People may walk in and walk out of your life, few people stay and blossom in your life they are your friends. Friends are the rainbow of your life; they add colors to every part of your life. Below you can find messages for friends; you can send it to your friends to describe them.



Days may pass by and leave memories in your life. Friends stay in your life and they are a fragrance for your heart.


True friends always stay together and never leave you in the middle. A friend brightens up your days and makes it a perfect day.


You are being remembered by your friend in all his aspects of life. Anyone can be a part of your life but friends are your best part of your life.


Good friends are identified when you are in your critical situations, they stand with you to face the situations and never leave you alone in misery.


The friends share even the intricate things with you and make you feel comfortable. The comfort can only be felt with your friends.


Believing you is like believing me. You are my well wisher, you are my mentor, and stand by my side always I can win over this world.


Our friendship stands alone among the seasonal friendships that come and go. Our friendship will be there forever. You are the reflection of my mind my dear friend.


We have grown our friendship with our love and affection. We shared our smiles and cries and through the period of years. You are the wonderful part of my life.


The language of friendship has meaning to play the role not the words. Life becomes meaningful with friendship. Your friendship means so much to me.


I am glad to have your friendship on to my life. We met as strangers and become friends; we are travelling on the same path. Thanks for your friendship.


You are like the honey in a flower, I am nothing without you. You stick on to me wherever and whatever I am. Thanks for always being there on my side.


You are there with me to shape me and guide me on my ways. You are there to support in the good things I do. I am safe with your friendship.


The silences of our friends are more powerful than the words of our enemies. We remember the silence more than the words of enemies. Treasure the friendship.


You have been with me and given me your hands not only in my good time but also during my critical times. You are the best among the best my dear friend.


Very few people stand close to our heart and you are the one my friend, you are the one very close to my heart. You entering my heart and touching my soul.

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