Birthday cards consisting your 50th birthday wishes can be a great present for him/her. You really don’t have to be too sentimental, but 50th birthday greetings that come from the bottom of your heart will be the best. Nonetheless, the content or the 50th birthday messages make the huge difference. If you’re still in doubt what to say or write in a birthday card for 50th birthday, here are samples I am offering you. Scroll down and pick the best from our collection of 50th birthday wishes and messages.

50th Birthday Wishes

Find the best and most heartfelt birthday wishes for 50th birthday in this section. I’ve include some 50th birthday wishes quotes as well that you can write in a gift tag or birthday card.

50th Birthday Wishes

You look stunning even when you’re fifty.
Life has been good to you these years.
May it be more colorful in the next years to come.
Happy birthday!

Happiest birthday ever!
You’re a half century old now!
Congratulations for reaching this far.
May you have more strength to walk further miles.

Happy 50th birthday! You have lived an inspirational life for half a century and for that I say thank you. May you enjoy every moment of your birthday.

After living half a century gaining experience in life, you now have another half of a century to relax, inspire and succeed in all that you do. Happy 50th birthday!

Happy 50th birthday! I must confess that you have truly aged gracefully because you look 30 at 50.

Congratulations on turning 50 years! Living half a century is great favor and blessing from the heavens. Happy 50th birthday!

May everything good you have had for the first 50 years, double and triple in the next fifty years of your life. Happiest 50th birthday!

Congratulations for being the youngest 50 year old I know! Happy birthday!

50th Birthday Messages

You’re still looking fab at fifty!
May you have brighter years ahead.
Keep blooming!
Happy birthday!

Fifty fruitful years of being a blessing to us.
You’re truly exceptional.
May God continue to bless your days with great favors.
Enjoy your day!

Congratulations! You have just qualified to be a conservative……from now on you have to conserve your energy. Happy 50th birthday!

Finally you have earned the favour to reach the magical age! This is when you will never be asked to do manual labour; being tired will be acceptable by the whole world. Happy 50th birthday!

I’m in a dilemma on how to handle you from now on because people of your age compel you to either be dishonest or discreet. Have a wonderful 50th birthday!

You are more fabulous at 50 than ever before! Enjoy every moment of making thirty seem like a joke and embrace maturity with a big smile. Happiest 50th birthday my dear friend!

Golden years of happy cheers!
May you continue to live in abundance under the shadow of God’s grace.
God bless and happy 50th birthday!

I wish you more golden years to enjoy and savor.
Have a blast @ 50!
Happy birthday!


Happy 50th Birthday Wishes

Happy 50th Birthday WishesAt fifty, I pray that your days will be as joyous as ever.
And may you encounter sweet blessings along the way.
Enjoy your day!

Happy 50th birthday!
I hope you enjoyed our surprise bash for you.
May you always have delightful surprises this life will bring you.
Cheers to more birthdays!

Turning 50 is supposed to help your memory in a single way.
It is easier to remember 50 than 49.He he,
Happy 50th Birthday!

Don’t worry about the wrinkles that are starting to show up.
They are just reminders of all the experiences you’ve had so far in your life.
Here’s to the next few wrinkles!
Happy 50th birthday!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

How does it feel to be in your mid-20s the second time around?
I wish you continue to stay young at heart and
always inspire those around you.
Happy 50th birthday!

I hope that in your 50 years of existence,
You will realize how awesome of a person you are and
how thankful I am for having you in my life.
Appreciate yourself more! Happy 50th birthday!

50th Birthday Messages50th Birthday Messages

Happy birthday!
You are now officially half a century old.
May you have more birthdays to come,
So you can have a chance to complete your century.

You’ve reached the climax of your life.
Enjoy this new chapter and welcome it with open arms.
Happy 50th birthday!

Happy 50th birthday!
I hope that the next half-century of your life
will be as amazing as your first half.

Even if I greet you 50 times more in the coming years,
I will never grow tired of greeting you.
Happy 50th birthday!


Funny 50th Birthday Wishes

Funny 50th Birthday Wishes

As we grow older, we become more open-minded and understanding.
So, you’d still understand if I didn’t buy you a gift right?
Cheers to you on your special day!

Should I lift up a toast because you’re getting older?
Or is it because you’re feeling younger at heart?
Happy birthday anyways!

You can’t eat your cake.
It’s not good for your heart.
Thanks for this sweet treat!
Happy birthday!

Don’t worry about getting older.
You can still go for facelifts to wipe out the wrinkles.
Happy birthday!

The older you get, the brighter your cake becomes.
See? It’s all filled with burning candles.
Have fun blowing!

50th Birthday Messages for Grandma

They say that 50th celebrants are the “Golden Boys/Girls”.
Well, that certainly is true because, like gold,
You are a real precious treasure to me.
Happy Birthday Grandma!


Keep spreading your warm spirit to everyone around you,
And may you have more birthdays to come.
Happy 50th birthday, my dearest Grandma!

It should be overwhelming to know that
You have reached half a century old already,
So take this time to look back in your life,
Be thankful for every experience you have had
All the best, Happy Birthday, Granny!

I pray that you may have more happy days
To spend with me and to your loved ones.
I wish nothing but the best for you Grandma.
Happy 50th birthday!

50th Birthday Greetings for Grandpa

I hope you continue to have your positive outlook in life
That helped you reach this milestone.
May you be blessed with more wisdom
And more love from those that surround you.
Happy 50th birthday Grandpa!

It’s scary to realize that you have come such a long way in your life now,
But at the same time, you must realize that it’s also a blessing in disguise.
Happy Birthday!

You’ve been given 50 years to experience life
And you’re still being given that chance to live it.
Celebrate and rejoice!
Happy Birthday to you!

I wish you the courage to not stop living
And experiencing what life still has to offer you.
Happy 50th birthday my beloved grandfather!

A good person, a great mentor and at the same time, a loving grandfather
You are carrying this quality, that’s why you are the only one for me.
I wish you an amazing 50th happy birthday for you.

50th birthday wishes for friends, birthday wishes for 50th birthday


Don’t fear that you are reaching the end of your journey
And going down the hill already.
Think of it as you coming nearer to your life’s peak.
I wish that you will be able to find
The true meaning of your life in this lifetime.
Happy 50th birthday!

Looking at you now, it seems that you’ve had plenty of
Memorable experiences in life throughout the half-century.
I hope you have more enthusiasm to continue
What you have been doing for the past years
And keep all the positivity you have in you.
Happy 50th birthday!

You’ve reached such a milestone in your life.
Reaching 50 years is really a huge deal.
Let’s celebrate!
Happy 50th Birthday to you!

Take this time to recount all the blessings you have received in life.
At the same time, the chances for you
To look forward to the next years ahead.
Happy birthday!

You’re now 50 and you definitely have been through a lot.
But if you think you’ve experienced everything
You could possibly experience in life,
Then you must have not learned anything through the years!
You still have the best of life coming for you in your future,
so don’t feel like you’re slowing down.
Happy 50th birthday!

As we grow older, we cannot help but forget certain things in our lives.
But you, my dear friend, I will never forget.
Happy Birthday to the best friend I’ve ever had!

What to Write in a 50th Birthday Card

The first 50 years of your life has been about everyone depending on you and needing you. Now that you are 50, you can relax and enjoy the feeling of being taken care of. Happiest 50th birthday!


Don’t think about it, just go with the flow. Fifty means the beginning of elevated happiness, enhanced wisdom, inspirational stories, earned time-off, the right to use less energy and many more privileges. Happy 50th birthday dear!

Celebrating 50th birthday is one of the greatest feats one can ever achieve. Being in this world for about half century is a never easy achievement. Aside from throwing a birthday party and giving the celebrant special and expensive 50th birthday gifts, you can give her/him more than that – your heartfelt love. You can show your love and care to the celebrant by celebrating this special day of his/her life by expressing it with words.

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