Waking up is the best thing that we can be grateful for everyday. Good morning messages don’t only serve as a typical greeting for someone, but it’s one way of saying that there’s no reason to waste a newly day given. Make your statement be an inspiration for that special person. Below are some good morning love messages and good morning sms messages that you can send or post to your friend’s profile pages. Enjoy!

Good morning wishes and Good morning Greetings

Wishing you a day filled with
Fun, happiness and success
Good Morning !!!

Good Morning to you
May this morning brings you
Happiness and success!!!

I am sure this morning will turn
to a great morning that will
Change your life
Good morning!!!
May the god shower you all the blessings
on this morning to make it a great day!!
Good Morning to you!!!

As you are entering to a new morning!!
I wish all the best for your new day
Good Morning !!

Each day is an opportunity to us
With different challenges ahead!!
I wish you a good morning with
all the blessings and goodwill,
To make your day memorable!!

Another day is on the way
Morning has come with lovely sunrise
May this good morning brings you
Blessings and luck which will remember for long
Happy Good Morning !!!
I see a good morning which is
the beginning of the day that
will change your life and luck
All the best for your exam
Happy Good Morning My dear!!

It is the day to that will bring
Luck and prosperity to your life
May your this special day
Starts with all the good things in the morning
Good Morning and Good Day My dear!!

it is a great morning with a good sunrise
Birds are making sweet noise to declare the arrival of a new day!!
I start my day with the thoughts about you
Wishing you a good morning that makes your day
Wonderful and memmorable!!

Good morning text messages

Everyday passes in our life with a significant changes and success. But when you turn back we will know that there were some days which changed our life totally. Like the day you have received medical admission from waiting list due to another cancellation. That cancellation has made you a doctor!!. Or some times it may be the day you have met your wife and partner accidentally !!. I need not write anything about that day as you have experienced it already. Your future generations, your life, your wealth, your love and name it everything has changed by that meeting. And you know that some one is going to face a similar day today, may be an entrance test, or 12th year exam, or marriage. So let us send good morning text messages to them with all the good will and love you have to them.

A new day is a gift to just waste with a sad face on your face.
Smile all the way!
Good morning!

Every day is an opportunity to give.
So today I’m giving you a wonderful morning, a new chance to live.
Be happy!

Beautiful is the one who starts his/her day with smile.
Keep those “smiling” muscles moving!

Be grateful for yesterday because you learn something.
Be grateful for tomorrow because surprises are coming.
And be grateful for today for it’s one more chance of living!
Have a productive day ahead!
The world is beautiful that you have given another day to witness it.
Have a great day ahead!

Spend your day with others, and you’ll see the hidden meaning of God’s gift of waking you today. Good morning!

You’ve open your eyes and you realized you’re still alive.
Be thankful that you have given another day to live.
Enjoy it!
Waking up each day is one way of God’s telling you that you are loved and blessed.
Have a good day all the way!

Wishing a good morning that gives you all the cheer,
To make the day a wonderful.
Have a Great Good Morning!!

It is a day that is going to be wonderful for you
So let us start the day with a great spirit and inspiration
Wishing you a Great good morning that will give you all the energy
Great Good Morning!!!

Sweet Good Morning Messages, cute good morning messages

Nothing beats a morning that is inspired by sweet good morning messages from a special someone. Make every morning special and something that your dear one can look forward to with these romantic good morning love messages. You can send great good morning messages for friends or sweet good morning messages to your girlfriend.These samples of good morning greetings and have a nice day messages are free so don’t hesitate to use or post to your facebook profiles or twitter accounts. Have a happy morning!

Every time I wake up,
You’re the first thing that crosses my mind.
Lovely morning to my one and only!

Every night I ask God to grant me one more tomorrow to just be with you.
This routine takes place ever since I met you.
Can I say that until now, God is so loyal? I love you.
Good morning to the best man/woman in my life!

I woke up, and your face just randomly popped out in my mind.
I realized, I just miss you so much.
Good morning Sweetie!

Waking up is beautiful.
However, waking up with you makes me more thankful.
I love you.
Every day of my life,
I have something to say “Thank You” to.
And that includes YOU. I love you.

Today, make yourself an inspiration for others,
because for me, YOU are. Lovely morning to my Baby! I love you.

You are my love and life,
Daily I get up to wish you
A sweet Good Morning!!
Have a Nice Day

You are my inspiration!!
You are my love
Have a great Good Morning!!
Everyday when I wake up,
You fill in my memory,
and that Inspire my day!!
Than you Dear and Have a Sweet Good Morning!!

Confidence comes with success.
And success with confidence
let us start our Day with Confidence!!
Have great Good Morning!!
Yesterday is gone for ever,
Tomorrow will come only on tomorrow.
So today is the day for us.
Let us start with spirit and confidence.
Have a wonderful Good Morning!!

You are the light that guides me,
You are the music in my heart,
You are the inspiration of my success.
Good Morning My Dear.

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