date at a fancy restaurant
  • Ticket to a concert or fashion show
  • Victoria’s Secret lotion or perfume
  • Out of town trip
  • Disposable underwater camera

Above Christmas gift ideas for girlfriends are just suggestions. They can also serve as a guide when you’re doing your Christmas gift shopping. Don’t forget the rule of the thumb: choose a Christmas gift for her that you think she would like and will compliment her best.

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