It’s Christmas Day! Celebrate the season of loving with these Christmas poems for kids. Aside from Christmas gifts, Christmas letters, Christmas hampers and gift baskets, one of the best way to greet your friends and family is through cards. Make the card personalized and special with these Christmas poems for kids. These poems about Christmas contain words that will surely cheer one’s heart up. Enjoy these short Christmas poems and share to your little ones.


The Christmas Tree

Christmas Poem for Kids #1: [snip msg]The Christmas Tree

Christmas is around the corner
And look at what we’ve done
We decorated the Christmas tree
Boy, we sure had fun.

We put the trimmings here and there
Of colors red and green
Then we lit the tree with lights
The fanciest I’ve ever seen.[/snip]


The Songs of Christmas

Christmas Poem for Kids #2:[snip msg]The Songs of Christmas

Silver bells are ringing
Choirs merrily singing
“Hallelujah, hallelujah
To the King.”

Children running joyfully
Colored lights lit so brightly
Chorus singing merrily
Glory to the Child Most Holy![/snip]


Christmas Joys

Christmas Poem for Kids #3: [snip msg]Christmas Joys

Christmas is my favorite time of the year
It is the season of joy and the season of cheer
The time give, the time to share
Laughter and happiness is everywhere.

The tree is trimmed, the gifts unwrapped
Christmas dinner is served at last.
The bells are ringing with songs a-singing
Merry Christmas, bringing joy that lasts.[/snip]

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