It is said that if you morning is good; your entire day will be good. And this is reason why we wish ‘good morning’ to the ones we care. If we are not together, we send out good morning messages to the special people in our lives. As you are here, reading this post, I am assuming that you are looking for some beautiful good morning messages for him, that ‘Him’ may be your boyfriend, friend, best friend, lover, brother, cousin, crush or any boy who hold an important place in your heart.

We are happy that you are at the right place. Here you will explore the most unique good morning messages for him. These messages have been especially written for you our beloved reader. We really hope you like all of the messages that we’ve written here.

Good morning messages for him

Good Morning Messages For Him:

This section the general good morning messages for him, may it be your brother or boyfriend or any special guy in your life.

  • Get up and rise like a sun. Today is going to be an amazing day, just as amazing as you yourself are. Good Morning!
  • Here’s my little, short and sweet messages for you to wake you up and help you start your day on a happy note. Good Morning!
  • Here’s wishing the most handsome, charming and lovable man in my life, a very good morning. Rise and shine.

  • May this day bring lots of amazing opportunities to you and you get to see beautiful moments. Good Morning!
  • Start your day with positive and happy thoughts. May this day be the best so far. Good Morning!
  • Here’s wishing a beautiful morning to the most special guy of my life. Good Morning dear boy!
  • Life is beautiful when you’ve got someone so special and so caring. I am lucky to have you in my life. Good Morning!

  • May this morning bring lots of good news making your day, no less than a blessing. Good Morning.
  • We are not together but know that you are the first person in my thoughts when I get up in the morning. Good Morning
  • You are lucky! Thinking why? Because you’ve got such a caring sister, that’s me. Good Morning
  • This is a gentle good morning message to remind you that there is a beautiful day waiting for you. Have a great day. Good Morning

  • A wonderful message for a wonderful guy to make his day simply wonderful. Good morning.
  • Here’s a simple sweet text to wish you happy happy morning. Rise up and wish me back!
  • Just a simple wish for you that everything works our well today. Have a nice day! Good Morning.


Good Morning Messages for boyfriend:

This section has some really sweet good morning messages for your boyfriend. We understand that you love your boyfriend and you want him to think of you, the moment he gets up. Send these messages and see the response! Oh, and you can thank us later.

  • Your smile is the only sunshine I want to feel in the morning. So get up and smile, so that I can begin my day. Good morning sweet heart.  
  • Your face is the first thing I want to see in the morning. Sadly we are far, but no worries. I still can send my love to you in the form of message. Love you a lot. Good Morning.

  • I woke up with a big smile on my face, because I saw you in my dreams last night. Good morning dear.
  • Everyone was confused as I woke up with a huge smile today. They didn’t know that I had a dream of you and me together. I wish it was a reality. Anyway good morning!
  • Wishing you good morning has now become a habit. But I don’t regret, good or bad but I love this habit. Good Morning dear!

  • Love-filled good morning wishes for a guy whom I love the most. Have an amazing day my love.
  • Here’s wishing my wonderful boyfriend a very happy morning. I hope you wake up with a huge smile on your face! Good morning.
  • Good morning to the love of my life. May your day be the best so far and may you see no hurdles today. Good day!

  • May you wake up with a smile on your face that lasts all day long. Have a beautiful morning my love. Good morning!
  • I know it’s hard to get up from your cozy cozy bed and leave your fluffy fluffy pillow to step on the cold cold floor and come out in the light. But I’ll make sure that this day of yours be one of the happiest ever. So, get up now! Good Morning.

Good morning messages for brother:

We know that you love your brother. We also know that you miss him because you are not together. No worries, this section has good morning messages for brother. These short text messages are perfect to send to your brother, to make him realize that you miss him and of course, send good wishes for a blessed day and wish him good morning.

  • Hey brother! Get up you lazy boy and rise like the mighty sun. Good morning!
  • With so much joy and happiness, I wish you a very good morning my beloved brother. You are a source of joy and pride for the family. Have a great day!
  • Super happy in sending you happy good morning wishes. You are the pride of our family. Keep going on and keep rising high. Good Morning.

  • This is to wish you an amazingly joyful morning. May this morning bring you delightful moments and lots of happiness my dear brother! Good morning!
  • May this morning begin on a happy note and may this day bring you happiness and joy. Good morning brother!
  • This is wish you a very good morning my brother. Hope this day turns out to be a memorable one and end with lots of hope and possibilities for you. Good morning!

  • It is the best feeling to know that I have got the best guide in my life which is you my brother. Good morning
  • Every morning I wake up and thank God for blessing me with a brother like you who is also a guide and philosopher to me. Good morning!
  • I am really thankful to the almighty up above who has given me such a caring brother like you. Love you brother! Good Morning!

  • Nothing compares to the love and care of the brother. I am lucky to have you! Good morning
  • Nothing can compare the amount of love that a brother sister shares! You are indeed far from me my brother but I always pray for your good health and success. Good morning!
  • Good morning my dear sweet innocent stupid gullible brother. I miss you a lot!

  • Sending out super sweet and super joyous good morning wishes to the first man love of my life, which is you my brother. Good morning!
  • I am so thankful to the universe who is always there to guide me and supports me no matter what. I miss you every day. Good morning brother!
  • We are so far from each other yet every memory for our childhood is fresh in my heart. I love you my brother. Miss you every day! Good morning.

  • Sending this text message to wish you an amazing morning and a fabulous day ahead my brother. Good morning!
  • You know what? I don’t need a super hero because I have you in my life my brother. May every morning of yours be a happy one and may every day be content. Good morning!

Good morning messages for man crush:

Everyone has crushes. If you too have a crush on a guy and you are looking for beautiful yet little flirtatious good morning messages to you crush then this section is perfect for you. Go ahead and explore!

  • Since you have entered my life, I don’t require an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. My sleep automatically cracks as I just can’t wait to see you every morning. Hope you are up too! Good morning dear!
  • Good morning dear! With this text message, I just wanted to let you know that you are the first person I think of, when I get up in the morning.
  • Good morning sweet heart! Just wanted to let you know that you are always in my thoughts, may it be the beginning of the day or end.

  • In the morning, I don’t need a coffee because just a thought of you is enough to make me wide awake. Good morning
  • I don’t send good morning messages to every single person on my phonebook, I only send it to people who are close to my heart. You are one of them. Good morning!
  • I am not very fond of sending good morning messages, but when it comes to you I can’t resist wishing you good morning because you are truly special to me. Good morning!

  • It is said that only people who are special to you strike you mind the moment you get up in the morning. In my case, it’s you and only you my special friend. Good morning!
  • Just a simple text note to connect with you and remind you that far away there is someone who thinks of your every morning and every time. Good morning!

  • Just a simple message to let you know that you are special to me and wish you a very good morning. Rise and shine!
  • I don’t need sunlight in my life, you smile is enough to brighten up my day and make me feel good. Good morning dear!
  • I may not be there with you to wake you up and serve you a bed tea, but surely I can send a message full of love and care to help you start your day on a happy note. Good morning!

  • This is to let you know that you are always in my thoughts, especially when I get up in the morning. Good morning dear!
  • May you begin your day with good thoughts and have a blessed day ahead. And if in case you need me, know that I am just a call away! Good morning dear friend!
  • I know you know that you are special to me. This message is just a gentle reminder of the same. Good morning dear!

  • Just wanted to wish the most special person in my life a very good morning. Know that I care for you the most.
  • Every morning brings a new set of hope. May this morning be the best for you and may you witness amazing things today. Good morning dear boy!
  • You know you have someone special in your life when you get up in the morning with a huge smile on your face. For me, it’s you! Good morning dear!

  • Whatever might come your way today, know that far away there is someone who cares for you and is always with you no matter what. And that someone is me. Good morning to the most special guy in my life.
  • Hey you! Yes you! You know what; you are the first person who came to my mind when I opened my eyes in the morning. Are you a magician? Because you have left me spellbound. Good morning!

So these were the most unique and special good morning messages for him. We really hope you like it. Feel free to send out to the special guy in your life. You may text these messages or you can send via whatsapp, tweet or facebook message.

If you like the message, don’t forget to share this website with your near and dear ones. Feel free to explore the website for more messages and greetings.

Waking up is the best thing that we can be grateful for everyday. Good morning messages don’t only serve as a typical greeting for someone, but it’s one way of saying that there’s no reason to waste a newly day given. Make your statement be an inspiration for that special person. Below are some good morning love messages and good morning sms messages that you can send or post to your friend’s profile pages. Enjoy!

Good morning wishes and Good morning Greetings

Wishing you a day filled with
Fun, happiness and success
Good Morning !!!

Good Morning to you
May this morning brings you
Happiness and success!!!

I am sure this morning will turn
to a great morning that will
Change your life
Good morning!!!
May the god shower you all the blessings
on this morning to make it a great day!!
Good Morning to you!!!

As you are entering to a new morning!!
I wish all the best for your new day
Good Morning !!

Each day is an opportunity to us
With different challenges ahead!!
I wish you a good morning with
all the blessings and goodwill,
To make your day memorable!!

Another day is on the way
Morning has come with lovely sunrise
May this good morning brings you
Blessings and luck which will remember for long
Happy Good Morning !!!
I see a good morning which is
the beginning of the day that
will change your life and luck
All the best for your exam
Happy Good Morning My dear!!

It is the day to that will bring
Luck and prosperity to your life
May your this special day
Starts with all the good things in the morning
Good Morning and Good Day My dear!!

it is a great morning with a good sunrise
Birds are making sweet noise to declare the arrival of a new day!!
I start my day with the thoughts about you
Wishing you a good morning that makes your day
Wonderful and memmorable!!



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