Here’s the best collection for friendship poems. These poems about friendship is best to include to your friendship cards, thank you cards or birthday cards when your friend is going to celebrate his/her special day. Include these friendship poems together with your personal friendship messages. Feel free to use these poems for friends as friendship card messages.

Friend for all Times

Friendship Poem #1: Friend for all Times

You are a feather on the wings of an angel.
You are the fire at the wick of the candle.
You carry me through the darkest of my hours.
Until we can claim that happiness is ours.

The warmth when I am cold, sittin’ at the side of the lane.
Looking at the sky as the sunshine turns to rain.
Fix the heartbreak for after it, comes a rainbow;
That will shine on you ‘till the whitening of the crow.[/snip]


I Don’t, I Won’t

Friendship Poem #2:  I don’t, I won’t

The colors of the painting will fade, but I won’t;
The tricks of the earth do deceive, but I don’t.
The quicksand could pull you down, but I couldn’t;
The dark would make you frown, but I wouldn’t.

Through thick and thin and roughness, I won’t leave you, no;
Because I am your friend, because I love you so;
I’ll always stand by you, in times you need me the most.
I will walk in through the storm, no matter how it costs.


True Friend

Friendship Poem #3: True Friend

I am at the utmost of absolute blissfulness;
Everyone around me is showing me truthfulness;
They sing, they dance to chase away the sadness;
You have the biggest smile, happy for my success.

But the lights started to flicker; I was conquered by dimness.
Everyone starts to leave, they started to care less.
But you hold on tighter in the midst of my weariness.
Now I can tell, among my friends, you have the realness.

Friendship Poem #4: The Old Days

I remember back then, we used to hang out often;
Share tears and laughter, nothing seemed to matter.
But where are the old days, we’ve had our separate ways;
We grew up to be better, and everything else matters.

Oh, how time was swift, for all of us to drift;
If only we can turn back time, I know it would be so fine.
The old days were better, we were happy together
I wish you feel the same, and have never forgotten my name.

Friendship Poem #5: No Worries

I was hurt and felt alone
But then you came and sang a song.
You made my heart leap and smile
And that made me happy for a while.

When I’m with you I feel fine,
There are no worries all the time.
Life is sweet and wonderful
Coz I have a friend that is so cool.

Friendship Poem #6: Pinky Promise

Still remember those days
When you and I used to say
“Pinky promise friends forever
We will always be together.”

And even if dolls were thrown away
Boys and other friends came night and day
“Pinky promise friends forever
We will always be together.”

Friendship Poem #7: Thanks to You

Thanks to you my friend
You’re an angel that God has send
You lift me up when I am down
You make me smile when I frown.

Thanks to you my friend
You’re the person I can depend
When the road seems rough
You are the strength that makes me tough.

Friendship Poem #8: FRIENDS FOREVER

Do you still remember how we would talk about the rest of our lives,
Dreaming of perfect things to achieve when we go past the twenty fives,
Sometimes I wish I could open my eyes to find those days have come back,
No more hanging out with you because we both took our own different track.

My consolation remains the long phone calls that go into the night,
When we talk, the memories play in my mind like a bright light,
Laughing at ourselves, thinking it’s not fair that time ran so fast,
And this is how it feels to know that good things also do not last.

I remain thankful to have had you as a friend, loving and funny,
Cherish the memories of a perfect friendship not bought with money,
And even though time comes with changes, in everything please remember,
Through whatever may come our way; we will still be friends forever.

Friendship Poem #9: MY BEST FRIEND

To say you are special would be an understatement,
You are the reason I smile at life with contentment,
You help me when I feel troubled, truly special and true,
You will forever be mine, together we remain like glue.

In the darkness of the night, when you hold my hand I have light,
In the troubles of the heart, your comfort makes things bright,
Though things change through the years, our friendship is here to stay,
Me and you grow strong, every second, every minute, every hour, every day.

The small things in life is what we value and share,
For I know my joy is in showing you that I will forever care,
No matter what we face, nothing can succeed to tear us apart,
You will forever be my best friend, you place is in my heart.

Friendship Poem #10: YOU

This is how I know you are a friend, you are always here,
For when I need a little advice, I feel you are always there,
I can cry on your shoulder, knowing you will keep me strong,
You make me happy even when things seem to go wrong.

I have thought of many things, but the thought of losing you brings pain,
The chance to tell you what you mean to me may only come in the rain,
But maybe that is the best time so you won’t see my tears flowing down,
Tears of joy so over whelming, the love for you would make me win a crown.

With joy I found a sister, a role model, an inspiration, and a great friend,
A friendship like this is worth holding on to today and to the end,
I have lost and have won; the best of my victories lies in knowing you,
My biggest failure would be to lose a friend like you.

Friendship Poem #11: FOR ME

I have been beaten and abandoned, rejected by all,
But only you held me up and cried with me above all,
When they turned and laughed at me, everyone cheated me,
You stood by me and helped me succeed to overcome even me.

They fought to bring out the worst inside, the devil inside of me,
You fought and found an angel that is wounded and let me be,
When everyone had decided to leave me, everyone had lost me,
You chose to come to my side, you found me and didn’t let me be.

What love, what manner of blessing to have you as mine,
For me a friend from heaven, to stay all through to the end of the line,
Though the mountains may seem too high to climb, with you I sail,
I understand now why I am strong, because with you I never fail.

Friendship Poem #12: Like You

Everyone dreams of a friend, loving and caring like you,
Everyone wishes to be blessed with one who never leaves like you,
Everyone knows that some treasures are worth keeping like you,
And I have discovered that you are the only friend I want to remain true to.

Time pass when you are having the best of time, with people like you,
The best I have had is when I found a true friend like you,
Now my heart rejoices that in every hour I will be with someone like you,
My friend, my confidant, it’s a blessing to be with angel like you.

I fight to be better than yesterday, inspiration I find in a friend like you,
Even when we fight I know you have my back, which is only in a friend like you,
It’s almost like I can fly, holding on to all the memories in a friend like you,
A friend like you is the reasons some people face difficulties without fear.

Friendship Poem #13: Amazing

What amazing beauty and splendor I find in you,
Family doesn’t have to be blood, now I know because of you,
It’s amazing how you make it easy for me to be me,
I see myself us lucky to have you choose to be with me.

A friend you have been, one that is sent to me from the God the Father,
To have you in my life, indeed I have found favor to win no matter the weather,
Thank you for making life special, thank you for making my days bright,
Even though they may not understand, my life is now full of light.

It’s amazing how easy it is to be with you without speaking a word,
Still we walk away, looking forward to another day together,
Being with you sis not about the words, but the peace you bring,
You are my friend; you are my family, in your company I will cling.

Friendship Poem #14:My best friend

I love being your best friend; you will forever remain my best friend,
I want to hang out with you and hold your hands to the end,
You make every moment of life worth smiling back at with my heart,
Now I pray that no matter how hard it gets, may we never be apart.

When I look at you, I see myself in you, it’s weird but it’s true.
I thought I was crazy until I met you and made everyone else seem crazy,
You understand and know what I feel before I can say it, it’s not being lazy,
Wit you I am whole, with you I need not try to be better but simply be me.

What manner of love I have found in a friend like you,
Knowing you are here makes every situation easy to handle,
Even in the storm our boat still moves, you alone can paddle,
All I am saying s that your friendship is love I wish never to lose.

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