Here we have fantastic collection of romantic valentines day messages, helping you to wish your beloved ones your sweetest valentines day wishes and greetings. We make it so easy for you to express your love; you can send lovely, cute romantic Valentine’s Day messages to your love / valentine. The toughest thing in the world is to express your love to your lovable ones; we take the pleasure in helping you in finding the right words of expression; send it to your valentine this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Valentines Day Messages and Greetings

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  • I love you and I want you forever! I am sending you this message just to tell you that I love you to my soul. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • I am not going to give you a flashy greeting card, am not going to give you tons of sweets, am not going to give aromatic flowers and am not going to send you geeky graphics but a cute little message to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Each and every day in a year is Valentine’s Day for us, happy to be your valentine! Happy Valentines Day!
  • The day becomes a happy valentine day only because of you my dear; yes you are my sweet VALENTINE!
  • You are the reason for my smile, you bring me light into my life, and you bring me happiness. My day is filled with your care and affection. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • I was like an incomplete portrait before I met you; you made me a perfect portrait now, all the credit belongs to you my dear! Be my side forever! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • We come across different people in our life for some reason or other, people we meet as a competitor, people who challenge us, people who inspire us, people who support us, but there will be only one person to love us to our life and that is you my darling! I love you so much! Have a happy valentine’s day!
  • The home – the place where you end up your day, the family – where you find your people to love, ME – it’s only me who accepts and cares for you in any circumstance. My love towards you is unconditional. Be my Valentine!

Romantic Valentines Day Messages for Your Boyfriend and Husband


  • On this special day of Valentine’s Day I wish you long lasting joy, endless love, blessings to share, power to achieve your dreams and wonderful moments to remember all through your life! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Your smile means a lot to me my dear. It’s the language you use to understand me. Your smile costs nothing but it creates much in me. Your smile makes my day! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Love is a feel, you can feel it. Love is a puzzle, try to solve it. Love believes; believe me I won’t let you down at any part of time because I love you so much my sweet heart! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • You are the person who came into my heart like a flash, stayed there and never left me. I love you so much! I love the way you are. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Where ever we are and what ever situation we are into, you are my first thought and you are going to be my last thought too! Be my valentine! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • If you are going to love me then I will be in your heart, if you are going to hate me then I am going to be in your mind, so choice is yours! Accept me and be my valentine!
  • It’s a great feel to realize that you are mine and I am yours. Every day morning I wake with this feel which makes me energetic and successful all the day! Love you so much! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Romantic Valentines Messages for Your Girlfriend and Wife


  • From the first moment that I saw you I knew that I had found a gem so precious, its worth cannot be enumerated. And when you agreed to be mine, I knew I had received divine visitation. Happy Valentines Day!
  • You bring me so much joy and with you I feel I can conquer the world. You are my heart, my hope, my home and I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day to you darling.
  • Baby, when I look into your eyes I see my future, a future filled with hope, great things and victories. With you I can scale every high mountain and emerge on top. With you I can swim every ocean and still be strong. Happy Valentines Day!
  • With you I have found so much joy and I treasure you special woman. You have decorated my life. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.
  • If you were put among diamonds, gems and precious stones and I was asked to choose, I would choose you over and over again my sweetie. Your worth, your beauty and your love is worth more than all the treasures of the earth put together. You are a woman of virtue and I am blessed to be the man that loves you. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie.



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