Here’s the best collection for friendship poems. These poems about friendship is best to include to your friendship cards, thank you cards or birthday cards when your friend is going to celebrate his/her special day. Include these friendship poems together with your personal friendship messages. Feel free to use these poems for friends as friendship card messages.

Friend for all Times

Friendship Poem #1: [snip msg]Friend for all Times

You are a feather on the wings of an angel.
You are the fire at the wick of the candle.
You carry me through the darkest of my hours.
Until we can claim that happiness is ours.

The warmth when I am cold, sittin’ at the side of the lane.
Looking at the sky as the sunshine turns to rain.
Fix the heartbreak for after it, comes a rainbow;
That will shine on you ‘till the whitening of the crow.[/snip]


I Don’t, I Won’t

Friendship Poem #2:

[snip msg] I don’t, I won’t

The colors of the painting will fade, but I won’t;
The tricks of the earth do deceive, but I don’t.
The quicksand could pull you down, but I couldn’t;
The dark would make you frown, but I wouldn’t.

Through thick and thin and roughness, I won’t leave you, no;
Because I am your friend, because I love you so;
I’ll always stand by you, in times you need me the most.
I will walk in through the storm, no matter how it costs.[/snip]


True Friend

Friendship Poem #3: [snip msg]True Friend

I am at the utmost of absolute blissfulness;
Everyone around me is showing me truthfulness;
They sing, they dance to chase away the sadness;
You have the biggest smile, happy for my success.

But the lights started to flicker; I was conquered by dimness.
Everyone starts to leave, they started to care less.
But you hold on tighter in the midst of my weariness.
Now I can tell, among my friends, you have the realness.[/snip]

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