Christmas gifts and Christmas gift baskets together with different Christmas hampers are piling up under the Christmas tree, and you have completed the list of people you want to make special Christmas presents and Christmas greetings for. And then you suddenly remember that your boss has been really nice to you, and you want to give back the kind gestures he or she has been showing since you started in the company. Or probably you got a recent promotion to a position that you have been eyeing on since forever. Or maybe your boss is always giving holiday treats, which were not provided by the company, to every single employee in the company, and you simply want to show your appreciation for his or her efforts to do so.

As long as you it is not stated in company guidelines that giving holiday Christmas gifts to supervisors or managers are prohibited, then you can go ahead and wrap a little something up for your boss with a wonderful Christmas wishes attached to it. After all, it is the season of giving and sharing your blessings with the people around you. So if you finally decide that you really want to give your boss a Christmas gift, you can check our gift Christmas ideas for your boss. We listed the top 10 Christmas gifts that you can give your boss.

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boss

10. Paperweights

Yes, this is a common Christmas gift to boss and co-workers. However, if you find something in bookstores that is really interestingly unique, then your Christmas gift will be special. Among all other paperweights given to him every year, the paperweight you gave might actually be the one he or she will use on his desk.

9. Scented candles

Since your supervisors and managers have tons of workload and paperwork every single day, it is difficult to find time for them to relax. Treat them with the relaxing aroma of scented candles that they can use inside the office.

8. Bobble Head

There are a lot of personalized bobble head makers. You can find them online or in the mall. Just give them a picture of your boss, and they can already make a bobble head copy.

7. Coffee beans

This can also be a good choice when it comes to Christmas gift ideas for boss. Your boss might make use a lot of these because he or she always needs to stay awake. So treat him or her with good quality coffee beans this season.

6. Book

Pick a book that your boss will find interesting and relaxing. There are a lot of genres to choose from in bookstores, and one that can always be appreciated is something comedic.

5. Picture frame

Anyone can give your boss a picture frame. However, yours can be unique by putting a picture of the entire team or office in it. That will certainly make it special. Also, write a message of appreciation at the back.

4. Stress ball

Tons of stress can make your boss angry and irritable. Give him a stress ball that he can play with whenever he is under extreme pressure. This can help him release the bad vibes.

3. Homemade Food Basket or Gourmet Christmas Hamper

Cookies, fruitcake, pies or cupcakes, whatever it is that you can bake well, let your boss have a taste. Surely, he or she will appreciate your efforts in the kitchen.

2. A bottle of wine or Wine and Cheese Hamper

You can put a Christmas greeting on a little card and tie it on the bottle with a gold ribbon. The wine is just something to get his or her head off work. And the holiday greeting will surely warm your boss’ heart.

1. MP3 player and portable speakers

Music will surely calm your boss’ mind. He or she will definitely appreciate a Christmas gift like this. You and your colleagues can also record a Christmas greeting and save it in the MP3 player so your boss can listen to it whenever he needs something to cheer him or her up.

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