Bridal shower ideas – bridal shower is a custom followed before the marriage occasion for the bride in order to cheer up and gift her. Colors, sweets, laughs, fun, games and much more are the high lights of bridal shower. There are so many ideas to enrich the enjoyment of bridal shower. Here in this section bridal shower ideas, you can view innovative ideas related to conduct bridal shower. Whatever be the custom or celebration all makes the bride smile with her heart. Bridal shower ideas will contain ideas for the bride family, relatives and friends. Bridal shower is very much prevalent and common in United States, Canada, Australia and India. Bridal shower is been celebrated differently depending upon their culture and custom.


  • Bridal shower usually planned 1 or 2 months prior to the wedding. Starting before 1 or 2 months before marriage, the celebration continues up to 2 weeks before the wedding.


  • Deciding who is going to take the responsibility in planning and taking over the bridal shower party.


  • Decide well on the budget for the showering party, so that it won’t get messed up later.


  • Think of good ideas and implement it accordingly so that it will be perfectly praised by everyone.


  • Proper and timely decision should be made regarding where the showering party will be held whether at home or in restaurant.


  • Guests, relatives and friends are all need to be invited without leaving anyone in the list.


  • Bridal shower as a custom will be celebrated during the afternoons for the Brides.


  • Fun, enjoyment, tradition, games and celebration is the essence of Bridal shower function.


  • Games should be of a planned one with a good idea so that the games will be played with fun and frolic among the guests.


  • Themes can be a good idea for bridal showering, like theme of colors, theme of popular incidents, theme of famous characters etc.


  • Decorations: decorations can be planned according to the theme. If it is going to be based on colors then decorations can be fully on colors pink or blue or red etc. If it is going to be based on famous characters, for example bride can be dressed up like the character.


  • Arranging the lunch or dinner depends upon whatever be the time of happening. Proper menu should be prepared for a proper feast.


  • Final touch of giving away gifts to the bride and making her feel happy on the occasion is more important.

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