engagement-invitation-wordingTwo hearts who decided to be one. It’s time for an engagement party celebration. Hence, it’s time to send out Engagement invitations with the best party invitation wording. But most of us, especially those who don’t have ideas what to write in an engagement invitation may find this a daunting task. No need to fear as there are so many engagement invitation wording samples that you can find to get ideas from.

In writing an engagement party invitation wording, keep in mind that the important details of the occasions must be there. Include your personal touch too. One to two liner introductions would be very great when starting your engagement invitation wording. Take a look at these samples of wording for engagement invitation and hopefully they will give you ideas on yours.

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Engagement Invitation Wording Samples



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Engagement Invitation Wording Sample #1

We will soon be one.
So we invite you as we make it official.
Join us and make us more proud!

Dave and Anita
on Saturday, June 20th at 5:30 P.M.
143 Caballen Restaurant
42nd Street NW
Washington, DC


Engagement Invitation Wording Sample #2

He asked the question and she said yes!
Now it is time to celebrate their engagement so come and celebrate!
Please join us in the
Engagement Party
Hannah Lee
Nicholas Sanders
on Sunday, March 20th at 7 p.m.
Café Laconia
967 Heaven St.
Los Angeles, CA

RSVP: Michelle 01 XXX-XXXX-XXX

Engagement Invitation Wording Sample #4

It all started with a smile…
Progressed with a kiss….
And will end with a celebration like this!
Please join us as we get engaged to be married!

Sarah Nicole & Timothy Anderson
on Friday, March 21st at 6 p.m.
Bar Caledonia
6783 Malkawee Ave.
New York, NY

Regrets: Honey Lee 563-XXX-XXXX

Engagement Invitation Wording Sample #5

I proposed,
She accepted.
And now we would like to share the moment with you.
Come and be at our
Engagement Celebration

Sheena and Chris
on Sunday, April 5th at 5:30 p.m.
Anderson Residences
5673 Central Drive
New York, NY

Regrets: Sheena 5756-XXX-XXXX

Engagement Party Invitation Wording


We have a special announcement.
We wish your presence to be there.
Very soon we will live life together
And we want you to be a big part of it!
(Details Next)

We are happy to announce that soon, we will be tying the knot.
So join us as we get engaged and celebrate this moment with us!
(Details Next)

We need you to here as we pop the big news to all!
The date is so soon for us to be joined!
(Details Next)

God is good because He gave the sign.
We are now ready to announce our official status.
So join and attend the party we set for our friends and family
Who made our relationship more fun and exciting!
(Details Next)

You are invited to the Engagement Party
Of the soon to be Husband and Wife!
(Details Next)

Two hearts that beat as one.
We finally decide to tie the knot!
We invite you to witness our Engagement celebration.
(Details Next)

Nobody is happier than us.
Share this special moment as we stop your world
And experience the magic of love.
We are getting engaged!
(Details Next)

He offered the ring.
She accepted it.
You are invited to attend our celebration of life and love together!

Feel the love and be tickled with romance
as you attend our Engagement Party
that is specially celebrated with you!

Me and my fiancé’ would like to share the happiness as we get engaged.
Come and join our engagement celebration on ______.

I proposed,
She accepted.
And now we would like to share the moment with you.
Come and be at our celebration

Engagement Invitation Wording Ideas



Image: WeddingPaperDivas

Ideas #1

Dan and Shandy
Getting engaged on
Time: ____________
Venue: ___________

Be part of our first step towards eternity
Wedding bells are to follow soon!

See you there!

Ideas #2

In celebration of
Shandy Smith
Getting engaged to
Dan Evan

You are cordially invited to this party
Celebrate with them

Ideas #3

This serves as a betrothal invitation
Dan and Sheena
That will take place on

Please take time to celebrate with them.
See you there!

Ideas #4

It’s official
Dan and Sheena
Are getting engaged

They request the presence of
to celebrate with the couple.

Ideas #5

We’ll altogether lift a toast for
Dan and Sheena

They’ve just announced their engagement that will be on on

So please come and let’s lift some good cheers!

Ideas #6

Dan and Sheena’s
Engagement Party
Please join us for a night of making it all official!
See you there!

Ideas #7

Dan and Sheena
Are inviting you to lift a toast with them
As they anticipate their upcoming
Engagement Party

Be sure to be there!

Ideas #8

The most precious moment we’ve been all waiting for
It’s official!
Dan and Sheena
Are getting engaged!

This serves as an invitation
Please join the couple on _________.

Ideas #9

We invite you for a night of celebrating
Dan and Sheena’s
Engagement party

“Love is the best thing that happened to me.
It came to be when she has found me.”

Ideas #10

Please save the date
Dan Evans
Getting engaged to
Sheena Smith

Love at its finest is the sweetest thing on earth!
And not a thing or anyone can stop this couple
To say, “Hello” to forever

Indian Engagement Invitation Wording



Image: IndianWeddingCard

Engagement and Mehndi Ceremony

Mr. and Mrs. Sangeeth Mohan
will be honoured in having your presence on the
night filled with dances, colors and songs,
to celebrate the engagement
Saturday, May 07, 2013
Start @ 7:00 P.M.

Sangeet and Ring Ceremony

Love at its finest is the sweetest thing on earth!
And not a thing or anyone can stop this couple
To say, “Hello” to forever

Aroon & Meenha
would be delighted to have in celebrating
Engagement Ceremony
to celebrate the wedding of
Jyoti and Karun
on Saturday, the 25th October 2013
at 9.00 p.m.
Sumeria Hotel
Dress Code: Traditional

Funny Engagement Invitation Wording

Life is happier when shared.
Please come as we shout it out!
We are engaged and we’ll be married soon!

We want you to share this special Engagement moment with us.
Our life is boring without you.

She wore the ring! He felt so much joy!
Together they invite you to come and be with them
on the celebration of their
Special Day of Engagement!

We’ve decided to enter the world of marriage
Come and see us tied to each other!

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