Birthday Wishes For Ex BoyfriendIn this post, we are sharing birthday wishes for ex-boyfriend that you may use as you wish your ex a Happy birthday. Many people find it awkward to wish their old flame a happy birthday when they decided to separate way. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to completely burn the bridge. If you feel that you want to greet your ex-boyfriend on his birthday, go for it, nothing wrong with that. You can still express your feelings to your ex-boyfriend by sending him some nice birthday wishes. If you’re unsure how to start, you may refer to these birthday wishes for ex-boyfriend for your inspiration

Birthday Messages For Ex Boyfriend


  • We’ve spent the best times together and today I want to let you know that you are still special. Happy Birthday *name*
  • We are not together but you will always be special for me. Happy Birthday dear
  • We couldn’t be lovers but we can still be friends. Here’s sending you love filled wishes on your birthday
  • Wrong are the people who say exes cannot remain friends after they break up. I am proud of our friendship. Happy Birthday sweetheart!
  • This day will always be special for me as it’s your birthday. Wish you all the love and luck in your life
  • I couldn’t be the one of your life but I really wish you get the most loving life partner ever. Happy Birthday *name*
  • I still can’t stop thinking about,You still mean a world to me!I wish you loads of love on your birthday.Have a great day ahead.
  • You may not love me know and you maybe you would have found someone else in your life, but still you are the same for me- important & special. Wishing you a very happy birthday dear. Be blessed
  • Sending out good wishes and lots of love to one of my most favorite person in my life. Happy Birthday dear!
  • I wish I could turn back the time to the day when we were together. But it’s Okay. I just want you to be happy, always. Happy birthday
  • Our friendship is a proof that ex-lovers can still remain good friends. Hope you have a great day. Happy Birthday!
  • I am not the first one to wish you on your birthday but know that I’m thinking about since the clock has stuck 12. Major missing happening! Happy Birthday O dear!
  • I want to steal a moment from your special day and would like to let you know that you are being missed badly. Happy Birthday
  • Sometimes I wish your friends are luckier as they get to spend the time with you. I wish I could be a part of your birthday celebration. Happy Birthday!
  • May you get to have a blast on your birthday as always! Know that my best wishes are with you. Happy Birthday!
  • This text is to let you know that I still miss you. I wish things become better and we can be back together and this time, forever. Happy Birthday
  • I would like to send out best wishes for you on your birthday. May you find your true match real soon. Happy Birthday!
  • No special poems, no rhyming words or fancy text, just a simple message to make you feel the warmth of our special bond. I am proud of you how still treat me well even after our break up. Blessed to have you in my life. Happy Birthday!
  • May the stars tonight fulfill all your wishes and may all your dreams come true. I am happy that we are still friends even after our break up. Bless you dear! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend:

Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend

May be today is the day
when we should forget the grudges
and celebrate your birthday.
Happy birthday.

We could not be lover
but we can be friends for life.
Today is the day to prove that.
Happy birthday.

I could not forget anything about you
but I could also not forgive you.
Anyways happy birthday.

Wish we could continue on the path
that we started on together,
but life had something else in store for us.
Happy birthday buddy.

You were the best thing to happen in my life
but may be our lives were not meant to be spent together.
Happy birthday to my ex-boyfriend.

I may have had many ex-boyfriends
but none of them had been as best as you.
So here’s wishing you a very happy birthday.



Heart-touching birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

You may have forgotten me but
I haven’t forgotten any of the moments
we spent together.
So a very happy birthday.

Your birthday is an opportunity to prove to the world
that there can be friendship even after breakups.
Happy birthday sweet.

How we used to spend time together happily
is what came as a flashback to me today on your birthday.

I wish you achieve whatever you desire in your life
even though if it means doing it without me being in it.
Happy birthday.

I would again love to be with you even after what happened earlier.
Hope to see you soon.
Happy birthday.

You may not be the one for me
but that doesn’t stop me from
celebrating your birthday in the way we used to.
Happy birthday.

Birthday Messages for Ex-boyfriend

How golden those times were
when we used to go out and celebrate this day
in the best way possible
and be as naughty as we could be.
Here’s to all those memories.
Happy birthday dear.

Its good that we parted ways.
We are better being friends than being lovers.
Happy birthday.

The times we spent together,
the times we celebrated together,
the memories and moments of those golden days
with us being with each other,
I can recall all those today.
Happy birthday.

You may not know but
I miss you even badly now.
Wish we could be together again.
Happy birthday anyways.

Its your birthday
and may you get the best of life
in any endeavor that you tread upon.
Happy birthday dear.

Beautiful Birthday Messages For Ex Boyfriend


How can we forget the last time
we had a blast on your birthday and went on a long drive.
Wish those days could return.
Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the best boy friend turned friend.
We are at a much better state now.
Happy birthday.

I may have lost a boyfriend
but I gained a very good friend in you.
So here’s wishing my friend a very happy birthday.

You have been a very good support
even after we broke up.
I never knew you could be such a good friend too.
Happy birthday.

What life has decided for each of us
can never be known beforehand
but we can always enjoy our present.
So lets celebrate your birthday and stop thinking of our past.
Happy birthday.

Love is forever,
be it between two lovers or two friends.
We will continue our love in the form of friendship.
Happy birthday.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Ex-boyfriend, Birthday Wishes Messages for Ex-boyfriend

We can be better being friends than lovers.
Our friendship bond will be stronger
than the one before. may be its meant to be that’s way.
Happy birthday.

I still remember the days when we used to
spend time together by being in each other arms
and sit gazing the stars and moon on your birthday.
But now you being my friend,
Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday.

When its your birthday its the perfect day
to forget all the sour relations
and be friends again if not lovers.
Happy birthday friend.

You should also forget everything
about the past and move on.
There’s nothing left in it
so lets celebrate your birthday and be like friends.
Happy birthday.

We have celebrated your birthdays in lovers style.
Lets celebrate it in friends’ style this time
and relive the joy and happiness.
Happy birthday.

Why we couldn’t continue as lovers
is not in our hands but our fate,
but celebrating your birthday
is what we can really achieve today.
So lets celebrate your birthday.

You did good when we were together
but you are even better now.
So here’s to our friendship now.

Cute Birthday Greeting For Ex Boyfriend

I loved you a lot when we were together.
But I love you even more now.
So here’s wishing my sweet ex-lover a very happy birthday.

I have often found myself indulged
in your thoughts and your birthday is the chance
to let you know that I still miss you in my life.
Happy birthday.

I could not resist wishing you on your birthday.
You may not love me now
but I have always loved you till date.
Happy birthday ex-boyfriend.

Lets prove to the world
that there can still be friendship
after breaking up from a long time relationship.
Happy birthday dear.

Loving you was the best part of my life.
I strive to live on the memories today.
So here I am wishing you
A very happy birthday and remembering the old times.

You must be celebrating your birthday today
in the best spirits
so I just want to take a moment from your day
and wish you my heartiest congratulations on your birthday.
Miss you though.
Happy birthday.

Birthday Greetings for your Ex-boyfriend

You came into my life when I needed you the most.
I guess its time now that I need you again.
Wish you could return to me.
Happy birthday anyways and wish you all the success of life.

We have been very good friends since our breakup
and I guess that’s what life also wanted for us.
So here’s wishing you a cheerful happy birthday.

I guess we are more happy in our lives
than we were before together.
but nothing can stop me from wishing you happy birthday.
Miss you and a very happy birthday.

I cannot forget the day we celebrated
your birthday last year with so much fun
and today its again your birthday
and I miss you so much.
Happy birthday.

We were the best of lovers
and we will be the best of friends now if not together.
So a very happy birthday to you.

Your icing on cake may increase when you read my message
and remember how happy we were together in the past.
Happy birthday to the best ex-boyfriend.

How may I forget your birthday
when these were the moments
that we used to cherish together in the past.
Here’s to the memory of those times.
Happy birthday.

We can be better being friends
now than not talking after our breakup.
Happy birthday anyways.

Happy birthday to one of the finest man
I have ever met and blessed to be in
relationship with you in the past.
Till today I adore that time.
But sadly we couldn’t be together.

Birthday Card Messages For Ex Boyfriend

I know you must be waiting for my birthday wishes
as its your birthday only
when we met for the first time
and fell in love.
Now I miss you after our breakup

Hope you are doing well in your life
and got a nicer girl than me.
Happy birthday wishes from heart.

I can never forget your birthday
even if you have forgotten me.
I wish we could be together today.
But happy birthday.

Its your birthday and time to rejoice
not to ponder over the past.
Wish we were together in this.
Go have a blast on your birthday.

Days like your birthday are the moments
when we can celebrate our friendship
after having celebrated our relationship in the past years.
Wishing you a very happy birthday dear.

Hope you liked these messages. Now don’t think much! Go ahead and wish your ex boyfriend, a very happy birthday! Also, it would be great if these beautiful birthday wishes will be accompanied by yellow roses.

Take care!

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