A simple birthday gift and a simple flower arrangement can be extra special when partnered with heartfelt and inspirational birthday poems. Here are some short birthday poems that you can write in a birthday card, birthday gift note or flower note to make your present more sentimental. These poems about birthday include words that can lighten one’s heart and soul. Feel free to use these birthday poems in your as birthday message but make sure to credit 365greeting. Enjoy!

As Your Age Increases

Birthday Poem #1 -[snip msg]As your Age Increases

As your age increases, the twinkle in your face decreases;
The wrinkles in our skin unleashes, evident from all those creases.
But the wisdom elevates and the immaturity fluctuates;
Your inner strength enunciates, as every of your fear navigates.

As your age increases, your youthfulness diminishes;
Your bones will meet its weakness, but your heart is at its toughest.
Happiness will be achieved, as we are about to celebrate;
Always keep in your mind; I am a friend who always appreciates.[/snip]


Wishing All The Best

Birthday Poem #2 –[snip msg]Wishing All the Best

It has been a lot of years, since the first time we ever met;
And the years are still counting, separation we’ll never get.
Through the sunshine and the rain, I have seen you get them through;
And now you’re a year older, I’m wishing all the best for you.

A handsome fortune, a healthy luck, the happy ticking on the clock;
A lot of those glorious blessings, more than the birds in a flock.
A life free of sickness and worry, these are all I wish for you;
And may you have a happy birthday, may all of your dreams come true.[/snip]


Glad that You Came

Birthday Poem #3 -[snip msg]Glad that You Came

There is no turning back; you are not getting any younger;
As your age increase by one, may you get even so tougher.
I will light all your candles, could you please hand me the lighter;
Then blow and make a wish that our friendship will get tighter.

You are a lot older now; things will never be the same;
You have to face the truth that life is not a dirty game.
I wish you could have the glory that will keep burning up the flame;
Happy birthday to you, I’m glad that in my life you came.[/snip]

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