These thank you card messages are best sent to those who are important to you – to show how much you appreciate their love and kindness. This collection of thank you card messages contains inspirational and heartwarming words of thanks for friends, family, teacher, etc. Sharing these thank you messages for cards on twitter and facebook is welcome!

If I could purchase another lifetime, I would,
just to have enough time to thank you for
all the wonderful things you’ve done in my life.

Do you see that river in high tide?
That’s how grateful I am to you: overflowing.
Thank you for everything.

Even the grains of sand in the beach cannot outnumber
the quantity of my thankfulness that I feel for you.
hank you!

I hope you can sense the gratefulness that I sent you through this lovely card.
Thank you!

Words can never express the great feeling of thankfulness that I have for you.
I know this isn’t enough.
But thank you!
The amount of thankfulness in my heart is greater
than the water the earth can hold.

The number of hair strands of a hairy man is just a millionth
of the strong feeling of gratitude I have in my heart.
Thank you!

I thank you like the leaves of a healthy tree,
but unlike them,
my thankfulness won’t wither and fall off.

If a feeling of thankfulness is like the sweet drop of rain,
have a taste of it so you will have an idea of how thankful I am to you.

My silence signifies my gratefulness;
I’m just afraid to tell it.
So accept this card and feel the love I have attached to it.

This is just one little thing I can do to thank you.
Expect greater things from me because you really deserve it.
You are exceptional! Thank you!
The flowers may wither but my thankfulness
to you will always be there forever and ever.

Thank you for the love, care, affection,
and understanding you are giving me!
I will do everything to give you the same.

I hope my words of thanks will give you positive energy
to face the whole day without hatred in your heart.
Thank you!

Every second, every minute of my life will be
spent to thank you for everything.
I know it can never be enough.

Thank You Messages for Cards

Looking for thank you messages for cards? Look no more as we’re here to provide you a collection of thank you messages for cards that you can send to your beloved friends and family. These words of thanks can be sent to those who are special to your life to express your gratitude for their care and love. Feel free to send these thank you card messages as text messages or SMS.

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A great Thank you Card

The stars may leave you but I won’t.
That’s how thankful I am to you!

As you read my note of thankfulness,
I hope a brilliant smile show on your face.

The painting’s color will fade out,
but my gratefulness will always be as vivid as it is.

I don’t want to stop by thanking you through words.
I want to prove my thankfulness through actions.

I just want you to know thankful heart is what I have right now.
And that it is all because of you!

You may be silly, you may be crazy,
but those made me a friend of yours as I am as silly and crazy as you.
Thank you for the friendship.
Let me take this chance to thank you for everything you’ve done for me,
for your care and guidance.
Thank you so much!

You’re always there for me,
especially on those times that I needed someone’s shoulder to cry on.
I will always be grateful for that.
Thank you!

A million thanks to a wonderful friend – that’s YOU.

I am thankful to God that He has given me a wonderful friend like YOU.
I am also thankful to you coz you’ve offered me a very wonderful friendship.
I was lost; I was lonely until you came. You made my life lively,
you made me feel complete.
Thank you for that!

Thank you for being there for me when I am troubled,
being there to support when there’s no one to rely to,
being there to care for me when everybody walks out on me.
I will be forever grateful for everything.
Thank you!

You’ve offered me something that stands out from the rest.
Such a special gift that no one can ever give me.
That’s our FRIENDSHIP.
Thank you so much!

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