Bridal shower is an important and happiest moment to shower the bride with gifts, love and wishes. There are many ideas and ways to celebrate the occasion. Bridal shower theme ideas can be of varied categories. A bridal shower should depict the bride’s personality and style. The best bridal shower theme ideas include picking a theme which is memorable and different in its own way. We can say bridal shower is the most welcomed and expected celebration before the marriage occasion. Whatever the theme selected, the theme should make everyone to get involved into the party with a good spirit. Here are few bridal shower theme ideas.


Garden theme

Garden theme can be best carried out in a hotel and in the evening. Garden theme will give more fun and enjoyment. Fresh flowers decorated all over the place of bridal shower will make the surrounding a very pleasant one. It can also excite the guests and relatives. Flowers and garlands all over the place will be so enjoyable and feel fresh to celebrate the occasion with great enthusiasm. The invitation for the bridal shower can also match the garden theme


Traditional theme

Traditional way of decorating the bridal shower day is the most famous and wonderful theme. Wherever we see we can see guests dressed up in ethnic style and with ethnic and traditional gifts. This theme includes decorative items of flowers and leaves. Any time is suitable to arrange this theme.


Tea party theme

If you want to have and enjoy a timeless theme then tea party theme would be the best choice. Tea party gets highlighted when tea is served with snacks like mini-sandwiches and pastries.


Mehandi shower theme

On the night before the marriage applying henna to the bride, to the guests, relatives and kids is yet another theme. It unites all the friends and relatives at one place. Hands, legs are all decorated with mehandi designs. It is a perfumed shower and good for health too.

Favorite memories theme

Guests gifting the bride which will portray the olden and favorite memories share with the bride. This is yet another wonderful theme for a bridal shower. Life is all about memories and remembering those memories during such occasion will be a great experience.

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