Christmas season is here once again. Express your love and affection to your boyfriend, fiancé, husband or lover this holiday season by giving him the best Christmas gifts and top Christmas gift ideas you could ever find. In doubt? I’ve compiled some of the best Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend that you may consider.

You may be having a tough time deciding what to give. Or you probably have an idea on what he wants but can’t afford it. Or maybe you simply do not have any Christmas gift ideas for him yet. Here is our list of top 20 Christmas gift ideas for your man. These are surely on your man’s wish list and would definitely help you decide.

Personalized Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

What better way to spoil the man in your life than a pair of snazzy shoes, encased in a personalized shoe box? You can simultaneously wow him with your great sense of style, while celebrating a special occasion like Christmas with a cute handmade message stuck inside the shoe box. It’s sure to take him by surprise! Source: Pinterest

Homemade Christmas gift “basket” for Boyfriend

Win him over with a backpack full of his favorite goodies. This is a great play on the traditional Christmas stocking. Fill it to the brim with deodorant, socks, chocolates, or even a pair of funky flip flops. A load of treats in one handy package – who can resist? Source: Pinterest

Personalized Key Ring

Remind him of your love wherever he may travel, with a nifty engraved keyring. Choose a personalized message that will mean the world to him, or just something cute that will brighten his day. The engraving will show you went the extra mile, while still being a relatively inexpensive gift. Source: Banadesigns

Personalized Wood Phone Docking Station Organizer

This is a perfect Christmas gift for the boyfriend that’s going places – or just likes to be super organized. The personalized wood phone docking station organizer lets him keep all his valuables in one place, whilst still thinking of how thoughtful and adorable you were get him this super handy gift. It’s sure to score you huge brownie points! Source:

12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights

Talk about having your bread buttered on both sides. With the 12 months of pre-planned date nights gift, you’ll have romantic quality time sorted for the next year! Not to mention the fun you’ll be having in planning all the dates. This is the gift that will keep on giving – ensuring priceless memories to last a lifetime. Source: Thinking Closet

Timex Men’s Blue and Gray Weekender Watch

Your boyfriend is sure to love the stylish weekender watch. It allows him to interchange slip-through watch straps in a variety of styles and colors. This is a great gift for the more fashion-conscious guy. He’ll love you for gifting him with such a versatile fashion statement. Source: QVC

Air Legend 23 Michael Jordan Mens Hoodie

This one is sure to grab his attention, and have him thinking you’re the coolest girlfriend around. The NEW Air Legend 23 Michael Jordan men’s hoodie sweatshirt is sure to put a bounce in his step and strutting his stuff. This is the perfect gift for the basketball-crazy boyfriend in your life. Source: Ebay

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Have him listening to his favorite tunes through this portable, wireless stereo bass headset earphone for Sony Beat. With its super-cool features, such as noise isolation, playback controls, surround sound, and leather cushions, this gift will highly appeal to the music aficionado boyfriend in your life. Source: Ebay

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend: Treasure Chest

Want to think out of the box? Then this handmade treasure chest made out of paper is the way to go. Not only will it show how much time you are willing to invest in the love of your life, but it will surely impress the more ‘eco-conscious’ boyfriend. Fill it with all of his favorite treats, and you’re sure to win his heart – again! Source: Reddit


This is pretty similar to gift idea 1, but this time why not go with trainers, adding some clever handmade message, such as this one, inside the shoe box? This thoughtful gift is sure to make your boyfriend run straight into your arms – again and again. Source: Madinbelgrade



If you love DIY, this handmade christmas gift for boyfriend will certainly impress the more romantic of guys. You can choose your best couple photos to form part of a decorative photo frame, making this gift truly special. This will be a couple’s keepsake, and will surely deserve an honorary spot against any wall. Source: mylivingdesigns

Sound wave Necklace

If you’re looking for an incredibly unique Christmas gift for boyfriend, then the sound wave necklace is it! You record your voice by saying a special message, such as ‘I Love You’. Then the patterns of your voice’s waveform is engraved on a gold plated silver plate or the like. This is one of those gifts that will leave him speechless. Source: Pinterest

Broadway Ticket Stub Pillow

Had an extremely memorable first date at the movies, or you fell in love at a concert? Then why not get your movie or concert ticket stub printed on a pillow? This is a boyfriend christmas gift that will last forever, and a great reminder of one of your most precious moments together. Source: Etsy

Game of Thrones Diamond Sigil T-Shirt

Calling all Game of Thrones fans. If your boyfriend simply can’t resist keeping up with the folks in the seven kingdoms, then this gift is perfect for him. The Game of Thrones diamond sigil T-shirt is on trend and useful. What more could a guy ask for? Source: HBO

Christmas Gift for Gamer Boyfriend

Far from being the boring old sock gift, these pair of gamer socks are sure to warm the heart of your man that can’t get enough of his gaming console. He’ll love that you understand his need for some down-time, and what man isn’t in need of socks? Source: Etsy

Star Wars Coffee Press R2D2 Limited Edition 

For the Star Wars and coffee lover boyfriends out there, nothing says ‘I Love You’ like the limited edition R2D2 4 cup coffee press. You’re bound to win him over with this unique, yet super cool gift, and he’ll be wondering what he did to deserve such an amazing girlfriend. Source: Amazon

Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi 4×6″ Photo Printer

Want to go all out and spoil the special man in your life? Then this convenient Kodak printer dock will do the trick. This dock and Wi-Fi 4×6″ photo printer has amazing features, such as advanced patent dye sublimation printing technology & photo preservation overcoat layer – not to mention it’s compatible with any Android or iOS phone. This nifty gift will have him printing cute photos of the two of you straight from his phone! Source: Amazon

Star Wars Gift Glass Whiskey Decanter Set

Yet another amazing Christmas gift for the Star Wars-loving boyfriends out there. This sophisticated gift will appeal to his more mature side, while still indulging in his space fantasies. It’s a hard to beat combination, and he’ll love you to the moon and back. Source: Etsy

Funny Gamer Mug

This clever little cup is sure to push all the right buttons for your gamer boyfriend. He’ll love that you took the time to acknowledge his favorite pastime, while providing a handy cup for all the coffee he consumes during his long nights of gaming. It’s a win-win situation. Source: Kancyl

Harry Potter Couple Shirts

Calling all Harry Potter fans. Tell him how much he means to you by getting him this trendy black and white sweater. He’ll love to know he’s a keeper, while having something cool to wear for more relaxed days. Why not make it the perfect match, by getting your own one? You’ll be the envy of all of coupledom. Source: Pinterest

Personalized Gift Box for Boyfriend

This Christmas gift box is perfect for the more distinguished, yet man’s man boyfriend. He’ll love that you chose your own personalized message for the handcrafted Birch or Oak box. Choose from a variety of unique gifts to place inside, like a bullet bottle opener. He’ll love that you’re appealing to his manly side, and he’ll know you’re a keeper – just like this awesome boyfriend Christmas gift. Source: Etsy

Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit

Got a man that just loves his beard? Then this ultimate beard grooming kit is the way to go! It contains all the essentials to keep those precious facial hair of his looking gorgeous. It includes a natural Cherry wood bear comb, one boar bristle brush, professional barber shears, beard oils and more. Choose the scent of oil and get matching beard balm and moustache wax. He’ll love you for helping him maintain his luscious facial hair! Source: Etsy

Chocolate Pineapple Wine Bottle

Short on budget, but still want to make a big impact? Then this decorated champagne bottle might do the trick. Decorate a bottle of your choice with Ferrero Rocher chocolates (or anything else that he loves) and create a funky pineapple shape. He’ll be impressed by your sheer genius, and the willingness to put in so much effort to make his heart sing. Source: Pinterest

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Explorer’s Edition – Nintendo Switch

Another perfect gift for the gamer boyfriend. Introduce him to the wonderful world of Hyrule, with this Nintendo Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game. It includes the game, a two-side map, and an explorer’s guide – everything you’ll need to help your hero on his way. Source: Amazon

Global Drone X183 w/5.8GHz WiFi FPV 1080P Camera Dual GPS Brushless Quadcopter


Indulge in your adventurous guy’s ultimate drone fantasies, by purchasing him this Global Drone X183 w/5.8GHz WiFi FPV 1080P Camera Dual GPS Brushless Quadcopter. It’s a mouthful, but you’ll leave him without words when you gift him with this super amazing gift. Packed with features, such as photography/video and GPS follow me function, this one is sure to lift your relationship to new heights! Source: Ebay

Fine Shaver and Cream Set

This is really nice and personal. Imagine smelling his aftershave and knowing his shaving cream was from you. And you will also have the chance to make him smell the way you want to. Think of a fresh musk scent from bath and body works or The body Shop. Source: Amazon

Personalized Pillow

You can have your picture printed on the pillowcase. That will definitely put you in his head before his sleeps and right when he wakes up. Source: Etsy


Let’s face it. Men love christmas drinks. Why not give him booze this Christmas? He probably likes a classic Jack Daniels or maybe a Johnny Walker. Source: Pinterest


He loves to smell nice. You will definitely love that, too. There are several perfume choices out there. Pick one that smells really nice and fits his preference.

Swiss Knife

A Swiss knife is a must-have for every man. Whether your man likes tinkering in the garage, or camping outdoors or simply staying at home, he will always find this handy. Source:

15-Gallon back pack with a tent

Most guys love the outdoors. Treat him with a bag where he can put all his camping stuff. Include a tent to make sure he has somewhere to sleep when he’s out there. Or better yet, you can go camping together and enjoy a peaceful campfire and barbecue outside your house this Christmas season.

iPod with hub and portable speakers

If your man is tech savvy and loves to keep their playlist updated, an iPod can be the perfect gift for him this holiday season. You can also put in as many pictures of you and your partner as you like. Source: Amazon

Phone Upgrade

You can give him a techie treat with a phone upgrade. The iPhone 5 is out, and maybe he is already planning to buy one himself. You can get him one instead. That will definitely put a smile on your partner’s face this Christmas.

Car Accessories

Of course, a new car is better. But if you can’t get him one, you might want to buy him a new accessory for his car instead. You can dig into his magazines and check what he got his eyes on. You have lots of choices – mags, decals, GPS, LED screens, etc.

LED Television

When you give him a huge LED TV, expect him to be the sweetest man alive for the next few days. This Christmas  gift idea for boyfriend is pretty expensive. But if you love your man so much, it is going to be worth it. This will definitely make this year unforgettable.


By considering above top Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend, you should be able to come up with the perfect choice of Christmas presents.

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