Guests should be appreciated for their coming to the shower by giving them gifts. Gifts need not be of lavish or extravagant, simple and creative gifts will be of good. Bridal shower favor ideas section gives you some good ideas for favors for the bridal shower day. Bridal shower favor can also be called as thanks giving for the guests attending the bridal shower with their whole heart. Bridal shower favor ideas need not be most expensive but it should fetch the heart of the guests.


  • Kind of shower, list and number of people to be invited – will give the answer for how many favors and what kind of favors you need.


  • Then decide what has to be given away as favors to the guests. There are so many varieties of favors available in the market. We have several sites to suggest you the favors along with pricing too. Favors may include home-made candles, decorative and perfumed mini flowers, cookies and cakes, photo frames with the bride and groom picture on it etc.


  • Number of favors required, it is better to buy in surplus to avoid messing and missing some guests at the end.


  • Mingle with relatives and friends to plan this bridal shower favor ideas, which can bring out some ideas and can reduce the risk of doing mistakes in the last minute.


  • Arranging the favors after being bought from stores. Putting them in a small packing will give more elegant look to the favors.


  • Make sure you don’t miss any guest in distributing the bridal shower favors.


  • Keep concentrating in matching the theme with the favors.


  • If the favor is going to be a home-made one it will add more beauty to the favor.

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