Vishu Wishes Greetings and Vishu Messages

Vishu is the new year for Kerala and it falls on April 14th. Not only in Kerala but also lot of other parts in south east asia, and sri lanka people celebrate April 14th of 15th as the new year.

Do you have a Malayalee friend or family who you want to wish to have a blessed and happy Vishu? Greet today using this collection of Vishu wishes and vishu greetings. Feel free to browse and use these Vishu messages written in different languages including Vishu Malayalam wishes and Vishu SMS messages.

Vishu Wishes and Vishu Messages


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Wishing you a Happy vishu
Filled with happiness and prosperity
Happy Vishu

മേടമാസപുലരിയിൽ ആയിരം അനുഗ്രഹങ്ങളുമായി
വിഷുപുലരി വന്നെത്തുന്ന ഈ വേളയിൽ
ഹൃദയത്തിൽ നിന്നും നുള്ളിയെടുത്ത ഒരുപിടി
കൊന്നപൂവിനോടപ്പം എന്റെ സ്നേഹത്തിൽ പൊതിഞ്ഞ
വിഷു ആശംസകൾ

കണികാണാൻ കണ്ണനും
ആഘോഷിക്കാൻ വിഷു പുലരിയും
വിഷു ദിനാശംസകൾ

May Vishu brings all the blessings and happiness
To your life and family
Happy Vishu!!

Wishing you a great vishu kani,
Filled with gold, money and dresses
along with Unnikannan and konnapoo!!
Happy Vishu!!

May your vishu day starts with a vishu kani
of Unnikannan and konnapoo!!
Happy Vishu!!

May all of your dreams come true this vishu!

May this year be filled with delight and cheer for you.
Have a blessed and prosperous Vishu!

Start the year with the smile,
Celebrate with the family and share the memories.
Cherish the experience and treasure it.
Let the happy moments be your inspiration in life throughout the year.
Happy vishu!

From this vishu, I wish the each day will be filled with cheer and joy.
Live your life to the fullest and dream big.
May the Lord krishna shower all his blessings on you
Happy Vishu!

May this year’s Vishu bring you delight, happiness and fulfillment.
Have a prosperous Vishu!

Sending my heartiest wishes to you this Vishu.
May you have a heart filled with content and satisfaction.

Happy Vishu Greetings and Vishu SMS Messages

Vishu is an auspicious holiday celebrated by Malayalees across the state of Kerala and other adjoining regions in India. It is usually observed between the month of April. For Malayalees, this holiday serves as their New Year hence the festive activities and different traditions. Now, if you have a friend or loved one who celebrate Vishu Festival and want to greet them a warm Happy Vishu, you may refer to this collection of Vishu Messages and Vishu SMS messages for ideas.

As We celebrate another Vishu
And see vishukani with fresh hope
and spirit to a prosperous Year
I wish you a happy new year
Filled with happiness and succes
Have a great Vishu !!

Wishing you a vishu kani
with gold, money and konnapoo
Together with smiling face of Kannan
Who shower his blessings on you and
Your family
Happy Vishu and Great New year !!!

Let this year’s Vishu festival be the start of your striving life and career.
Have a blessed vishu!

I am wishing you a Vishu,
With blessings of unni kannan
And starts with a vishukani
Filled with gold, money and konnapoo
Happy Vishu

Malayalam New Year Wishes, New Year Wishes for Kerala


happy-vishuVishu is the Festival and New year
Let us start our new year with a vishukani
That is placed in front of unnikannan
with gold, money, cloths and Konnapoo
Happy Vishu and Happy new year!

I wish you…
Be blessed this Vishu!

Have a joyful and fun-filled vishu celebration with your family and friends.
Happy New Year!

May this year’s Vishu be as special as you.
Happy Vishu!

Vishu’s here!
Forget your fears and worries.
Let the Lord guide you towards new start.
Happy Vishu!

AS you see the Vishukani
Along with your family
May unnikannan shower his blessings
On you and your family!!
Happy Vishu !!

Vishu Wishes and Vishu Quotes


Greet your family and friends in Kerala this Vishu festival. Browse our collection of Vishu greetings, vishu messages, greetings for vishu, vishu card greetings and Vishu SMS greetings. We also include some Vishu quotes, Vishu sayings and vishu wishes that can be sent using your mobile phones and emails. Feel free to use and share.


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Let this year’s vishu be the start of your new aspirations and new goals.
Be happy and have a heart full of contentment.
Happy vishu to you!

Happy vishu to you and your family,
May your home be filled with love, harmony and peace.

Best wishes to you this Vishu.
May you find your true happiness
And all of your dreams come true.

Sending my warmest greetings to you this New Year of Vishu.
May the Lord bless and guide you throughout the year!
Have a wonderful Vishu festival!

This Vishu, I’m wishing you a life filled with joy, peace and prosperity.
May you gain more strength to overcome life’s difficulties.
Have a blessed and peaceful vishu!

Start a new life this Vishu.
Try to become a better person.
And live your life to the fullest.
Happy Vishu!

Vishu Wishes In Malayalam, vishu greetings In malayalam


Looking for Vishu wishes in Malayalam. Well it is here. You can just cut and past it to your face book account


വിഷു സ്നേഹത്തിന്റെയും ഐശ്വര്യത്തിന്റെയും ആഘോഷം ആണ് …
ഈ വിഷുക്കാലം നമുക്ക് ഒരുപാട് നല്ല ഓര്മ്മകള് സമ്മാനിക്കട്ടെ ..
മനസില് നന്മയുടെ കൊന്നപൂ വിരിയട്ടെ ..
എല്ലാവര്ക്കും എന്റെ യും എന്റെ കുടുംബത്തിന്റെയും
വിഷു ആശംസകള്.

ഒരു പുതിയ പ്രതീഷയുമായി വീണ്ടും ഒരു വിഷുപ്പുലരി
എന്റെ ഹൃദയത്തിൽ നിന്നും നിങ്ങൾക്കായി നേരുന്നു
സ്നേഹത്തിൽ ചാലിച്ച വിഷു ആശംസകൾ

കണ്ണനെ കണി കണ്ടുണരുന്ന ഒരു വിഷുപ്പുലരി
ആശംസിക്കുന്നു ഞാൻ

കൊന്നപൂവിന്റെ നൈർമ്മ്മല്യവും
പൊൻപണത്തിന്റെ ശോഭയും
ഉണ്ണികണ്ണന്റെ അനുഗ്രഹവും
ഒത്തുചേർന്ന ഒരു വിഷു
നിങ്ങൾക്കായി ആശംസിക്കുന്നു ഞാൻ

ആയിരം അനുഗ്രഹങ്ങളുമായി വിഷു വന്നെത്തുന്ന ഈ വേളയിൽ
നിനോടോത്ത് ഉള്ള ഒരു നിമിഷം ആണ് എന്റെ ഏറ്റവും വലിയ അനുഗ്രഹം
സ്നേഹത്തിൽ പൊതിഞ്ഞ വിഷു ആശംസകൾ