Here are some samples of 5th birthday invitation wording that you can use for your party invitation as you celebrate your baby’s 5th birthday. These kids birthday party invitation wording will surely make your kid’s friends and classmates interested to come and party with your turning-5 kid. So grab a pen and copy these birthday invitation wording samples and put to your invites.

Collection of 5th Birthday Party Invitation Wording

I got games, candy, ice creams, snacks, balloons,
music… Yep, I think we’re ready for my 5th birthday party.
And you are invited!

You’re invited to my 5th Birthday Party!
Come and be part of the fun!

My mommy prepared foods and drinks for my birthday.
Come and let’s have lots of fun!

Come and help me blow my 5 birthday candles!

Our little princess is celebrating her 5th birthday.
You are invited to join her for games,
and lots of birthday cake.

My 5th birthday party is in need of super friends!
Spider-man and Batman asked if they could come,
but I’d prefer to see you there.

Please come to my 5th birthday party.
We have balloons, music, party games, food and drinks…
The only thing missing is you!

I would like to invite you to my birthday party.
We’ll have fun, cake, lots of fizzy drinks.
Then we’ll have a good excuse to annoy our parents!

Want to eat cake? Want to play party games?
Want to run around and dance? Then come to my 4th birthday party.
We will do all these.

My mommy prepared something to eat.
So I can give my family and friends some treat.
Because it’s my 4th birthday, so come and let’s eat and play!

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