Bengali New Year, popularly known as Pohela Baisakh, is a festive celebration that marks the first day of Bengali calendar. This celebration usually falls on 14th or 15th of April and traditionally coincides with other Southern Asian new year such Tamil New Year, Vishu (in Kerala), Songkran (in Thailand) and Baisakhi (in Punjab). This is widely celebrated in Bangladesh and other parts of Indian regions which include Orissa, Tripura, Assam and Jhakrhand. Here you can find some beautiful Bengali New Year Wishes that will help you to wish some one bengali new year

Bengali New Year Celebration

The celebration of Bengali New Year is quite fun and festive. People from Bangladesh and other Indian states celebrate the day with fairs, processions and performances. Streets are swarmed with people who celebrate and watch traditional singing performances. Vendors who sell handicrafts and other trades are crowding the major streets of Bangladesh as well.

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Good Wishes for Poila Baisakh, Happy Poila Baisakh


As you celebrate the new year
May lord Ganesha bless you with
happiness, prosperity and luck
Happy New year

I am sending love, health, peace and joy,
On this new year as my heart felt wishes.
“Happy Bengali New Year”

May this New year brings you
A career bright as Sun
Peace as cool as water,
Prosperity as shine as Gold
Love as sweet as honey
Happy Bengali New year

Lord Ganesha the lord of prosperity
May bless you with happiness and prosperity
Happy New Year

A Career like sunshine at morning
A life like a flow of river
Happiness like a sunflower in the morning
That is my new year wishes to you
Happy Poila Boisakh

Wish you a new year that brings
Ganesha’s blessings and happiness
Happy New year

Wishing you a New year Filled
with Fun and Happiness
Happy Bengali New Year

Happy Pohela Boishaki
Happy new Year!!
Happy New Year to My Dear Friend

Happy Bengali New Year Wishes

Subho Naboborsho SMS, Subho Naboborsho Messages

Spread the spirit of the celebration and express your warmest greetings for the new year with these heartfelt Happy Bengali New Year sms and greetings. Just make sure that partner these Bengali New Year Wishes with sweet treats and card.

Bengali New Year Wishes

As the New Year comes
Let’s pray and wish for the year
That is filled with peace, happiness and abundances
May God bless you throughout the year!
Subho Naboborsho

As the new year unfolds
Don’t forget to offer prayers of thanks
For the abundance and prosperity that God bestow upon you.
May you and your family have a blessed Pohela Baisakh.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous
Pohela Baisakh filled with prosperity and happiness.
Happy Bengali New Year!

May this Pohela Baisakh bring you
Tons of blessings and happiness
May this year be filled with joy and love
With your family and friends
Subho Naboborsho

This Pohela Baisakh, I’m wishing you nothing but the best
May your life be as colorful as rainbow
And as Sweet as sugar
I hope that this new year bring in more blessings to you.
Happy Bengal New Year!

I hope that this New Year make your dream come true
May this give you new hope, new faith, new courage
To fulfill your heart desires.
Subho Naboborsho

Subho Naboborsho Wishes and Messages

Greet your friends and family with your warmest Subho Noboborsho wishes and greetings using these samples. These Bengali New Year Wishes to express your greetings on their own mother language.


Dwin ketwe gwelo apekkhway
Rwaat kwete gelo apekhhay
Nwotun Bwachar swuru hwouk aamar Swubhechchay
Puronno bwachar kette gweche tomar SMS-er apekkhay
Subho Poila Boishakh!

Bachar Seshe Jhara Pata Bollo Ure Eshe
Ekti Bochor Periye Gelo Haoar Sathe Bhese
Notun Bochor Asche Take Jotno Kore Rekho
Swapno Gulo Sotti Kore Bhson Bhalo Theko
Subho Poila Boisakh!

Nutun Alo.. . Nutun Bhwor. Aslo Bochor . .
Katlo Prohor. Otiter Hwolo Moron. . .
Nwutan Ke Koro Boron.
Purono Sob Swriti. . Kore Felo Eti.
Tomake Janai Subho Nwaba Borsha Er Preeti.

Katbe Raat, Ashbe Probhat…
Jak Puratan, Jak Muche Jak Shob Dukkho…
Notun Bochor, Notun Asha…
Songe Thakuk Tomader Bhalobasa. !!

Esho Esho Nababarsho Ano
Songe Mrito Bonge
Nobo Pran, Nobo Horsho.
Utshwobo Nahi Aar
Jibon-o Gurubhar
Manober Jibono Bimorsho
Esho Esho Nabo Barsho!!!

Bengali New Year Wishes Messages for Friends

Friends are important people in our life that make our journey here in earth a fun and meaningful one. Appreciate them and wish them all the best this coming Bengali New Year. Here are some messages you may want utter to them.


You’re one of the most special persons in my life
That makes this journey merrier
This New Year, I wish you all the best thing in life
May you have a happy and blessed Pohela Baisakh
Subho Naboborsho

New Year is a time to discover new hopes and new dreams
May this year give you new strength and courage
To keep you driven in achieving your goals in life
Have a happy and prosperous Bengali new year.
Subho Naboborsho

You are such a dear
A friend oh so near
Wishing your dreams to come true
All the best I wish for you
Have a happy and blessed Pohela Baisakh

Another year is here.
To being us happiness and cheer
All I want is to be with you
Let’s pray, celebrate and be merry, too.
Happy New Year to you.
Subho Naboborsho

One of the greatest gifts I had this year is to have a great friend like you.
Thus, I am so thankful to celebrate this New Year with you.
Wishing you a happy and prosperous Pohela Baisakh!

Happy Bengali New Year Greetings in English

During the Bengali New Year, people also clean their house and wear new dress to welcome the first day of the year. They start the celebration at dawn. Usually, people in villages get together to witness the rising of the sun at the riverbank or lake. Pohela Baisakh is like Christmas for people in Bangladesh. They also exchange gifts and wishes, prepare feast for the day and have fun.

Now if you’re looking for some Bengali new year greetings and wishes and some heartfelt Subho Naboborsho wishes and messages, you’re at the right place. Here, we’re sharing some of the best Subho Naboborsho messages and wishes that you can share to your family and friends. Feel free to share your own Bengali new year messages to greet your friends online a happy Bengali new year or Subho Naboborsho!

Let go of the past that gives you pain
Time to celebrate and dance with the rain
Forget the ache, forget the sorrow
All you need to do is look forward to tomorrow
Sending you warmest greetings this New Year!
Happy Bengali New Year!

May this Pohela Baisakh fill your life with love and happiness
May you be surrounded with people who makes your happy
Happy New Year!

New Year is here
Time to be free
To Love more
To Hate less
To Forgive more
To Laugh more
To live life to the fullest
Do whatever makes you happy
Happy New Year!

Years may come and go
But my love for you will never fade
This year, I wish you something greater
May you have more blessings and good fortune
Have the greatest year ever!
Happy New Year!

Let’s celebrate this New Year with a heart
Filled with contentment, love and peace
Let’s renew our hope and aspirations
Wishing you and your family a prosperous Pohela Baisakh!

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