Check out our list of birthday wishes for girlfriend that you can use for her birthday. This is perfect for those boyfriends who are looking for the sweetest thing to say to their girlfriend to wish her a happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend


Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

In this section of girlfriend birthday wishes is for you. Make her feel loved and remembered and say “happy birthday day, babe” using our birthday love messages for her and romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend.

birthday wishes for girlfriend

To have the privilege to spend a special occasion with you,
Nothing I can ever wish for.
You are so special and give me the reason the live on.
Happy Birthday, sweetie!

You are my life, my sunshine, my everything.
You give me reason to smile
Wishing you to have a special birthday!

To have a wonderful girlfriend, I feel so blessed by God
Who wouldn’t feel that way, aside from being loving and caring,
I experience that love that I think I can never have with someone else.
Happy Birthday to the best girlfriend in the universe!

You are more than my life’s biggest pride, you are also my life’s support. Happy birthday!

I wish I could tell the world how you make me feel. You mean the world to me dear. Happiest birthday honey!

Whenever you smile, I feel my heart melt away. Wishing you lots of happiness sweetheart. Happy birthday!

If I could be paid for every single thing that I love about you, I would totally be rich today. Happy birthday dear!

I try to find the right words to describe my love for you and lack the right ones. I love you and that is all I can say. Happiest birthday!

May the stars shine brighter on you today as you celebrate our special day. Wonderful birthday to the most wonderful girl ever!

Birthday wishes to the best girl ever! Have a blast dear.

Birthday Love Messages for Girlfriend

I may not show, but I care for you,
I may not tell you, but I do love you,
Just want to let you know that my heart will always be for you
Loving you dearly and silently.
Happy Birthday to you, my sweet!

May you have a special birthday celebration with your family and friends.
I may not be there to be with you, just remember that I keep loving you.
Happy Birthday, baby!

I’m so lucky!
I have a girlfriend with brains and beauty.
I hope I can have a birthday kiss,
From a girl who’s the most beautiful and prettiest.
Happy Birthday!

I want to thank God for giving me a chance to meet someone like you.
I’ve never been happier since then.
Happy Birthday to the best girlfriend in the world!


Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

On the special day of your life – your birthday,
I want to remind you that you mean so much to me.
I will always be thankful to God for He let me have someone like you.
Last thing I want is to lose you. Happy birthday and I love you!

To have a kind and sweet girlfriend,
Who has brains and beauty as bonus,
How lucky can I get?
I want you to know that you’re so dear to me.
Happy Birthday!

May you find happiness and joy on your birthday
Celebrate this day with people who are dear to you.
I hope that includes me, who love you endlessly.
Happy Birthday, sweetie!

To the most humble, prettiest, kindest and sweetest person I’ve ever known.
Cheers to your birthday! Enjoy your day and have fun!
Happy Birthday, babe!

Success, joy and happiness in life,
You deserve but something nice
On your birthday, I wish you nothing but the best
A nice girl like you just deserves it.!

Romantic Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

I wish to make your birthday as special and wonderful as you are.
I’ll do everything to make you happy.
I love you and happy birthday, honey!

In my life, I think I’ve got the most wonderful gift
The gift of love of someone so dear to me
Happy Birthday little girl,
May you have an amazing day!

I love you because you have a pure soul, a priceless heart and a beautiful face. Happiest birthday dear!

I tried looking for a gift that could equal the happiness you have brought to my life.
But I found none, because you are one in a million.
Have a wonderful birthday!

Thank you for making me feel special in life.
You have made it easy to look at the future with a smile on my face.
Happy birthday!

You are the greatest man I have ever met, I thank God for bringing you into my life. Happy birthday!

Best Birthday wishes for Girlfriend

I wanna hear your voice
I wanna see you smile
And  spend my life
Having you by my side
I love you my honey,
Happy birthday!

I need you,
I want you,
Love you so much
Just wanna say
Happy birthday to you!
Enjoy your day!

I wish to be a good boyfriend,
Giving you all the love that you need
Care for you, inspire you,
Those are the things I want to do for you.
A special birthday for an amazing girl!
Happy Birthday!

Many people may greet your happy birthday
But just to let you know that I’ll find my way
For you to have a wonderful and special day!
Have a blessed and happy birthday, sweet!

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

On your birthday,
I wish that all of your dreams come true.
I Love you and will always be.
Happy birthday, baby!

I feel so lucky having the chance of celebrating this special day of your life.
I must say it’s once in a lifetime.
But I’m hoping I could have that lifetime to celebrate more birthdays with you.
I love you and Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful girlfriend in the whole wide world!
It’s not a compliment. Just a simple fact.
You are and will always be the best girl for me.
Be Happy on your Birthday!

Having you as my girl is a wonderful gift from above.
I hope you treasure me as much as I treasure you.
Enjoy your birthday!
I love you!

Your beautiful smile makes my heart skip a beat.
Your warm touch caresses my soul.
I am what I am now because of you.
Happy birthday

Happy Birthday to Girlfriend

“I love you” may sound traditional to you.
So let’s make it “I do really love you with all my heart”
Happy Birthday, baby!

Because of you, I became a better person and my life became more worth living.
Thank you for all your love, care and affection.
Happy Birthday!

Finding someone as special as you is as rare as finding a rose in the desert. Happiest birthday darling!

I love you more and you deserve even more than I can offer. May you have an amazing birthday sweetheart!

The more I am with you, the more I realize that you are a priceless gift from heaven. Warm wishes for a wonderful birthday!

Thank you for being with me through the bad and good times. May you be forever blessed. Happy birthday darling!

To My Sweetest Girlfriend, Happy Birthday!

My birthday wishes to you.
Good health…
Good life…
Successful career
And happy family…
With me!
Happy birthday!

We may be apart on your birthday,
but I hope that you still feel my love.
I will be celebrating your birthday by soul and by heart.
Best wishes to you on your birthday.
I love you!


Happy Birthday SweetHeart

Happy Birthday sweet heart

All I can wish on your birthday is for you to be happy.
I love you so much, baby.
Happy birthday!

On your birthday, we will be…. …eating …celebrating …drinking …and being happy!
Let’s mark this day as one of the happiest days of our relationship,
Happy birthday!

A special girl like you deserves nothing but the best.
I am hoping that I am being a good boyfriend to you.
I hope this day will be as special as you.
Happy birthday, sweetie!

May your birthday be as fun, happy, wonderful and exciting as you.
Let’s rock and party!
Have a wonderful Birthday!

I know that this special day comes only once a year.
But I want you to know that I try my best to treat you
as a special birthday girl every single day of the year.
Hope you have a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to the girl who rocks my world…
Who can build my life…
Who can inspire me…
And understand me…
Seeing my fault but still love me…
Thank you and I Love you!
Happy Birthday!

Short Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Short Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Life is unexpected, but so was you walking into my life.  Happy birthday darling.

Love me like I love you, which is immeasurable.

You suck me dry like a vampire, and fill me back up with love.

Many dandelion wishes were made for you.  I am the luckiest man alive.  Happy birthday.

Hear my love roar!  Happy birthday!

One day, an angel fell from the sky.  I have loved you ever since. Happy birthday.

Shake it up like salt and pepper!  I love you.  Happy birthday.

You spice up my life.  Happy birthday.

Lovely Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy Birthday My love

Not even Zeus could take you from me.  Happy birthday love.

Cute as a button, except you don’t get lost as easily.

A heart of gold, and am smile so sweet makes me love you all the more. Happy birthday.

Stay sweet.  You couldn’t be anymore perfect.  Happy birthday.

Do me a favour, and have the best birthday a girl could have!

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Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Short and Sweet Birthday Messages

Have fun this day like there is no tomorrow!
Have a blast, dear!

To describe how sweet you are, I brought a birthday cake for you.
Be my chocolate, forever!

Brighten up the day with your ever brightest smile.
Meet me, I’ll put a laughter in your heart.

This day is full of surprises.
Own it. Bring on happiness today!

This day is as beautiful as you.
With a sweet blush on your face, enjoy it!

May your birthday remind you of your mission here on earth.
Have a blessed one!

For someone who gives happiness to me: Happy Birthday!


Your life is an epitome of beauty and bliss.
Many rejoice on your special day! Count me in.

Through the years I have found love with you and my heart is at rest. My love as you begin another year of your life I want you to know that no matter how many more years come and go I will still be loving you for a long time. Happy birthday.

One day like today some years ago, God brought you into this world and you have enriched it ever since, just like you have enriched my life since I met you. Once again today I say happy birthday and I love you so much.


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