bridal-shower-gamesBridal shower is a function not only for gifting the bride and making her blush in shyness. Games are been conducted to make the occasion a happiest moment. Bridal shower games differ from family to family and place to place. Bridal shower is an opportunity to make the bride’s family to gather for a get together and celebrate the occasion with fun and games. Games will make the bridal shower a successful one. Games conducted on the day of bridal shower will make it a live and enjoyable day. There are different kinds of bridal shower games played on the bridal day. The games should be enjoyable by everyone. It should also be unique games. Playing bridal shower games and giving away gifts to the winners are memorable moments. Games should be of quick play type and easy to play. Here we go with the list of few bridal shower games which are going to make the bridal shower an unforgettable day.

Read his mind

Read his mind is a game between the bride and the groom. Set of questions asked to the groom first, questions based on himself and on the relationship between him and her. These questions are raised to the groom a week or two before the bridal shower. Questions can be of funny or romantic for example what is the moment you knew she was the one. Gather the answers from the groom, keeping his replies as reference throw the same questions to the bride and ask her to guess the groom’s replies. Each time the bride gets the wrong answer she will be given a bubble gum to chew. The more she fails to read his mind, the more she gets the bubble gum. Finally the game becomes more fun when the bride’s mouth fills with more gum and she is unable to talk around the crowd of relatives.

Who am I?

The game who am I? is a game of patience and use of some wittiness. The person who acts quickly is the one who is going to win the game. This game needs cards with some famous characters or personalities, guests participating in the game are given a card each. Each guest is given a chance to ask a question to each other, with that question they should find their pairs (Tom and Jerry, Romeo and Juliet etc). The replies to the questions should be a one word reply of yes or no. The guest who finds their pair first is the winner of the game.

Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie is a game for the guests who are about to get to know each other and get introduced to one another. Each one is given an opportunity to tell three experiences he or she had with the bride; of these two are true and one is a lie. Fun of the game is in guessing the lie among the truths. Sometimes unbelievable stories may be a truth. It’s like finding the odd one out!

How well do you know the Bride?

How well do you the Bride? Game to get a chance to know who knows more about the bride than anyone else does. To start the game the bride is asked series of questions about herself. The guests are asked the same set of questions, the person answering the more number of correct ones wins over the game. The bride can feel proud of that guest who knows more about her!

Herbs and spices

Place some ten paper cups filled with herbs and spices, the paper cups should be covered with a little opening in it. Number the cups from one to ten. Give a paper and pen to each of the guest, with which they will write down the names of the herbs and spices by identifying them with their smell. The winner is who guesses more number of herbs and spices.

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