Good Day MessagesDon’t you feel happy when you get up in the morning, check your mobile phone and read a beautiful good day messages from someone near or dear? The feeling of joy that we get on reading those wonderful good day messages helps us to start our day with more enthusiasm and joy. Same is with others!! It hardly takes a minute or two, in sending a good day message to someone but that simple message can boost up one’s mood and can help that person to start the day on the positive note.

In this post, you are going to read the best good day messages!! These messages are positive, happy, motivational and inspirational in nature which will help the receiver to start his/her day with happy and positive thoughts.

Good Day Wishes for happiness and Joy

wish your friends and dears a good day with these heart warming good day wish.


Every morning I think of you
as my first thought
and wish for a bright day of yours.
Good day!

Have a good day
which is full of love,
joy and happiness.

As the morning sun rises
I am here to wish you energy
and success all day.
Have a good day!

Rise up and shine
for the world
is ready to welcome you
to another bright sunny morning.
Have a good day!

Get up and make the best of today.
Good day!

Until you open your lazy eyes
and curl your hair,
Let me welcome you
to this day with fresh morning air.
Have a lovely day ahead!

Morning is one more chance
given to you to live your life
and spread the warmth of your personality.
Good Day Dear!!

Don’t let yesterday’s worries
overshadow today’s beauty.
Have a good day!

Good day Messages to make some ones day bright and shiny


Want to make some ones day bright and shiny. If so here is some wonderful good day messages and wordings for you.

Rise up and shine
like the bright star you are.
The morning star welcomes you
with its brightness.
Good morning and have a good day!

Just a small wish
in the blissful morning
to wish a good day to you.

Just warm wishes of good day
to comfort you more
in your warm bed on this cold morning.
Have a good day ahead!

Welcome to a fresh morning.
Have a good day!

Make every second of your day count
and you shall be the conqueror of all.
Good Day!!

A new sun and cool morning
to wish you a warm
and soothing day ahead.
Good day!

May you spread the love
and warmth of your personality
the full day
and people be blessed
to have you with them.
Have a good day.

Have a Good day SMS and text messages

A cup of coffee
and my sweet message
to welcome you
to another bright sunny day.
Have a good day dear!

Keep spreading smiles
on your way for the full day.
Have a good day ahead!

Good days are joy-filled.
Bad days are experiences.
May all the days ahead be filled with joy!
Good day!

Today is a wonderful day
to create a better yesterday for tomorrow.
Enjoy it!

Look for positivity
in every day
and make a better personality.
Good day!

Learn from yesterday
to make a better tomorrow
by living it today.
Good day buddy!

Welcome each day
with open arms
and the world will also embrace you in it.
Have a good day ahead.

May you create wonders today
and make yet another remarkable day.
Have an awesome day.

Spread your awesomeness
and always love what you do
and all success will belong to you.
Good day!
Success does not bring happiness,
in fact happiness brings success.
So be happy and keep learning from every day.

Every new day is
God’s blessing to rise and shine.
Have a good day!

Start your day with a smile.
Have a good day ahead.

Another day is another opportunity
to recreate history
and be remembered all your life.
Have a great day ahead.

Get up and make your dreams come true;
The dreams that
you had been dreaming last night.
Good day!

Hope your day begins with love
and ends with blissful memories.
Have a nice day dear!
May this new day start
with a bright and beautiful smile.
Have a good day.

Sending millions of smiles
your way to give
a boosting start to your day.
Good day!!

Hope your day is
as wonderful as your personality
and you touch every soul
you meet throughout the day.

Warm thoughts are with you
for the entire day.
Have a lovely day!

Learn from previous lessons of life
and create a better vision of tomorrow
by making today a remarkable day
with your presence.
Have a great day!

Hope you enjoyed reading all of these good day messages. I am sure these messages must have brought a sweet smile on your face. So don’t just keep this joy with yourself, spread it amongst to friends and family by sharing these wonderful good days messages with all.

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