Writing 16th birthday wishes can be a daunting task for some people. 16th birthday is said to be a stage from diverse cultures. This is stage where the person is in the middle of adolescence and teenage life. Hence, you want to keep your 16 birthday messages sweet yet meaningful. But that doesn’t mean that you have to write an overdramatic birthday greetings for your 16th birthday celebrant. If you find yourself stuck with what to write in your birthday card, let us help you. Scroll down and take a look at our collection of 16 birthday messages for your perusal.

16th Birthday Wishes


Happy 16th Birthday Wishes, 16th Birthday Quotes

Wish a friend or a family a happy 16th Birthday with these samples of messages and quotes. I’ve listed down some inspirational and sweet birthday wishes for 16th birthday. I’ve also included some nice 16t birthday quotes that you can write in a birthday card.


Forget the problems,
Forget to be depressed.
Today is your day
And we will celebrate all day.
Happy 16th Birthday!

You’re only 16 but you have gained so many achievements already
And I couldn’t be prouder of you, honey.
Happy Birthday.

You’re the most precious girl ever.
Always a leader and a total thinker!
You’re the most amazing 16-year-old girl with a smile to offer!
Happy Birthday!

Wishing you the sweetest day a 16-year-old girl could ever ask for.
Happy Birthday!

May your 16th year in this world brings more hope and wisdom.
May all the wishes and prayers come true
And I’m just here for you.

I can still remember you were still an infant,
Now you’re all grown up.
Happy 16th Birthday and may this day make you happy!


I wish you more fun and happiness together with trusted and good friends.
May your 16th birthday filled with love.

I can’t believe you’re 16 now.
Because you’ll always be the baby girl I adore.
No matter how old you get,
You’re still the little infant I will love forever.

Although I may be far away by the time
you celebrate your special day,
I want you to know I am sending out all my love
And birthday wishes on this special day to you.
Happy birthday!

I wish you the most amazing and memorable time on your day
Happy 16th Birthday!

I’m wishing you a lot of memorable experiences
With the ones you love.
Have a special 16th Birthday!



16th Birthday Wishes for Girls, 16th Birthday Quotes for Friends

Surprise and make your sister happy on their special 16th birthday. Show your love and care to them by giving some gifts and especially those birthday wishes that can add more fun on their celebration. You can use some of these birthday wishes quotes.


Happy 16th birthday Sis!
You’re now in that age where you’re not quite a kid,
But not quite an adult yet.
You’ve a long way to go.
Best Wishes to you. Happy Birthday!

Good luck in your future endeavors in life,
And I hope that you grow up to be a wise person.
Happy 16th Birthday!

As I see it, you are yearly growing up into a very fabulous person.
Stay as amazing as you are and
Keep making the world a better place to live in for all of us.

I wish you a life with full of fun and enjoyment
together with your trusted and beloved friends.
May God bless you all the time.
Happy sweet 16 sis!

Before this day, you were just another teenager.
Now that you have turned 16,
I can’t believe how more mature person you are now.
Happy Birthday!

I am sending you all the best one can ever wish for a person,
Because a special person like you deserves
All the best on their very special day.
Happy 16th birthday!

Funny 16th Birthday Wishes, 16th Birthday Wishes Funny

How about adding humor to your birthday greetings? Here are some slightly funny 16th birthday messages that you can include you your birthday wishes.

16th birthday 2

Bid farewell to being childish and say hello to the first level of maturity.
Bid farewell to your old school bus and say hello to driving your own car.
Being 16 is the most wonderful age you’ll experience so far.
Happy Birthday!

Celebrating being 16 is a great deal,
Two more years and you’ll be 18, girl!
Legal age to call for a party, happy birthday!

Sixteen is a truly amusing age
I hope you have a wonderful celebration this year.
Happy 16th Birthday!

Time to roll down the car windows—
You’re old enough to drive!
I wish you a lot of fun road trips ahead of you
Happy 16th Birthday!

The little girl is now a lady.
May your 16th birthday be happy.
Happy Birthday.

Sweet 16th Birthday Wishes, 16th Birthday Messages for Friends


There are a lot of good things
That I could say regarding to you,
From the maturity
You’ve shown to the things that you do.
Happy sweet 16!

You’re totally a big package of gift that God sent to me.
Wishing you a Happy and wonderful 16th birthday!

Wishing you the great and wonderful birthday.
Take care always and Happy 16th birthday!

Thanks to the entire thing you’ve one to me
I can’t imagine life without you.
I hope that you will enjoy this special day to you.
Happy 16th Birthday!


Happy 16th Birthday Messages and 16th Birthday Card Messages


Many say that a birthday is a very special day.
But for someone like you, this is an EXTRA special day
You’re 16, sweet as ever.
Happy Birthday!

From now on, you are now sixteen years exist in this world.
May you get all the greatest things in life.
Happy sweet 16th birthday!

You are really growing and become mature enough
To become an efficient and responsible person.
Get the sweetest of being 16.
Happy Birthday!

Happy 16th birthday!
I hope you have a wonderful and exciting celebration today.
Take the bull by its horns and challenge yourself in every endeavor you take.

Happy 16th birthday!
I wish you get everything you want because you deserve to be happy!
I hope you stay as sweet as the age you have now become.
Enjoy your special day!

On this very special day of yours,
I wish you all the fun you can get
And all the good friends to have wild and memorable days with.
Happy sweet 16!

Best 16th Birthday Wishes Messages


Congratulations on achieving a big milestone! Sixteen means freedom and the beginning of adulthood. Embrace wisdom and all will be well. Happy sweet sixteen birthday!

You have made us proud as a family and even as you turn sixteen today, may the heavens shine favor on you all the days of your life. Happy 16th birthday!

Get ready……go! You can now face the world with all you have learned over the years. Make the right choices every step of the way and you will enjoy this new chapter in your life. Happy 16th birthday!

From a tiny, helpless child you have grown into a mature and responsible young adult and I’m proud to call you mine. Have a wonderful 16th birthday!

Remain as lovable as you always have been. Even as you face the world, don’t let it corrupt the beauty you have inside. Happy 16th birthday!

Not to scare you, but sixteen is the most confused stage in anyone’s life. So remember, when things just don’t make sense, I am here for you. Happy 16th birthday!

You become sixteen only once, so enjoy this day to the maximum. Create memories that you will look back at years to come and have a proud smile on your face. Have the sweetest 16th birthday!

16th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Enjoy being sixteen because you can officially be both dumb and responsible and the world will understand. Happiest 16th birthday my dear friend!

Being sixteen is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So explore, enjoy, experiment, get crazy, discover who you are, BUT remember to be responsible so that you can cherish the memories you create. Have the best sweet sixteen!

May this year be the beginning of all great things you are yet to achieve. For your loving and warm personality, may all your dreams come true. Have the happiest 16th birthday dear!

Happy 16th birthday! It is every mother’s dream come true to see her little girl turn into a young lady. May you face all that life throws at you with confidence and positivity. Have a blast sweetheart!

Just yesterday you were a sweet little girl who needed me for everything. Now you have turned into an intelligent young woman, responsible enough to drive. Have a wonderful 16th birthday my love.

16th Birthday Greetings and Card Verses

I am excited to see you enter into adulthood. Someone needs to warn the world because there is a new driver on the road. Happy 16th birthday sweets!

May all good tidings follow you all the days of your life. You have been great over the years and I hope you handle the freedom that comes with being sixteen as responsibly as possible. Happy 16th birthday!

Congratulations! You just entered the year of adventure; this is when you create memories, go crazy, loosen up and have fun! You are only sixteen once. Happy birthday.

Watching you grow and turn into this wonderful person that you are today has truly been a blessing for all of us. Your kind heart, your gentle spirit and your generous service to others is a true inspiration. May God bless you and reward you richly. Happy 16th birthday.

Seeing you growing up into a beautiful young lady with a generous spirit and love for all has been a great blessing indeed. Much as I will miss the little you, I am happy to welcome the new you and walk with you into the new life ahead of you. Happy 16th birthday darling daughter.

My daughter, as you are entering into the early years of adulthood my prayer is that you will set your feet to the right path always, that you will follow your dreams and make them come true, that you will have good friends and that you will ever seek the guidance of the Lord. Happy 16th birthday dear daughter.

Heartfelt Letter for 16th Birthday

Turning sixteen may be exciting and a little scary for you my dear daughter but I want you to know that you will make it in life because you have the support of family and friends and above all you have God’s support too. Happy 16th birthday.

Dear Daughter, when you came into the world I loved you so much and even today sixteen years later I love you more. You have enriched my life and I am so proud to be your parent. Happy 16th birthday dear daughter.

As you are turning sixteen I am proud to be your parent but at the same time I am sad because soon you will have to leave and curve out a life of your own. But in the meantime as you are still here I want to tell you that you are a blessing indeed. You are a daughter any parent would be glad to have. Happy 16th birthday to you.

No parent ever wants to really let their child grow up, and especially not so soon. I feel as though it was just yesterday that you were born. However, one of the promises I made as a parent was that when the time came to let you go I would allow your wings to grow, and when you are ready I will let you fly and find your own dreams. But for today you are still my little child. Happy 16th birthday.

Humorous 16th Birthday Messages, 16th Birthday Jokes

Happy 16th birthday to you. If I were you I would keep all my cards for when I turn 91 and no one remembers to send me a card. Simply turn them upside down and once again I will have many birthday cards.

So you are turning sixteen today and everyone is gushing over you. Do not rejoice too soon because secretly your parents are wishing you out of the house, and your little brother or sister is eyeing your room and praying that you would just go and they can take it over. Happy 16th birthday.

Sweet sixteen is the new forty and you think you are all grown up now. Well guess what, forty will come soon enough and you will be wishing you were sixteen again. Enjoy your 16th birthday today.

Enjoy your birthday today and rejoice as you tell everyone that you are turning sixteen for soon my dear friend you will not be telling anyone your age. Happy 16th birthday to you.

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