90th Birthday Invitation Wording Samples: There is no such thing as “too old” to celebrate a birthday. Celebrate this special day with family and friends. We have here 90th birthday invitation wording that you can use to invite you friends and family. This collection of party invitation wording for 90th birthday has some sets of humorous birthday messages and birthday wording to make your invites even more interesting.


90th Birthday Invitation Wording Samples

90th Birthday Invitation Wording #1

They say age is just a number;
90 is undoubtedly a number.
A big number!

Help us throw a surprise party for
Laura Sander’s 90th Birthday

On Saturday, June 28th
At 8 o’clock in the evening
At Hotel California
California, USA

90th Birthday Invitation Wording #2

Guess who’s turning 90?
Brandon Cooper

Please join us
As we celebrate the big day
Of this wonderful man

On Saturday, April 23rd
At 4 o’clock in the afternoon
At Cooper’s Residence
1524 Layaway Boulevard
Kansas City, Missouri

Regrets? 4587-3498359


90th Birthday Invitation Wording #3

Celebrating life!
9 decades is no joke!
Let’s give our grandma
a day to remember!

Join us as we celebrate
90th Birthday

On Friday, September 24th
At 3 o’clock in the afternoon
At Palm Valley Hotel
New York City, New York

RSVP to Cindy Walter (3434-687685)


90th Birthday Invitation Wording #4

We’re throwing a
Surprise Birthday Party
In celebration of

John Wood’s
90th Birthday

On Sunday, 10th of December
At 5:00 P.M.
Summertime Grand Club
Sacramento, California


Birthday Invitation Wording #5

Let’s make our
Grandpa’s birthday extra special.
We’re throwing a party and
We wish you would come.

Please come and join us
To celebrate

Mark Hopkin’s
90th Birthday

On Friday, 5th of September
At 6.00 p.m.
Hopkin’s Residence
94830 Oakwood Road
Cincinnati, Ohio

More 90th Birthday Party Invitation Wordings

1. I would like you to join me, my friends, and my family in celebrating my latest birthday.

2. I only wish for my birthday: To hear your laugh and see you smile, To hold you close once in a while, And to share with you my special day.



3. My little super star is celebrating her birthday. You’re invited so long as you bring hugs and kisses. A present is optional.

4. I’ve enjoyed my first few years. Come and make sure my next one starts off right. No need for presents, you’re more than enough for me!

5. My birthday is coming up. And you’re on the VIP list. Join me for lots of fun, and lots of cake!


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6. It’s my birthday soon. Let’s be good until then. Once you’re here, I’m sure we can get away with being naughty for the day…

7. Please join me in celebration for my 90th birthday. We will have lots of fun!

8. Join with our little secret mission. We will give some joy and fun to our folks. Let’s surprise him/her on his/her 90th birthday.

 9. It’s our granny’s 90th birthday. Come and let’s have fun. We will party all day long!

 10. Let’s make our grandma’s/grandpa’s birthday extra special. We’re throwing a party and I wish you would come.

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