New Born Baby Wishes

The new parents, for sure, got unexplainable happiness as they are starting a new journey with a little hand to hold. Wishes might mean a lot to them as they’d be encouraged and cheered up to enter parenthood. Check the following; you might know it but you’ll be a part of your friends’ sources of motivation.New Born Baby Wishes

New Born Baby Wishes

My Heartfelt Congratulations for your new Baby

All the best wishes to the new member
Who just arrived to your sweet family

Happy to know that you had a new baby
I know how joyful are you and your wife
My special wishes for mom and kid

You have one more member in your family
So work hard, Congratulations

Babies are gem who gives immense
pleasure to Dad and Mom.
The make them proud in front of the world
Congratulations for New Baby

For a man who is just crowned as Dad
For a Women who enjoys the pleasure of mother hood

Mother is the best friend to anybody
So you have become best friend to someone
Congratulations sweet mom

Motherhood is the most divine in this world
And you have attained that
Congratulations for you new Baby
Your baby is a rare treasure.

She will make your home more suited for the term “home”. I am happy for your new-found love, dearest parents.

Life is full of surprises. You’re sure to agree with that!

Cherish her infant times!

I foresee a happy heart that you possess, baby. That’s how wonderful your parents are with regards to parenthood.

Celebrate a new life with a blast of care for your baby.

Pamper yourself by reaping a ripe fruit of parenthood, someday.

Gladness will come your way each and every day!

In front of you is a gift that’s so valuable.

There are so many ways to show your care.

Talk with affirmative words. Your baby will be kicking with enthusiasm.

Tell your baby how joyous you are with the joy that he gives.
Your baby will be your source of energy. Feel recharged all the time.

Hands up in advance for an excellent grade on being mom and dad!

The baby is awesome just like you.

I’ll whisper to your little one the reasons why he’s so blessed.

If I have to paint your thrill on having a new baby, the master piece will be so colorful.

We share in the happiness of stunning life you just showed us.

Dear Baby, do you know what happiness looks like? Take a look at your mom and dad.

New Baby Congratulation Wishes

Dear Baby, your arrival means less sleep for mommy and daddy. But that gives them more energy.

You are the little one but you’re the one who pampered your parents with much enthusiasm. Baby, you bring joy to their lives.

May God make your family a happy one.

We wish you all the blessings for this new gift of yours.

This baby is nothing but a proof of grace and love!

Give your sweetest smiles to this sweet one.

It’s so nice to be happy. Your sources of happiness got broader having this angel.

Live life with your beautiful son.

Together with your child, let your town be painted red!

Let your life be surprise-filled dear baby, mommy, and daddy.

New baby card messages

For the new born baby, here are tasteful thoughts to fulfill you. For the new parents, grasp these sweet nothings that mean a lot of things for you and the baby. Indulge and enjoy the delicious offers of these inspiration-centered new baby messages and new born baby congratulation wishes!

Messages for New Baby Cards

Dear cutie,

The whole world welcomes your beauty and the lives you’ll be touching.
May you grow up holistically beautiful.

You are born to love and to be loved.

Never fail to share happiness with you family, dearest angel.

You will be our most treasured one for life.

Hi Baby! Meet us, your proud parents!

Your first words, first time to walk, first giggling event were truly waited scenarios.

Prepare yourself for big hands to caress you, toys to entertain you, bottles of milk to feed you, and the great persons to love you.

Sweet lullabies will be welcomed for you, dearest!
We pray for health, happiness, and contentment to be showered upon you and your little one.

Many surprises of life will come your way. Baby, we are here to share life with you.

Life is so good. Start exploring it early, darling.

Your cute smiles brighten our day. Continue to be the sun. You bring warmth to us.

You are like a rose that needs to be watered and pampered to bloom. We are hear to nourish you with so much love.

Oh, I can’t explain how blessed and appreciated you are, baby love.

Welcome the world with your little hands!

Overjoyed, I will shout for joy for you being with us now, dearie.

More New Baby Greetings

Hey baby! Daddy’s lap is ready for our bonding moments.

You are the future’s generation. May you be clever at mind and heart, little one.

Touch our lives, dear baby boy.

Daddy’s excited to play trains, cars, and planes with you. Grow up together with him.

Little bundle of joy, cheers to your arrival!

Life is more meaningful when you arrived. Let’s celebrate this, baby!

You gave me tears and times of laughter. These entire reactions root from happiness because of you baby dearest.

Hold our hands and you will never get lost. We are drowned by enthusiasm to guide you as you grow. Hugs and Kisses, Mom and Dad

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