Hope is belief, belief is hope. Ray of light in the darkness is hope. Messages of hope help you to give hope on your way all through the day in a positive way. Use messages of hope from here to raise a person’s ray of hope. Below you can find lines of hope to send it to your known ones which makes them feel a change in their mind when they are in the state of confusion.


Believing in something and hanging onto it is hope.
Believe and never give up your hope – that is the essence of good hope.

A great achievement comes out of hope.
If hope is there with you,
you are sure to win this world.

Good hope – results in achievements,
Blind hope – results in failures.
Have hope with positive attitude and attain success.

Even when we stand on the edge of the world,
sticking on to it and giving a last try to win over the world is hope.

End is not the real end;
there may be a new beginning on the end.
So live your life with hope on every step you take towards success

If we hope that our life is going to be filled with bed of roses,
then it’s going to be our foolishness.
Life is a bed of roses and thorns and it is our skill to pick the roses out of thorns.

Nothing is impossible for you when you have hope in you.
Impossible becomes possible only
when there is hope in your spirits.

Hope is a word of YES when others say NO to anything.
NO becomes YES only when there is hope in you,
so have hope, live hope, breathe hope.

Whatever happened in your success life is because of the hope you had in yourself.
Belief and hope travels on the same track.

Life depends on confidence, trust and hope. Confidence is where you put your energy without fail, trust is where you expect the result for your energy and hope is belief where your energy and expectations becomes successful.

Beginning is in your hands, end is in the hands of destiny and everything in between beginning and end is all about our hope in the deeds we do.

Hope sown on the heart will reap a good harvest in the field of success. If you want to smell the fragrance of success, have hope in your next step.

H – Hail the hope and belief, O – Open Thoughts, P – Positive approach, E – Eat the fruits of success.

Hope never leaves you in the dark;
it’s a ray to lighten up the darkness from your life.
Hope never fails.

Hope is like a candle in your hands in the darkness.
The more you hold tightly the candle of hope
the more you throw away the darkness fast form your way.

Hope the best things in your life,
have your hope on yourself,
you can attain things and reach the heights.

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