Father’s Day, a day to commemorate one of the greatest persons in our life – our DAD. With Father’s Day poems, you should be able to express your deepest emotion and appreciation towards someone who was there to guide, support and build you up as your grow. Our father will always be special to us. He is there to keep us safe and sound. He is there to ensure our future, to lift our spirits, to assure that the future will be better for us. He supports us for everything we do.

On Father’s day, make him feel loved and appreciated by giving him a piece that conveys your feelings as his son/ daughter. Touch his heart with these heartfelt poems about Father’s day. You may include these father’s day messages in a form of poems in your gift cards or father’s day cards. You can also send these pieces as SMS or text messages. Our section also have some Mother’s Day Poems.

Father’s Day Poems #1: You Never Gave Up On Me

At times of confusion you guide my way,
You gently wiped my tears away;
All these years you loved me unconditionally;
Dad you never gave up on me.

When I stumble and fall,
You rushed immediately when I called;
Dad thank you for not giving up on me,
Your love has set me free.

When I am weak and hurting,
You held back nothing;
You were always there to pick me up,
You never gave up on me Dad.

Thank you for your words of encouragement,
Your counsels will never be forgotten;
All those years that you have never gave up on me,
Will be etched in my heart for eternity.

Father’s Day Poems #2: I Love You Dad

Your arms are my shelter
Assuring me that it will be better
Your hand is my comfort
Lifting me up when I fall short.

Your voice makes me strong
Teaching me what’s right and wrong
Your smile says it all
Father, I Love you more than all.

Father’s Day Poems #3: Thank You, Dad

No words can totally express,
Those bits of shared happiness;
No thought could fully grasp,
How wide and deep is your love.

How can I ever forget?
All those memories we have shed;
Your love is as fresh as the morning dew,
For that my daddy I say thank you.

Words may never be enough,
How proud I am that you’re my Dad;
Years may not be sufficient to count it all,
With your life I am truly grateful.

Thank you for your sweet embraces,
And for your patience that never ceases;
Thank you coz you are always there,
Thank you dad for your unending care.

Father’s Day Poems #4: My Father

F- Faithful and true
A-Always there to guide you
T-Teaches you right things and to do no wrong
H-His counsels are my songs
E-Ever firm in imparting his ideals and principles
R-Ready to catch me each time I fall

My father was, is and always will be,
An impeccable stature of heroism and cavalry;
He never fails to show his love for me,
His arms are my shelter and felicity.

Happy Fathers’ day!
Won’t take a miss to greet you today.
For the rest of my days I’ll honor you Dad,
I promise to keep you proud and glad.

Father’s Day Poems #5: Happy Father’s Day, Pa!

Oh, how I love Sunday
It means Papa is here the whole day
We will play ball all day long
And will sing a happy song.

Papa, you are my bestfriend
I know you’ll be here until the end
I’ll be good, just like what you say
Pa, Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Poems #6: MY DAD

My dad makes me feel safe, even in trouble,
My dad works hard for me, even when tired,
My dad is my number one teacher and friend,
My dad is my hero.

My dad sacrifices his smile to see me happy,
My dad gives up his dreams so I can achieve mine,
My dad deserves a medal for being so selfless,
My dad is my hero.

My day may not be known by everyone;
But for me he is the best in the world,
My dad may not be a president- he is my king,
My dad is my hero.

Father’s Day Poems #7: DADDY

I remember the smile, the laugh and I recall all I was learning,
How reliable you have been in every task,
I wish to wake up to your voice early in the morning,
Daddy I wish to share with you life’s glory and bask.

Though my thoughts of you grips me with sorrow,
Yours are the best memories that make life bright.
Every day is success because of the lessons I borrow,
Daddy I wish you were here to teach more every night.

Look at how much I have achieved and made perfect,
I tell them you are the greatest teacher I have ever met,
I know you would be proud of my every surprise,
Daddy if you were here I could see my triumph through your eyes.

Father’s Day Poems #8: FATHER’S DAY

Of all days today I miss you most,
Father’s day is when I want you near,
Though you are so far, your smile is very clear,
Father’s day is my turn to say I love you most.

How to explain the feelings of knowing you are mine,
I stroll in inspired gladness, happiness, love, and pride,
You are my day in the night; please hold my hand to the end of the line,
Father’s day is my turn to celebrate my dearest dad.

I want to dance with my father, where the sunlight beams,
Like a mountain, you have taught me to rise above all things,
In my heart I hold you dearest, I find strength even when light deems,
Father’s day is my turn to celebrate the hero that is my father.

Father’s Day Poems #9: IT’S AMAZING

It’s amazing how you beautifully the shoes of a father you fill,
It’s amazing how happy you make our kids from winter to summers day,
It’s amazing how you are more than a father, but also a friend in goodwill,
May your father’s day be one of happiness as you watch our children play.

It’s amazing how you make fatherhood seem so fantastic – a friend,
It’s amazing how my prayer is always that you be there for our kids to the end,
You are a treasure to behold; the reason fathers are heroes to rely,
May this father’s day bring happy memories to fill the years that go by.

It’s amazing how much your children believe in your strength,
It’s amazing how you make us feel safe, protected and loved,
If there is a limit to how much you can love, I have not seen the full length,
May this father’s day be an opportunity for you to feel loved and appreciated.

Father’s Day Poems #10: Father’s day

There are words we do not say, words we cannot say,
Only because there are no sufficient words to describe our feelings,
There are things we want to show, but are too great to display,
This is the love for my father, which I cannot describe.

The love for my father, is more than the stars in the sky,
The love for my father, is what I hold dearest in my heart,
The love for my father, I know will never make me feel hurt,
This is the love for my father which I cannot describe.

The love for my father is inspired by his love for me,
Even when my faults the world can see, he always lets me be,
The love for my father is a treasure I won’t let go,
This is the love for my father which I cannot describe.

Note that these Fother’s day poems were originally written for 365greetings so kindly put attribution in case you want to use these poems for personal use.

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