baby-shower-partycityYou’ve made it! Motherhood / Fatherhood are just around the corner. Now that you’re all set for the coming of a newborn, the next thing you should think about is baby shower themes. For a baby shower, there are many themes you might think about. But for the occasion to be a little more memorable, you should pick one that will inform everyone of your newborn. The baby shower doesn’t have to be boring or usual. You can customize every detail and design the special occasion according to your taste as a future mom.

Baby shower themes are the high light for the baby shower function. Selecting the baby shower themes shows the imaginative and innovative mind. It depends upon the organizers taste. We have decided to suggest and help you few baby shower themes. A good baby shower themes can be based on the venue, the liking of the mother, her family and the guests honoring the shower.

Setting up a baby shower theme can make it easy for the guests to figure out what kind of gifts to give for the newbie. The baby shower isn’t only intended for the baby, it’s also a special occasion to celebrate parenthood. Here are a few tips on baby shower themes in case you’re still racking your brains over the occasion. And of course, wishes of luck to you on your journey to parenthood!

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Baby Shower Themes for Boys


Use Robots

If you want to have something futuristic (but with an animated touch), then this is a recommended theme for the occasion. Since you’re expecting a boy, please lose the fritz and fluffs and try this one to have a junior macho effect.

Wild Wild West Theme

This kind of theme sets out a little warmth. Other than this, you’ll have an excuse to take out those slices of stakes to serve for the occasion. Besides, stakes are the generic food for the wild Wild West.

Super Heroes Theme

Finally, a valid occasion when you can dress up as you’re all time favourite super hero, but let’s not forget, this is after all, a baby shower so you have an opportunity to dress him up (and not just yourself).

Skullitude Theme

Don’t worry. It’s not PG-rated. It’s still a baby shower so it’s alright to have this kind of theme, especially if you want a baby shower to have a rock n’ roll effect on your little boy.

All-Stars Sports Baby Shower Theme

Of course, when we say ‘it’s a boy,’ we mean balls. Lots and lots of balls. After all, a sports theme is usually intended for a baby boy, you can adapt this theme.

Mommy Silhouette – It’s A Boy!

You can give a hint for the guests on what your baby’s sex is by using this as a theme. It’s a give-away surprise for them, but at least they’ll know what to give for the baby shower.

Construction Truck

This is a unique theme for a baby boy. Since it’s a construction theme as well, then your design might have an excuse to be a little messy to show the inner rascal of your future baby boy to be.

Baby Shower Themes for Girls


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Make your little girl’s baby shower become a classy occasion. You can lose all the extra pink fritz with this theme and adapt a blue theme for a baby girl. You can also display Tiffany pictures as a design to mark the theme as such.

Princess-Inspired Baby Shower

Now if you want a pink, a princess-inspired theme would be appropriate. You’ll have an excuse to fill those walls with fluffy designs. You can also use a Disney princess theme and dress yourself as your favourite Disney princess (Why not? It’s a baby shower. It’s your baby shower.)

Pink Birdies

Definitely, the name says it all – if you like birds and every living two-legged animal that flies, that this theme will suit your taste. Guests will know that your baby is a girl because of the pink colour.

Mommy Silhouette – It’s A Girl

If you don’t want to completely let everyone know that it’s a girl but you’re worried that they might not give the right gifts, then you should try this almost-mystery theme.

Twin Baby Shower Themes


Twin Little Pumpkins

You can have fun with this theme, making your guests think: why pumpkin? This is a cute theme that you and your guests will truly enjoy.

Two-Peas in a Pod

It’s obvious isn’t it? Because they are a twin, you can have this theme to let everyone know that you’re expecting two babies in the same cocoon.

Modern Lady Bugs

Make your baby shower even cuter. Who doesn’t like to see twin lady bugs for the occasion? This theme has a modern touch because you can drift away from the usual lady bug design and go for a variety of colours to suit the occasion.

Twin All-Stars Baby Shower

They are as precious as the stars above. Make your twin’s baby shower shine by making the most out of a variety of star designs from paper cut-outs to glittery adornments.

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Unisex Baby Shower Themes


Gender Reveal Theme

You know the sex of your little baby but you plan on keeping it a mystery for everyone to find out. You can have this theme that hints on your baby’s sex but only during the baby shower itself. At least, your guests can think of baby shower gifts that are appropriate for either a baby boy or a baby girl.

Fun Safari Jungle Theme

You can have fun with this theme by designing with a number of animated safari animals. Of course the cuteness will please your guests.

Neutral Baby Carriage Theme

A baby carriage theme would mean that you are throwing a baby shower, but the good thing is, you don’t have to reveal the baby’s sex in the invitations.


Having fun animating your baby’s world? Go further by having a witty theme for the baby shower. This theme says it all: cute as can BEE. Further, this theme is gender neutral.

Under the Sea Baby Shower Party Theme

You might want to think about cosplaying in a pregnant mermaid suit with this and your guests would want something as creative and fun as this. Because the theme is under the sea, take the baby shower to a next level. You can have it on the beach or on a swimming pool.

Unique Unisex Baby Shower Themes


Vintage Baby Shower Theme

Want to invite some of your old hipsters for the event? Have a vintage theme for your baby shower. This idea will enable you to take out grandpa’s and grandma’s old clothes to redesign. Your guests could also have fun with this theme.

Sunny Breakfast Theme

Ever wake up in the morning and think of having a baby shower in the morning? You can do so. With this unique theme, you can have a baby shower early in the morning (yes, early in the morning) with breakfast served for the guests.


This theme is an excuse to dress the venue in a festive, topsy-turvy way. A circus-themed will enable you to have a baby shower that is colourful and fun for the guests. This will also let out the fun side of the coming of your newborn.

Ready-to-Pop Baby Shower Party Theme

Everybody loves popcorn, so why not throw a baby shower filled with your favourite couch-potato snack? After all, who says that popcorns are only for cinemas and for television-viewing? But in case you want to take the baby shower into the next level, then you can also adapt a cinema-themed baby shower overflowing with popcorns.

More Great Baby Shower Party Theme Ideas


Cartoon Character Theme

The party hall can be fully decorated with famous characters. We can also arrange the decoration in the way that everything decorated will be matching the cartoon character. Curtains can have the print of the cartoon, cake can be bought in the shape of the cartoon and balloons can have the cartoon on it. To add more mood to the party you can play a mild melody theme music of that particular cartoon.

Baby Items Theme

Items and things used by babies can be used as a theme for decorating the baby shower place. Baby items like diapers, cradle, stroller, napkins, soaps, shampoos, feeding bottles etc can be placed and shattered all over the hall.

Color Theme

Either blue or pink can be taken as a theme for decoration. Blue and pink are the colors connected with either a boy or a girl baby. If blue color is selected everything on the hall can be matched with blue balloons, blue colored cartoons, blue curtains etc. same for the color of pink. Color theme is the most famous theme.

Flower Garden Theme

Flowers are the wonderful decorative item for any party. Baby shower party can take the theme of flowers. Flower garlands can be decorated all over the place which will make the surrounding a pleasant place to celebrate the party.

Star-Inspired Theme

A baby can be compared to a star and star shape can be chosen as theme. Star shaped cut outs, star banners, star shaped cake etc arranged in such a way to increase the beauty of the party hall.

Moon-Decorated Theme

Selecting moon as theme and lighting candles will be the most attractive theme for a baby shower day. Moon shaped cut outs, half moon shaped cake, cartoons stuck on a moon shaped cut outs etc are all a good idea for decoration.

Mother and their baby animals theme

The mother and their young animal babies is a nice theme for baby shower. Toy animals of mother and kid can be arranged on the shower hall. For example lion – cub, dog – puppy, cow – calf, and cat – kitten etc can be taken as a theme.

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