Baby boy shower themes gives you clear picture of how to hold the function of baby boy shower. It is going to be the day of the mom and her family as they are going to receive a new baby boy to their family. Themes for baby boy shower will be based on the boy themes. Characters depicting a boy would be nice for the theme decoration on the party hall. Baby boy shower themes section helps in fixing up of good themes for the shower.


Theme of blue

Baby boy can be welcomed with a color of blue. The party hall can be decorated with blue curtains, ribbons and balloons. Blue is a color of strong and spiritedness. The whole party hall decorated with elegant looking blue will make the occasion the happiest occasion. Blue is the color of sky and let the mom’s happiness reach the height of the sky.


Cowboy theme

Boys are always linked with the character of cowboy and the baby boy showering function can hold the cowboy decoration. Pictures of cowboy cartoons can be pinned on the walls. The things used by a cowboy can decorate the party hall. Wordings related to cowboy can be used on the posters stuck in the hall.


Sports theme

Baby boy shower theme can include sports theme. Party hall decorated with posters and pictures showing different sports will be good. Boys are more interested in sports and let the baby boy shower party convey this with decorations related to sports.


Lion theme

Boy’s favorite animal is lion. Cartoons of lion, posters of lion, jungle look are the most prevalent lion themes. Baby boy shower function with the theme of lion will be more attractive among the various themes.


Dinosaur theme

The most famous cartoon and live character among boys is the Dinosaur. Dinosaurs are very much liked by boys and if Dinosaur theme is selected for the baby boy shower then it would be of greater attraction on the right occasion.

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