Romantic poems are pieces of poetry containing language of love. These love poems are used to show your special someone how much you love and care for them. Each of us has different meaning for the word romantic. While some consider giving flowers and gifts to their loved ones as romantic, some may define it as showing appreciation and care for them through words. There are also some that don’t even know what romantic stands for.

In this section, we have included some of the best romantic poems that you can share to your someone special. There are love poems for girlfriend and boyfriend, there are poems about romance for wife and husband. Depending on your need, you may use these romantic love poems for cards and love cards. Take a look at some love poems for him on our other section.

Romantic Poems #1


Why is it that I sit here and wait?
Hanging here like a bait
Waiting for your warm touch
Oh, how I long for this so much.

Your kisses give shiver to my spine
Just like drinking our favorite red wine
I’m longing for your warm embrace
Will hold you close until the end of days.

Romantic Poems #2

You and I

We are not Romeo and Juliet
But it seems that it’s been years that we’ve met
When your eyes looked into mine
I know I’ll be mighty fine.

When our lips met and locked
It’s as if we’ve stopped the clock
Everything was in slow motion
As we share this lovely passion.

You and I are meant to be
Young and lost, so carefree
Lost in this endless obsession
Just you and I, in unison.

Romantic Poems #3

The Search

Here I am sitting in my room,
Thinking’ I need time to be alone,
Oh! Will someone hear my words,
My world is torn into two by a sword.

Now I am completely sure,
I’ve found what I’ve been looking for;
To you my love is truly real,
To prove it?
To others my heart is already sealed.

So I ran to your house one day,
Someone told me your never ending miles away;
Is it too late for me to tell you?
I just came by to say I love you.

Without a single food I left,
There’s no cup of water that I kept;
Coz with your memories I’ll never be thirsty,
And your love serves as my energy.


The longest bridge was what I crossed hurriedly,
And sailed to the river of Mississippi,
I dove faithfully to the deepest ocean,
And took the journey in a vast sea of sand.

I’ve searched to the deepest and the widest,
I even reached the longest and the farthest,
But why can’t I still see your face?
Even at the edge of the outer space.

I ceased searching and rested for a while,
Recalling’ the memories you left behind;
Thinkin’ bout’ you being never ending miles away,
What does this mean by the way?

Kept thinking about this a hundred times,
At last I got the idea of the thoughts behind;
My heart was then shattered when it made me said,
How can I see a person who was already dead???

Romantic Poems #4

To Where You Are

We have been thousand miles apart,
Have you heard the call of my heart?;
You seem so near but yet too far,
Can you take me to where you are?

The birds are blessed to have their wings,
And they’re free to do anything;
I wish I’m free to heal the scar,
And fly like them to where you are.

My heart will always be with you,
I tell you my feelings are true;
My thoughts are with you though you’re far,
Wish they’ll take me to where you are.

God has truly heard my prayers,
And someday I’ll find the answers;
So I’ll wait and see you later,
‘til my prayers will take me there.

Romantic Poems #5

Still I Remember

I could remember well the day we met,
We took few steps in the shore as the sun set;
I looked in your eyes and my heart skipped a beat,
I then knew love sparked a bit.

Then we both gazed at the stars on bright nights,
Overwhelmed by the melody of the waves in the lovers’ site;
The cool breeze witnessed the smiles carved in our faces,
Still I remember the days of our sweet kisses.

And together we sang the lovers’ notes,
Strummed the rhythm of each other’s oaths;
That you and I will never be apart,
Still I remember the vow of endless love in our hearts.

But gone are those days of heavenly bliss,
For you left and eternity was but a miss,
My heart drops a tear when I walk alone in the shore,
Still I remember the love that you tore.

Memories that haunt me sweetly,
Will also be cherished deep within me;
When you gave the lesser part of your heart’s core,
Still I learned to love you more.

Romantic Love Poems For Him

Love poems are one of the greatest way of expressing your emotions and feelings towards someone or something. Featuring the concept of love, these poems can be romantic, sad, inspirational or heartfelt. Depending on your mood or emotion, you should be able to create your own love poems for your boyfriend, husband, or fiance’. All you need is a bit of inspiration and let your creativity juice flows… But not all can make their own poem about love. That’s why I created these poems on love for you.

With these love poems for him, you can now tell your man how much you love and cherish him. This collection of love poems for him contains words that will surely make his heart long for you more. You can choose any of these poems about love to write on a birthday card, love card, anniversary card or wedding card. Sharing these love poems for boyfriend, husband and special someone via email, sms, facebook, etc is welcome!

Love Poems For Him
Love Poems For Him

Finding the man of your dreams is such a blessing. A man you knew you want to spend your lifetime with, a man that fulfills your dream, the one who makes you feel so loved, finding that man is indeed a blessing. In this poem “IN YOU”, you can express your love for your man and let him know how you feel.

Love Poems For Him 1In You

In billions of people, you are the man I’ll give my life to;
In the extent of your heart, is the place I would fall into.
In the corner of your mind, is the place I would go through;
In the love that we feel, the only thing I can’t construe.

In the haven of your arms, there’s where I want to be;
In the iris of your eye, I’ll be the only girl you’ll see.
In the deepness of your sight, please look through beyond my beauty;
In the blindness by the light, may I be your light to see?

~ 365greetings

The language of love is beautiful and expressions of love make the heart glow. One of the best way to express your love to your man is thru poem and this “MAN SENT FROM HEAVEN” is a probably the best one to use. This two-stanza poem is perfect for love card or valentine’s day card.

Love Poems For Him
Man Sent from Heaven

Love Poems For Him 2Man Sent From Heaven

The angel pushed you down here from the clouds;
It could’ve hurt so bad; the thump could be so loud.
Good thing I was able to catch you right on time;
Everything in my life has gone so right on rhyme.

I thank God every night for I am loved by a man;
Who looks beyond my flaws, loyal despite the span.
Everything seems right and going with the plan;
Even in my darkest, he never left and ran.

~ 365greetings

How lucky it is to love and be loved by “THE MAN IN MY DREAMS”. All of us have dream man and woman, the one we love to be with for rest of our lives. That someone who will make all of our dreams and fantasies come true. The feelings and moments being with the man in your dreams are expressed in this poem.

Love Poems For Him 3 – The Man in My Dreams

It was all vague when I first saw you,
For it was a dream that I was caught up into;
We laughed a bit and we sure had fun,
I woke up and you were gone.

Then we met again in another dream,
It can never be as strange as it may seem,
I saw your face and we danced under the sun,
I woke up and again you were gone.

But as I walked amidst a sea of faces,
I glanced a visage of a young man’s traces;
The hair, eyes, and brows were all proverbial,
It was a mere sarcasm of reality’s denial.

I took a peek at your face each day,
But you never asked for my name in any way;
We never said hello but you waved goodbye,
It was the first and last time I saw your lips draw a smile.

And all my cynical doubts faded in the scene,
When our eyes met, I felt something within;
I could be wrong but then I felt so right,
It was the same face I saw in my dreams for two nights.

Then I came to believe that dreams do come true,
I was destined for sure to meet you;
But it was pointless for that to linger in my mind,
For in dreams and in reality, you have never been mine.

Love Poems For Him 4 – A Walk With You

I used to call you my knight in shining armor,
For you have rescued my weeping heart in bitter fervor;
My hero in the darkest hours of my loneliness,
And broke the shackles of my melancholic distress.

I’ve been walking this road for several years,
Passed the curves in the shadow of my fears;
Then you held my hand as I took a step,
And together we danced for a blissful leap.

You held me in your arms like there’s no tomorrow,
Your smiles have been the antidote of my sorrows;
No longer afraid to surpass a crossroad’s uncertainties,
You taught me to drop off my insecurities.

There must’ve been someone else better for you,
But you define “ME” as the best one for “You”;
No longer “I” but “We” is the promise we formulated,
A perpetual journey together is what we have created.

I look behind not with bitter regrets,
For my feet landed me to your memoirs I dare not forget;
We have reached this far with this love so true,
I’d be glad to walk an extra mile with you.

Love Poems for Him #6 – YOU

Even though you are far from me, my heart feels you near,
I find comfort in your arms; you take away all my fear,
My one and only, I love you dearly and with all my heart,
I pray that we remain together forever, may we never part.

When I count the stars that are up in the sky,
For as much as they are, is the much my love is,
Look into my eyes and you see, love I can’t deny,
You are the reason for my joy, the only one I miss.

You are the love of my life, sweet and true,
With you I am safe; my happiness is only in you,
I am the luckiest woman in the world, this I can say,
Knowing you are mine brightens my every day.

Love Poems for Him #7 – How You Make me feel

The angels sing when I am in your arms, together we should remain,
I close my eyes and stand, waiting for the beautiful kiss in the rain,
How do I explain, that your love makes me feel like a queen,
My joy and happiness I openly show, because of you it is seen.

You bring me beautiful light in the night,
Your love is the awesome moon that glows so bright,
Yours is my reason to smile, the rainbow after the rain,
Your voice makes me safe, the reason I am sane.

Your heart beat reminds me that I have a reason to live,
To see you smile is my joy, to make you happy I strive,
I look and stare at the sky, they twinkle in the night,
So I look forward to seeing you in the day light.


Love Poems for Him #8 – WITH YOU

With you I laugh even when I want to cry,
If I would have to live without you, I would die,
With you I want to remain, every night and day,
With you I feel loved, may my life stay this way.

With you I know I can breathe, life is not the same,
With you nothing matters, your love whispers my name,
With you the moon glows brighter, this I hope you know,
With you there are many, reasons why you make me glow.

With you my heart joyously celebrates and sings,
Just knowing that you are mine, makes me feel many things,
With you my happiness persists through the good and bad season,
By your side I will never part for this there are many reason.


Love Poems for Him #9 – I Love You

I want to say it day and night – that I love you,
I fear you may not understand – how much I love you,
I wish you knew what I truly mean, when I say I love you,
There is no other way to show my feelings but to say I love you.

I love you, may not be sufficient to describe my feelings,
I love you, are three words that come at the thought of you,
I love you, are simple but sweeter that all things,
I love you is the only way to show what is true.

When I say ‘I love you’, please don’t take it lightly,
Because I love you, I can see in the dark brightly,
Though it seems impossible, I love you feels nice,
And because I love you, I know now that I’m wise.


Love Poems for Him #10 – WALK WITH ME

Walk with me and lift me when I fall,
Walk with me and love me above all,
Walk with me and look at no other,
Because you walk with me, forever stay together.

Walk with me you make me smile when it rains,
Walk with me you bring me joy even in pains,
Walk with me, you will know that I need you much,
Because when you walk with me, I can face another day.

Walk with me and let me wipe the tears you hide,
Walk with me so that together the world may be wide,
Walk with me and hold me when I need to cry,
Because when you walk with me, I can truly reach the sky.


Love Poems for Him #11 –  YOUR LOVE

Whisper your love in my ears,
You are my only flower in bloom.
Your love has brought me joy over the years,
And you will forever be my light, in the gloom.

Let me shout for the world to hear,
That you are my life and my heart.
May the end of our love never draw near,
Even when distance keeps us apart.

I’m yours today and forever,
With you my dreams are fulfilled.
Leaving your side, I will never,
The emptiness in my heart is joyfully filled.

Love Poems for Him #12 – OF ALL THINGS

Of all the things I am sure of in this life, is that our love will never end;
Even though the mountains seem too high to climb, don’t take your eyes off mine.
Of all the things I am sure of in life, is that no matter how broken we always mend;
With you my strength grows, and I will hold you tight to the end of the line.

Of all the things I have enjoyed in life, you are the sweetest of them all;
And until this day, I know that you will catch me when I fall.
Of all the things I have enjoyed in life, your smile is the fast and last thing I want to see;
So even when you are far from me, take lots of pictures and keep them just for me.

Undoubtedly, there are various ways to express language of love. But are you aware that that one of the most romantic thing in this world is do it the old ways? Yes, writing poems and romantic lines can capture the heart of anyone. I personally love reading, and sometimes writing, poems. And it seems like when you’re in love, all the words and lines in poems seems pretty on point, describing exactly how you feel. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our collection of love poems for him. You can dedicate them to your boyfriend, husband and someone special.

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