Wedding Card Matter in Hindi
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Our wedding occasion Fill with your love and blessings.
Welcome to our happiness!

हमारे शादी के शुभ अवसर को अपने प्यार और आशीर्वाद से भर दीजिये .
हमारी खुशियों में आपका स्वागत है !

Married life is a beautiful day,
We want to share it with you.
Please join us and covered with happiness!

शादी जिंदगी का एक खूबसूरत दिन होता है ,
हम इसे आपके साथ बाँटना चाहते है .
हमारा साथ दें और खुशियों में शामिल हो !

Seasons of the series are needed, the flowers remained aroma.
New life is happiness. Welcome to our happiness.

बधाइयों का सिलसिला जरी रहे , फूलों की खुसबु बनी रही.
नए जीवन की खुशियाँ है. हमारी खुशियों में आपका स्वागत है .

Wedding Card Matter in Hindi


The union of two hearts, the union of love,
Is a small dinner party, have lots of happines.
Welcome to our happiness!

दो दिलों का मिलन है, प्यार का संगम है,
छोटी सी दावत है , ढेर सारी खुशियाँ है .
हमारी खुशियों में आपका स्वागत है !

We have you covered in the joys of marriage is my pleasure, is warmly welcome. Please come!

शादी की खुशियों में आपका सामिल होना हमारी खुसनशीबी है , दिल से आपका स्वागत करते है . जरुर आना
Bond of two hearts,give to The sacred bond of love and bless her;
And covered in happiness. Welcome!

Wedding Matter In Hindi

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दो दिलों का बंधन है, इस पवित्र बंधन को अपना प्यार और आशीर्वाद दें ,
और खुशियों में सामिल हो. स्वागत है आपका !

occasion adorned with flowers, patio full of happiness,
To meet with you and it will decrease your arrival.

फूलों से सजी महफ़िल, खुशियों से भरा आँगन ,
कमी रहेगी आपके साथ की पूरा कर देना इसे करके अपना आगमन .
आपका स्वागत है !

The pair are always happy with the blessing of God, be witness to you this sacred bond.
We warmly welcome you!

भगवन के आशीर्वाद के साथ ये जोड़ी हमेशा खुश रहे , इस पवित्र बंधन के आप साखी बनो.
हम आपका दिल से स्वागत करते हैं !

wedding card matter in hindi for daughter

  • We feel lucky to have found each other, many search a life time to find their love and some that have, may not have the chance to express it. Please join us as we celebrate our love with our family and friends in matrimony.

हम बहुत ही सौभाग्यशाली है की हम एक दूसरे से मिले। कुछ लोगों को पूरा जीवन लग जाता है सच्चा प्यार पाने में, और कुछ लोगों के पास होता है परन्तु उसे व्यक्त करने का सौभाग्य नहीं मिल पाता। विवाह में हम अपने परिवार और मित्रो के साथ अपने प्यार का ख़ुशी मना रहे है. कृपया आप भी इसमें शामिल हो.

  • Please join us in celebrating the happiest day of our lives as we express and celebrate what we feel for each other for the world to see.

wedding card matter in hindi for son

  • We want nothing more but to create memories of our love with our family and friends and you are part of us. come join us and make our day even more beautiful.
  • We invite you to begin the rest of our lives with us as we bond our lives forever in matrimony. Having you there would make us very happy.

wedding card quotes in hindi

  • Love is a gift and we feel blessed to have found this gift in each other. we invite you to our wedding and ask you to cheer us on as we begin the rest of our lives.
  • Finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with is a miracle. We do not want to take this for granted and invite you to join us as we celebrate and pledge our love to each other.

hindu wedding invitation wording in hindi sample

  • We have been through a lot to find each other now we do not want to waste another minute without each other we ask you to celebrate with us on our wedding day.
  • Love is rare and when found should be cherished forever. marriage is the way to show the world what has long been buried in our hearts. join us in celebrating our love.

hindi shayari for wedding invitation cards


wedding card matter in hindi for bride

  • We can’t wait to bring our lives together to share our love, pain and laughter for the rest of our lives. We invite you to our wedding as we begin this journey.
  • We begin a new chapter in our lives, and as love brought us together we asked you to join us on this happy day, as we pledge our love for the world to see.


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