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Birthday Wishes for Uncle

uncle-birthday-greetingsUncle’s birthday coming up? Aside from a special birthday gift, what else are you gonna give your uncle? How about using these birthday wishes for uncle to make him so loved and important. I’m sure that a gift plus a good set of uncle birthday messages would be enough to make this day extra special for him.

I am also very close to my uncles. But there’s one that I can say that I am closest with. On his last birthday, I had to look for the best birthday greetings that I can write for the homemade birthday card I made especially for him. But I was totally out of word that time so I had to search online for samples. Fortunately I get some, really good ones. So I’d like to return the favor and give some good birthday messages for your uncle.

Here are some of the example of birthday wishes for your uncle that you can use for your gift note, birthday card, banners and birthday cake message.

Birthday Wishes for Uncle and Happy Birthday Greetings for Uncle

Greet your uncle a happy birthday with these nice messages and greetings. I’ve include some of the best birthday card wordings that you can write for your dearest uncle. I’m sure your uncle would love to read these messages on his big day.

I just want to greet a happy birthday
To the most amazing person I know.
Happy Birthday!


To a father figure,
A great mentor
My amazing tutor,
Happy Birthday!

We may only get to see each other once a year
But you’re always in my mind and heart.
Happy birthday to you my gorgeous uncle!


A happy birthday to the greatest man I’ve known.
Thank you for all the things you’ve done to me every single day.
Stay awesome!

Uncle, you’re a friend, a mentor and a second father to me.
Thank you for being there whenever I am in trouble.
You never left me behind.
Happy Birthday!

You were there when I was down
You were there to be my second dad
You were there to guide me
You were there to love me
Now I’m here to greet you,
Happy Birthday Uncle!

For the best and the most wonderful uncle in the world.
Have a blast on your birthday!

Thank you for all the support and love you’ve given me
You’re simply the best and the dearest
Happy Birthday, Uncle!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Uncle

To my partner in crime,
Thank you for giving me your time.
We may spend it to do some mischief to play,
But it will always be worthy at the end of the day.
Happy Birthday!

I wish nothing but may you find that one special girl
Who will knock you off your feet.
Happy Birthday to you, my single Uncle.

I know I’m your favorite nephew,
That’s why I love you.
Happy Birthday, Uncle!

Have a blast on your birthday, Uncle!
But don’t empty those tequila bottles;
You might end up sleeping at the floor.

Thank you for being a wonderful person,
For always being there and teaching me all those mathematical equation!
You’re a genius!
Happy Birthday, Uncle.

Birthday Messages for your Uncle, Uncle Birthday Wishes


I am so thankful to have an uncle like you.
Have a great birthday.”

Thank you aunt/uncle for all the wisdom and love
That you have given me all my life.
I hope your birthday makes you as happy as you have made me.
Happy Birthday uncle!

Uncle, you’re just like a brother to me.
Except you are much older and wiser.
Happy birthday.

On your birthday,
Here’s sending my warmest greetings to your way.
You’re very dear to me, Uncle.
Happy Birthday!

Life is easier when you’re around.
You’re so fun to be with.
Happy Birthday to the best Uncle around the world!

Cheers to the most handsome and best uncle in the whole wide universe.
Hype? Nope, I’m just telling the truth.
You’re so dear to me.
Happy Birthday, Uncle!

I could not imagine my life without a great uncle like you
It would surely be incomplete and less fun
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Uncle, Birthday Quotes for Uncle

Looking back all the years,
Special times, happy memories that I will forever treasure.
Those memories include you, my dear uncle.
Happy Birthday!

May your birthday bring you joy and happiness.
Cheers to the man behind a successful and happy family.
Happy Birthday, uncle!

Celebrate this day with a heart filled with love and peace.
Happy Birthday to my bestfriend, mentor and protector.
Thank you, uncle!

I wish you a wonderful birthday
As you’re such a wonderful uncle
Happy Birthday!

May you have a great birthday,
Just as great as you are,
Happy birthday, Uncle!

Uncles are truly wonderful
They serve as mentor
They can be our second dad too
I’m glad I have an uncle like you
Happy Birthday!

By annewalker

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