Are you thinking of someone but are not sure how to tell them? Here is a list of some amazing thinking of you messages and thinking of our card wordings to help.

Thinking of You Messages and Wordings

I just wanted to let you know that
I have been thinking of you lately.

You are so important to me and
I wanted to take the time to tell you.

I don’t know why you have been on my mind lately,
but I wanted to tell you that you are in my thoughts.

It’s been so long since I have seen you.
I have been thinking of you and wanted you to know.
We need to get together soon!

Just wanted to let you know that
thinking of you is one of my favorite things to do.
You may be far away from me,
but you are close in my thoughts.

Whenever I am bored, I always think of you.

You have been taking up a great amount of my mind lately;
I guess it is because you are so great.

I wanted to tell you
I was thinking of you and miss you

More Thinking of You Greetings

You are one of those people that stick with me
even when you are not around.
I was thinking of you today and it made me smile.

You are such an amazing person and
I have been thinking of you lately.

I wish we could be together;
I want you to know that you are in my thoughts.

I wanted to tell you that
I have been praying for you and you are in my thoughts.

I don’t know what is going on exactly,
but I wanted to tell you that you are in my thoughts.
If you ever need to talk,
I will always be here for you.
My prayers and thoughts are on you during this difficult time.

If I had a dollar for all the times that I think of you,
I could have enough money to get a better car and come see you more.

There is a saying that goes it is the thought that counts.
If that’s the case then I have been doing a lot of counting today for you.

Thinking of You Card Messages

These thinking of you messages can be used for pretty much any reasons, some sad and some more happy. Just read on and use these Thinking of You Card Messages to tell people you’re thinking about them. These messages helped you? Then do us a favor and share these thinking of you card messages to your friends on social media site like facebook, twitter, and google plus. Help us spread the word.

My thoughts are with you. Always.

If I got $1 each time I thought of you, I’d be a millionaire by now.

I think about you every minute of every day.

I know it’s a tough time for you. Just think of me. I’m thinking of you.

When I start getting bored, I think of you. It’s always to highlight of my day.

I wish I could think of a clever way to say I’m thinking of you, but I can’t. Maybe, I’m not that clever.
We pray for you in these difficult times. Know that we think of you.

In hard times as in good ones, just know I think of you.

I will send you peaceful smiles and loving thoughts Until your life starts looking up again.

Those we love never die. And those left behind should never despair. Thinking of you in these difficult times.

You have all my sympathies in these difficult moments. Thinking of You.

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