The best way to celebrate some special occasion is rocking the day with a grand party. Yes it is the right way to celebrate retirement is by giving away a party to everyone who are dear and near to you. You may find difficult to search for the exact wordings for the retirement party celebration, but we won’t let you down in that, because we are here to help you through this article of retirement party invitation wordings. Retirement party invitation wordings should be in such a manner that it should convey the information in the proper way at the same time with fun, which we fulfill for you.


Please accept the invitation on behalf of my family and myself to share the happiness on the occasion of my retirement


Join us for a party celebrating the occasion of ————–‘s retirement


We the family of ——————– invite you all for his/her retirement party after his/her ——— years of service


We invite you for a special occasion in our lives as ————- retiring from his/her ——– years of work.


We are so pride and happy to invite you all for the wonderful occasion of retirement party for ———-. Please join us and make it a happy occasion


Please join us for lunch in honor of ————- on his retirement celebration.


You’re invited to a retirement reception honoring Mr./Mrs. ——————- on ————— at ——————–


You are cordially invited along with your family to join us, as we celebrate the retirement party of —————- at ——————– on —————— from ——————


After ————– long years of service he/she is ready to take rest and retire from his/her works. Please present yourself on this special occasion and honor —————- on his/her retirement


We invite you all to bid farewell to our beloved employee —————— on ————– at —————— from —————————


The time has passed by very quickly; the time has come to bid good-bye, join us to wish him/her the very best retirement, as he/she is going to start a new venture in his life after retirement.


Please join us in wishing ———————– on the retirement party which is going to be held on ———————– at —————————- from ——————-


Today is his/her day, as we are here celebrating and bidding farewell to his ———- years of service to this company. Join us on —————– at ———————-


Let’s get together and congratulate ——————— on his/her retirement day. Join for a dinner party on ———————– at ——————-

Retirement party messages


Your search stops here to find the best retirement party messages. You can find wonderful Retirement wishes which can be used to invite everyone for the retirement party. Retirement has to be recognized with a celebration and celebration goes with a party. Below article have retirement party messages, browse it and send it to the people who are retiring from their job.


We cordially invite you all for the grand retirement party in honor of ——————- celebrating the —– years of wonderful service as ———


Please join us on the great occasion of retirement party to honor our beloved ———— for his ——- years of warm, loving and caring companionship towards his colleagues.


Here on there won’t be any meetings, any mails, any pushup works and no more faxes, it’s all time to get relax and enjoy the life. You are invited to the retirement party of ———— on ———


It’s time to take some rest after so many years of work with all dedication and hard work, let’s all join the party of retirement of ————- which is going to be held on ————- at ————-


Join us to wish ————– on his/her retirement. We wish all the best for the rest of his/her future. You are invited for the retirement party of ———- on ———— at —————


Office days are all gone and home days are going to dominate hereon. Inviting you all for the retirement party of ————- on —————-


Everyone is cordially invited to join in the celebration for ————— as he/she retires from the dedicated service. The celebration of retirement party is on ————— at ————–


He/she is going to take rest from his/her dedicative works once and for all. Here on starts the new chapter of spending time with family and friends. Join the party on ——————-


His days of work are over and it’s now his time to spend his in leisure. Join for the retirement party of ———— on ————–


Time spent with files, faxes, mails are all gone and it’s now time to spend life under the shade of tree and in the beeches with family. Join us for the wonderful retirement party for ————- on —————-


The things used on his office desk are going to take rest and fun and frolic celebrations are going to accompany his way. Please join the retirement party of —————– on —————–


Let’s all get together to join in the retirement party of —————- on ————- at —————- with all fun. Let him take his official suit off and wear cool, casual wears here on.


Enough of working all days and nights now just be cool for starting a new life of enjoyment. Join the party for —————- on ———————


His outdoor innings is over and it is now time for his indoor innings, let’s wish him to perform his innings very well. Party is going to be on —————- at ——————


Retirement party – the day has come to stop working under pressure and the day of relaxation has come. Join the party for ————— on —————– at ————–

More Retirement Party messages

Are you looking for Retirement messages to express your feels towards one’s retirement. How you recognize them and salute them for their excellent contribution towards the work can be well expressed with the messages from retirement messages article section. Below you can find such retirement messages, use them to make the retiring people feel happy.


I have learnt a lot and lot with your experiences. Thanks for those lessons. Wish you best of luck for your future life retiring from here.
Time has come for taking break from daily routine office works. Thank you so much for being an excellent mentor and supporter all these days.

Hope you have the peaceful and happy years to come. You have been such an inspiration to me, thank for that. Have a great retirement life ahead.

I am very much thankful to you in all the ways you helped me to grow up in my job. Wish you to have a successful life.

Thanks for guiding me to reach the heights from among the competitive people. Have a wonderful and fantastic retirement period.

This organization has gained so much because of your dedicative works. Let happiness be yours always. Happy retirement.

We wish you farewell from your duties towards the organization you were working. Retire from all your worries and start a new life!

It is going to be a celebration for your family and friends to welcome you with a broad smile as they are going to get you into their world of happiness. Have a happy retirement

I am definitely going to miss you so much and I am feeling so sad to miss your presence in my job, on the other hand I feel so happy you are going to join your family and friends after your retirement.

You retirement period is going to make your wishes come true, your wishes unfulfilled during your busy office works. May all your dreams come true and wish you a happy retirement day

Retirement period is going to be a rejuvenation period for you, as your whole mind is going to get rejuvenated from its pressure and tiredness.

Time has come to prepare yourself for your old age after your retirement. Just retire from your work not from your life. Retirement is just the beginning not the end

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