baby-shower-gamesBaby showers won’t be complete without baby shower games that will keep your guests pre-occupied. In case you’re still wondering about the best baby shower games that can keep the party popping, these are some ideas that you might like. Just as every detail in the baby shower should be in line with the theme, you can also choose a kind of game that will match the baby shower theme.

For instance, if your baby shower theme is a doll theme, then you could adapt a game of hair styling a Bratz doll. The best hair style that the mommy for the baby shower party picks wins a prize. There are a variety of icebreakers and games that you can come with, depending on the theme and on the audience. But if you’re still a first timer on baby shower parties and you still have trouble in looking for fun, unique baby shower games either for boys or girls then these tips might help you.

Printable Baby Shower Games

Baby shower game doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, it can be done with just prints and paper. All you need is creativity. There are many printable baby shower games that you can create yourself. Let me give you some samples.

  • Baby Shower Bingo

If you’re gonna look online, you can find tons of baby shower bingo templates. You can choose from different colors and designs. There are also some baby shower bingo cards that you can download and print.

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  • Baby Shower Word Search


In this baby shower party game, the participants will be given a word puzzle, a scrambled word wherein they have to find as many words as possible within the time given. 2 minutes is the best time period. When the time is up, the one that hast the highest number of words found wins.

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  • The Price is Right Baby Shower Game

This is such a fun game. There will be a list of items and the participants should guess their prices. The one with the closest price range for most of the items will win.

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  • Wishes for Baby

Prepare a list of baby wishes with blanks. “I hope that ——“. Let the guests and participants fill them up!

  • Baby Shower Word Scramble


See what the list got. There should be a list of scrambled baby shower related words and let the participants arrange them. There are many baby shower printables that you can download where words are pre-scrambled.

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Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Now, most of you find it hard to create their own printable baby shower games. Don’t you worry as you don’t have to start from the scratch. Sometimes, you just need some resources, good resources to find the best yet free baby shower printables. Let me lend you a hand and save you from searching for the printable baby shower games free!


This website offers a lot of options for free printable baby shower games. From bingo, to word puzzle, from baby wishes to the prize is right, you can get downloadable and printable templates. All you need to do is to click the game options from the right and click the thumbnail of the template you want to download and you’re good to go.


For a large options of printable baby shower games, here’s the source you may want to go to. They have samples of game template that you can easily download and print right away. They come from different colors and designs.


Now, if you’re looking for just a simple, yet colorful bingo card for baby shower, here’s the source I can suggest. It has 3 free bingo cards with different colors and words. Some are even customizable that you can input your own items and words.


Bingo is really a popular paper-based baby shower games huh. That’s why I am giving you more of it. Here’s another source of free baby shower printable bingo card.


I was about to create a complete list of the resources of free baby shower games but I thought why not just direct you to the one that will give you more comprehensive list? I hope you enjoy this.

Baby Shower Games Ideas

  • Dirty Diapers

This is time to love and lick a dirty diaper. But of course, it won’t come with live poop. This game is easy to prepare and fun to do: simply get a diaper and fill the middle with mashed and mixed chocolate and candies. Gather the crowd and pass the diaper around. With a little smelling and licking, make them guess the brand or name of the chocolate and candies in the diaper. The person with the most correct guesses wins. You can quota a 5 – 10 number of guesses.

  • Drink Up!

Simply, fill the baby bottles with either juice or beer (of course if kids are the audience, you should pick juice) and give everyone their bottle. On your mark, let everyone guzzle into their baby bottles. The person fastest to finish is the winner.

Fun Baby Shower Games

  • Pin the Diaper

If you’re familiar with the party game of pinning the tail to a life-sized donkey picture while in a blind-fold, then this is something like that. Simply, put a life-sized picture of a baby on the wall. Get a newborn diaper and put a roll of tape behind it. Line everyone up. Each person gets only one turn. Blindfold the lucky competitor and let him try to stick the diaper to the life-sized baby image. Of course, it has to be in its proper place. The person closest to doing it right, wins.

  • Baby IQ Test

Simply test your guests’ IQ on baby nurture and care by distributing a quiz paper when they arrive at the party. You can instruct them that they should answer those questions before the end of the shower. Afterwards, you can start collecting the papers and checking. The winner is the person who has the most number of correct answers.

Unique Baby Shower Games

  • Match Your Baby Picture

In the invitation, instruct your guests to bring a copy of their baby picture and of their latest picture. Before the baby shower begins (especially if you have a program), collect the pictures and stick them randomly to a wall post you can entitle, Match Your Baby Picture. Line each competitor. Each one will take only one turn to match the baby pictures with each guests’ current photos. Allow each turn to have 5 – 10 minutes. The person who gets the highest number of correct guesses wins.

  • Diaper Rush

Divide the guests into teams with three to four players. Give each team a tissue roll. Allow each team to assign a baby model for the game. Of course you’ll know what will come next. The rule of the game is to make the most fashionable and creative diaper design for their baby model. The mommy of the baby shower party will be the judge on who is the winner.

Baby Shower Games for Men

  • Dad the Builder

This can work with a Lego. Simply, get some male volunteers from your guests. The instruction is to allow them to make the best build from the Lego provided. You can set a timer for this, say 20 minutes. The judge will be the daddy of the baby shower party.

  • Kids’ TV Show Trivia

Even dads have to be familiar with the stuff kids watch on TV. This can work as an ice breaker. Pick a couple of questions on stuff that kids watch on TV and test each dad on their knowledge.

Easy Baby Shower Games

  • Scratch and Win Baby Shower Game

This is party supply is available in the local market or on internet sites. Give each guest a piece and provide some bonus prizes for the winners. It could be a gift basket or a cash prize. In case you’re wondering, the hidden labels of each piece are indicated with the instructions of the package.

  • Guess that Baby Food

Mash some baby food for your guests this time. Make at least twenty baby food and place them in cups. Allow your guests to guess each piece.

Baby Shower Games for Girls

  • Girl Tunes

This is a simple game. You’ll need an earphone, a music player with a couple of songs that mention girl names. Each guest will mention all of the girl names that they hear from the song, while the host list them. The person with the most number of girl names win.

  • Project Baby

Do a Project Runaway, baby style. Talk about instant clothes for your little girl. Give the competitors a plain pink baby t-shirt. You can provide some materials such as beads and ruffles, hot glue, scissors or needle with thread. The competitors have to make the best fashionable design for the baby girl. The judge of course will be the mommy of the baby shower party.

Baby Shower Games for Kids

  • Longest Voice Game

Simply, line the kids. The winner of this contest is the kid with the longest time in saying your baby’s name without stopping.

  • Jelly Bean Bottle Game

Fill a baby bottle with assorted jelly beans and allow your guests to guess how many jelly beans are there. Of course it’s important that you should know yourself. The person who gets the closest guess is the winner. The prize is none other than the jelly bean bottle.

Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

  • Baby Tic-Tac-Toes

You have to make a tic-tac-toe board firsthand for this game. The rules are simple: you divide the guests into two teams. Each will have questions on information about your baby: for instance, birth weight, birth height, etc. the team that gets a right answer picks a spot on the board. The game is executed until the X’s or O’s arrive at 3 times in a row.

  • Catch My Baby Egg

This game is simple. Gather the group into a circle. Get a chicken egg, preferably medium sized, and allow the guests to throw it around. Of course, they have to catch it otherwise they are out of the game. Sound easy? That may be true until the circle widens each time that the eggs arrives at the beginning again. The circle will continue to widen until one participant remains. This game is advisable to perform outdoors.

Couples Baby Shower Games

  • Make The Baby Again

Yes! Inspire procreation yet again. This time, use clays to make a baby again. Each couple is to make the cutest baby using clays. The couple who makes the best baby, wins. Audience impact matters at this point, with additional points from the judge, who will be played by the mommy of the baby shower party.

This is a little similar with the Diaper Rush game, but with a little twist: the game will be played by pairs. The instructions is to clothe a baby doll with a diaper, shirt, bonnet, socks, etc., but one person will use only the right hand while the other one will use the left only. The pair that finishes the fastest wins.

Modern Baby Shower Games

  • Matching baby animals

Guests are asked to match the baby animals with their mother among the given list of baby animals. For example if a guest is given a word cub then the guest should match its mother that is lion, likewise buffalo for calf, cat for kitten etc. Maximum number of guesses will be given a gift.

  • Guess the Word

This is such an easy baby shower party games. Basically, it needs two participants. One participant should guess the mystery word by asking and describing the word. His/her partner should just answer yes, no or maybe. The asker should continue asking through categories, narrowing the subject until he/she guessed the word. The words to be used must be related to baby shower like diaper, feeding bottles, etc.

Simple Baby Shower Games

  • Scramble

Prepare a list baby related words and scramble it. Ask the guests to solve it, the one who solves it within a minute or two or whatever the given time wins the game. The scramble game is more fun to play.

  • Guessing the baby on the picture

Childhood photographs are collected from the guests in the baby shower. The photographs are all pinned up on a board and the guests are asked to guess who the baby is. The guest who guesses more number of babies with their corresponding person will be the winner of the game.

Popular Baby Shower Games

  • Guess the Baby’s Gender

Guessing the sex of the baby game would be a great fun because it is very tough to guess it. People follow many ways to guess the baby’s sex; one way is to guess it using the size and shape of the mom’s belly. The mom will be so excited to hear the guesses and she will be so blushed. Many ladies come out with different guesses as to boy or a girl depending on their skill and experience in finding out the sex of the baby. The prizes can be given to the winner only when the mom gives birth to the baby. So the guest who has guessed the sex of the baby correctly will receive the gift later when the mom gives birth.

  • Name the Baby

It is more fun when the expected baby is given a name in the naming the coming baby game on a baby shower day. It is also like suggesting names for the baby. The mom and the baby’s family will get lot of names as suggestions which they can use it to name their baby later. Different boy and girl names are guessed and suggested by the guests. Guests can prepare a list of names both boy and girl within the given time limit and the guests written most number of names will win the game.

Fun and enjoyment goes with baby shower games on a baby shower day. Giving away party for the mom who is expected to have a baby is a wonderful occasion and participating in it is more joy. The name celebration is closely connected with fun and games. Functions are celebrated at home especially to gather friends and relatives at one place and enjoy the occasion. I hope these ideas of how and what to play on a baby showering day help you what to do on your baby shower party. Baby shower games can be played on the special day to make the mom and her family happy.

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