Friendships, Relationship are the two most sensitive knots that have to be knitted with care. Keep in touch with your friends and relatives to make sure we won’t lose each other until last. We may forget persons in our day to day busy schedule, but at times when we look back and search for those people we may have lost them because we didn’t keep in touch with them. So it is our great responsibility to keep in touch with every relation and friends. This article of keep in touch consists of messages for who really want to build a strong relation with their loving and caring ones.



A friend is merely not a coincidence to come into your life, they are meant to enter into your life with a purpose to make you happy and smile forever. I treasure our friendship; keep in touch my dear friend!


Lock and key, Sun and brightness, Flower and honey, my Heart and your friendship are the inseparable things in this world. Keep in touch dear.


A simple word of Hello will keep the relation and friendship keep going, keep in touch.


I always feel happy to hear a single Hi from you; it’s my pleasure to keep in touch with you my dear friend!


Friendship is not there to forget but to remember, it’s not there only for listening but for understanding, it’s not there for seeing but for feeling, it’s not there for letting it go but for holding on to it, so keep in touch with me!


I really treasure few people who make my world a complete world and you are one among those, keep in touch forever and make me happy forever!


Life becomes celebration when friends keep in touch, so let’s celebrate our life by keeping in touch with each other.


It’s not going to take our life time to remember someone whom we treasure so much in our life, but it takes only few seconds – a simple Hi, Hello would keep it going. Keep in touch.


If anyone asks me what is more important to you, me or your life, I would say my life because you are my life my dear friend and you mean so much to me. Keep in touch with me and make my life a meaningful one.


Among friends it’s not a big thing how much you have been together, but how long you have been together. Keep and stay in touch!


Preserving your friendship and keeping in touch with your close friends is like standing on wet cement and leaving your footprints onto it, it lasts forever.


Even though we may not have spent so much time together, but you are always in my thoughts my dear friend. Let’s keep in touch with each other!


You are my best friend and you have all the qualities of being my mother, father, brother and sister. You are the best gift of God who has given you as a special gift. Do not forget to keep in touch with me my friend!


There may different kinds of love in this world, but there is only one love which is so strong, that is friend’s love which lasts forever. I will always keep in touch with my friends and expect the same from them.


There may be thousands of reasons for our cry, but there may be few reasons for our smile and you my friend, you are one among those few reasons for my smile. Keep in touch with me my great friend!

Stay in touch Messages

A person who is dear and near to you will not be forgotten so easily and won’t be taken away from some one’s life. If we happen to miss someone we mean so much then that would be the worst thing in a relationship. At such situations we ask those persons to stay in touch with us forever and ever. Stay in touch article contains wordings to make someone to stay with us forever even when critical situations occur. Below you find heart touching sentences to reach the person who are not staying in touch with you.


It takes years to build up a relation, but few seconds to break it. I take care to keep our relation going without any breakups. Stay in touch with me forever to keep the relation going.

I am missing you so much for some reasons for past few years; please stay in touch with me after seeing this message from me.

You be there for me, stay with me forever. I wish you to stay with me all throughout my life, to count my days of success with your presence.

Friends are the real sticking on persons in our each one’s life. So you please stay and stick on to my life.

In the garden of friendship, affection, care, encouragements are the seeds to have healthy and colorful flowers. It is our duty to take care of the flowers very often by watering them by staying in touch with our close ones, if kept without taking care of them then the flowers of friendship gets withered there.

Thanks for sticking around me in the entire path I travel, stay with me forever and ever and make our relation the best set sample for others.

A person who means so much to you in your life is the one to be preserved with care, so stay in touch with me!

Running my life without you is so hard, so please stay in touch with me all the time.

No one is going to come along with you all the way; there are people to watch you over when you cry and people to envy you when you smile on your success. There are few who sees your worry as their worry and your happiness as their happiness and that is true friendship. Stay in touch!

I still remember those days we spent together laughing and giggling. Stay in touch with me all the time to keep going with our relation.

I request you not forget me during your difficult moments, share with me your happiest moments, remember me during your painful moments, stay in touch to ensure that our relation is a wonderful thing in this world.

Let’s stay in touch and set up a trend to mean our relation so much to us. Thanks for staying in touch with me all these days!

You were there in time of my needs. Stay in touch and keep going! Life is full of expectations and I expect you to stay with me!

I had a wonderful time with you, stay in touch with me to continue having good time with our most caring persons.

I really missed you all these days, and never wanted to miss you in the rest of my life. Stay in touch.

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