Holi festival is here! Spread the blessings and fun to your near and dear ones thru your mobile phones. It’s easy and quick. Just send your warmest Holi SMS or Holi text messages to your friends. You may use these samples of English holi card messages, Holi wordings, Holi greetings and Holi wishes. You can also send these words for Holi festival as Holi email wishes or holi facebook status.

Happy Holi WishesHoli Wishes

May this Holi festival bring you a fun-filled and loving memories
that you can treasure for the rest of your life.
Have a wonderful Holi!

Sending different colors of joy, laughter and love to your way.
Love lots and have fun!

From thousand miles away,
I’m sprinkling some colors of fun and laughter to your way.
May you and your family have a great time this holi festival!

Red.. Yellow… Blue…
There’s nothing I can ask from you…
As long as you’re here with me…
Everything will be splendid to see…
Happy Holi, sweetheart.

May you have a Holi filled with joy and fun!
Happy Holi – Day!

May your life be as fun-filled and colorful as the celebration of Holi festival!

Our warmest greetings this Holi,
May you accomplish your goals and
May this holi be the start of your succesful and fullfilling life.
Have a blessed holi!

I’m wishing you to have a “HOLI” life.
H – Happy
O – Outstanding
L – Long
I – Interesting
Happy Holi!

Story of Holi – Holika and Prahlad

Image: wikipedia
Image: wikipedia

There are so many interesting legends as to where Holi started. One of the most popular Holi legends is Holika and Prahlad. Long time ago, there was an egoistic demon king Hiranyakashyap who reign in the kingdom. Egoistic, he wanted everyone to worship him. However, Prahlad his son, was a devotee of Lord Vishnu and refused to obey his father’s wish.

This made Hiranyakashyapu try to kill Prahlad. But each time he tried killing him, Lord Vishnu protected and saved Prahlad. This left him with one option, he asked Holika, his sister, to kill his son. Holika had a boon that allows her to be on fire without being hurt or burned. Holika cajoled Prahlad to join her as she enter fire. But Holika didn’t know that the boon would only work if she would enter the fire alone. being with Prahlad, the boon was broken and she was burnt to ash. On the other hand, Prahlad, protected with Lord Vishnu’s blessings, he came out of the fire safe and unscathed. This showed that the whoever devote to Lord Vishnu will get protection and be saved.

Happy Holi Messages and Holi Greetings


Bake the perfect ingredients of Holi
By mixing a dash of love
A tablespoon of trust
A cup of happiness
And loads of fun
Have a happy and blessed Holi!

May God protect you and keep you from any harm
May the evil be cast out and leave you in peace
Happy Holi!

Celebrate the festival of colors
Get drenched with different hues
Share the love and fun this festival of holi
Have a wonderful Holi festival!

May you be blessed with different colors of life
Red for endless love
Blue for eternal peace
Yellow for long-lasting happiness
And Green for timeless prosperity
Holi Hai!

Wishing you the best Holi festival
Filled with happiness and sweet moments
To cherish now and forever.
Happy Holi!

You are one of the reason for my celebration
You made my life so wonderful, I thank YOU.
Wishing you a happy and wonderful Holi!

Happy Holi Wishes And Wording for Friends


May the bright colors of Holi festival
Paint your life with colors of fun and happiness
Happy Holi to you and your family

Get your paint ready
Prepare the sweets and candy
Because here comes Holi
Let’s have fun and be happy!
Have a wonderful holi everyone!

I may be miles away and can’t splash colors with you this Holi Festival.
But rest assured that I’ll be celebrating with you by heart and soul.
And wishing you the best and happiest Holi ever!
Happy Holi!

Holi is a perfect time to
Rekindle family bond
Develop friendship
Express your love to family and friend
And share fun and happiness.
Have a blessed and meaningful Holi!

Grab your water balloons
Sing a festive song
Enjoy the bright colors of Holi
Wishing you and your family to have the most wonderful Holi!

May God blessed you with happiness, good health,
Good fortune, love and wisdom this Holi festival.
Wishing you and your loved ones to have a blessed Holi!

Wishing you a Holi
Filled with happiness and merriment
And a glorious life
Today, Tomorrow and Always
Have a happy Holi!

I’m sending my warmest and heartiest Holi wishes
To all who splash colors and different hues of paint
This holi festival.
May all of your dreams and goals fulfilled
Happy Holi!

Holi Wishes and Messages for Family

Action speaks louder than words
But it doesn’t hurt when love and care is expressed through words
So this Holi, I’d like to express my heartiest feelings
To my family and friends.
Have a wonderful and happy holi filled with fun and happiness!

I just wish I could be with you to celebrate the Holi
I just hope that this SMS convey all the love I have for you
Happy Holi, sweetheart!

This may not be long
Coz I don’t aim to bore
Just want to let you know
That I remember you this celebration of Holi
And wish you to have a wonderful and splendid one.
Holi Hai!

Wishing you the best Holi
Filled with, not just colors and paint,
But with tons of fun and endless happiness
May you and your family have the best Holi ever!

If I could just get and send you a rainbow, I would.
To give you all the colorful hues of life
To say and greet you Holi Hai!
Have a great and happy Holi!

You made my life so meaningful
By being with my side, through ups and downs
This festival of colors, I just want to thank you
For giving me all your love and making me smile
Happy Holi!

Holi Wishes Messages For Lovers


Red for Prosperity
Green for Happiness
Blue for Peace
Pink for Friendship
May you have all these colors this Holi.
Happy Holi!

Let’s celebrate the colors of beautiful bond
Wishing you and your family
To have a colorful Holi
Filled with happiness, love and fun
Happy Holi!

Colors of happiness
Colors of friends
Colors of love
And color of prosperity
May you enjoy all these colors
This Holi Festival.
Holi Hai!

Holi is a perfect time to strengthen bond within family and friends…
So let me take this chance to express my appreciation and love to all of you.
May all of you have a great holi festival. Have fun and enjoy!

You are the best friend I’ve ever had
I couldn’t imagine a life without you in it.
So let me wish you all the best this Holi
Enjoy this festival and be happy.
Holi Hai!

Holi Wishes in Hindi

Khaa key gujiya, pee key bhaang,
laaga ke thoda thoda sa rang,
baja ke dholak aur mridang,
khele holi hum tere sang.
Holi Mubarak!

Rangon se bhi rangeen zindagi hai humari,
rangeeli rahe yeh bandagi hai humari,
kabhi na bigde ye pyar ki rangoli,
aye mere yaar aisi HAPPY HOLI.

Pichkari ki Dhar,
Gulal ki bauchar,
Apno ka pyar,
Yahi hai yaaron holi ka tyohar.
Happy Holi!!!!

Lal, gulabi, neela, pila hathon me liya samet,
Holi ke din rangenge sajni, kar ke meethi bhent.

Puranmashi ka chand,
chand se uski chandni boli,
khushion se bhare sabki jholi,
MUBARAK ho apko pyari HOLI.

Aise manana Holi ka tyohar
Pichkari se barse sirf pyar.
Ye hai mauka apno se gale mitane ka
To gulal or rang lekar ho jao taiyar

Tum bhi Jhoome masti main,
Hum bhi jhoome masti main,
Shor hua saari basti main..
Jhoome sab holi ki Masti main..

Me ja ja jovu hu,
Mane tharo chahero dikhto hai,
Ii thaaro kusur nathi,
Salo sab chahero aaj rangeelo hai,
Holi Mubarak..!

Lal gulabi rang hai jhum rha sansar
Suraj ki kiran Khushiyon ki bahar
Chand ki chandni Apno ka pyar
Shubh ho aap sabko ye Rangon ka tyohar HAPPY Holi

Kamna hai ki fagun
ka ye rangeen utsav
Aapke jeevan me dher sari
Khushiyan laye..
Holi ki hardik shubhkamnaye!

Happy Holi Wishes and Holi Greetings


May the Vivid Colors of the holi
Decorate your life and family…
With colors of happiness and Fun
Happy Holi !!!

As you Celebrate Holi with Colors and Fun
I wish you the color of the holi brings you,
Happiness, fun and joy to your life!

May the colors of Holi brings
Colors to your life and family.
Happy Holi to you and your Family!

I wish you on this Holi
A colorful life and Happiness
Like the colors of Holi
Enjoy holi festival

I’m wishing you a Holi festival that is filled with joy,
and full of warmth. Have a Happy Holi!

Splash different colors and enjoy the Holi festival.
Let’s celebrate and enjoy!

May you have a memorable and terrific Holi celebration
that you can treasure for a lifetime.

I’m hoping that your life will be filled
with different colors of joy and fun.
Have a joyous and wonderful Holi festival!

Wishing you and your family a joyous
and colorful Holi celebration.

May your life be filled with…
Have a blessed Holi!

Sending my warmest Holi wishes to you and to your family!

I wish you to have a life as colorful and joyous as the Holi Festival.
May the yummy treats sweeten your life’s journey throughout the year.
Have a happy Holi!

Miles apart, I may not be able to put colors to your face this Holi Festival.
But I’ll pray to God to add more colors to your life… making it fun-filled and fullfilling.
Have a blessed Holi!

May the colors of Holi festival bring you more laughters, joys and blessings.
Wishing you a wonderful Holi!

May God sprinkle different colors of fun, success and prosperity over you and family.
May this Holi fill your hearts with joy, happiness and love.
Happy Holi!

Happy Holi Wishes and Holi Messages In English

As part of the celebration, people exchange holi cards and greetings. Now, if you don’t know what to write in your Holi greeting cards, you may use these samples of Holi card wording. Have fun and enjoy!

This Holi Festival…
I’m wishing you and your family to have colorful,
fun-filled and terrific celebration.
Have a Happy holi!

Strenghten the ties in the family…
Develop friendship with your neighbors…
Express your heartiest feelings…
Take the opportunity to achieve all these..
Have a meaningful and fullfilling holi festival!

Colorful faces…
Different hues…
Joyous atmosphere…
Festive activities…
May this Holi festival be the more special than the previous one.
Have fun this Holi!

From miles away…
I’m sending my warmest and heartiest holi greetings to your way!
Holi Hai!

May you and your family enjoy the activities and the spirit of Holi Festival.
Make it as joyous and enjoyable as possible.
Have fun!

May the spirit of Holi festival fill your hearts with love, peace and contentment.
Have a blessed Holi!

May you achieve them this Holi festival.

My wish this Holi is for you to have a fulfilling and meaningful life.
May Holi festival marks the beginning of your successful life.

Happy Holi SMS

Spread the spirit of the holi by sending your warmest greetings to your loved ones. Use these samples of holi sms and holi text messages .

May your Holi celebration be full of joy, love and fervor.
Happy Holi to you and to your family!

Have fun this Holi Festival.
Strengthen your family bond.
Cheers to fun and joyous Holi!

Wishing you the best and most wonderful Holi festival.
A warm greetings from my family to yours.

I hope that your life be as colorful as the celebration of Holi festival all year round.
Have a blessed and prosperous Holi!

Water balloons…
Harmonious melodies…
Bright colors…
Those are the elements of a perfect Holi festival.
We hope that you and your family have the best Holi celebration ever!

May you enjoy the Holi festival with your hearts filled with fun and love.
Have a happy Holi!

Words of love and caring need not to be spoken out loud,
A simple yet heartfelt Holi SMS is enough to express the warmest feelings.
Have fun this Holi!

May you and your family have a colorful and blessed Holi festival!

Delicious gujiyas…
Different colors and hues…
Festive holiday…
Those are what I missed when I was there.
Wish to celebrate the Holi with you, but I’m miles away.
So I’m sending my warmest Holi wishes to you and your family!

May God bless you with colorful life and successful career.
May you hearts be filled with happiness, contentment, love and peace.
Have a happy Holi!

As you splash colors to your dears and nears
May their life filled with vivid colors of
Happiness, love and Prosperity
Have a Great holi

The splashing colors of Holi
May fall on you like colors of life
And Brings happiness and prosperity
Have a Great Holi

Hindi Holi Wishes, Hindi Holi Greetings


Rangon se bhi rangeen zindagi hai humari,
rangeeli rahe yeh bandagi hai humari,
kabhi na bigde ye pyar ki rangoli,
aye mere yaar aisi HAPPY HOLI.

Rang barse bhige chunar wali,
rang barse o rang barse bhige chunar wali..rang barse,
are rang barse bhige chunar wali..re!
Ab ghar jao nahi to zukaam lag jayega.

Gul ne gulshan se gulfam bheja hai,
Sitaro ne aasman se salaam bheja hai,
Mubaraq ho aapko holi ka tyohar,
Humne dil se yeh paigam bheja hai.

Pichkari ki Dhar,
Gulal ki bauchar,
Apno ka pyar,
Yahi hai yaaron holi ka tyohar.
Happy Holi!!!!

Chadenge jab pyare rang, ek meri dosti ka rang bhi chadhana.
Lagne lagenge tumhe suhane sare rang,
Aur meri dosti ka rang chamkega hurdum tumhare sang.
Bolo sarararara….
Wish you a very mastiful and colourful Happy Holi!

Holi Text Messages and Email Messages

One of the most festive holidays in India, Holi festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal. Everyone’s greeting their dear and near ones a Happy Holi as they sprinkle different colors to their hands and faces. This Holi, send your warmest Holi wishes and Holi greetings to your family and friends using these heartwarming Holi messages. For mobile users, you may greet your textmates and friends via Holi SMS and holi text messages. For tech-savvies, you may send these Holi quotes and Holi sayings as Holi email messages. Have fun!

My wish for you this Holi Festival,
May all of your dreams come true.
Have a Happy Holi!

Water balloons…
Yummy Gujiyas…
Harmonious songs…
Bright colors…
These are the elements of a perfect celebration of Holi.
May you have all of these this Holi Festival!

May you and your family have the most wonderful Holi ever.
Happy Holi!

I’m sending you the brightest colors of the rainbow to your way this coming Holi festival.
May you life be as bright and joyous as Holi!

Have fun sprinkling colors to each other’s faces…
Enjoy eating lavish gujiyas…
Have a good time as you and your family sings different songs for Holi.
Sending hugs and kisses to your way!

Best wishes for you and may you have a perfect Holi filled with delightful memories to cherish forever.
Have a blessed and extraordinary Holi!

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