Romantic messages for your wife can make her fall for you even more. Give her a  a romantic gift  using these sweet love messages for wife. Be it on a wedding anniversary or on her birthday, you can let her know how much you love and cherish her with romantic love messages that you can write in a love card or gift notes. But if you don’t know what to say to your wife, let me help you then.

Love Messages for Wife

I’ve have collected the best love messages for you and you can find it below. These love wordings, love quotes and love sayings are best used as love SMS messages for wife, love text messages or love email wordings. You also don’t have to think about what to write in your love card for your wife as these love wordings can be used as love greeting card messages and valentine’s day card wordings. If you are looking for messages for your husband please visit love messages for husband

Love Messages for Wife

You made my life so meaningful and wonderful.
You are so amazing and beautiful.
Please stay that way.
I love you.

My heart beats so fast every time I see your lovely face.
I always think of you and miss you when you’re not around.
I love you.

You may not know this but you’re everything to me.
Thank you for being the mother of my wonderful children.
I love you, dear wifey.

My ultimate wish is to live longer
So that I can be with you
And make you feel that I love you so.

With your care, I feel secure
With your love, I feel so sure…
I’d wish to spend the rest of my life with you
My wife, I love you so.

I am so lucky to have an affectionate and caring wife
I’ve never been so happy til I met you.
I love you, my wife.

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When you came to my life
It was like an angel came to save me
and show me a better way
Thank you dear, I love you

You are my rhythm
You are my tune
Without you I cannot flourish
I love you my dear


Love Messages for Her

So you’re looking for the best love messages for her?.we have collection of romantic love messages for her, be it your girlfriend, wife, lady friends or even for your crush and special someone. You just pick what fits you with these romantic love messages for her and you’ll surely sweep her off her feet.

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 Find some love Messages for her below

Look up to my promise that I will never leave you when a storm comes into our lives because I know that this is the time when you need me the most. I love you, babe.


In the night sky filed with stars,
you’re the one that shines the brightest.
I love you for lighting up the darkest moments of my life.

It is really puzzling how you were able to fit inside my heart.
Trust me that there is no space left for another girl.
I love you so much.

No matter how horrible my day went,
when you smile you just made everything all right.
Love you.

You’re pretty with your make up on
but I still love you the same even without it.

You’re a lovely rose in full bloom.
But even if it withers,
you’re still the most beautiful woman for me.
I love you.

My dazzling princess, may I dance with you
to the tune of the music that lasts forever?

No need to be extravagant to impress me for
your personality already captures my heart.
Love you dear.

You’re like a twister, you just blow me away.
I love you, my beautiful disaster.

I get jealous when you bond with other guys,
but when you tell me that you love me;
I am assured that you will never let me go.

The thought of being wonderfully in love with you,
I just can’t get it out of my head.

No matter how far you go, you’ll remain close to my heart.
I love you, darling.

Could you stop being so lovely?
You’re driving me so crazy.
I love you.

They could take all my possessions as long as I have you.
You are everything to me.
Love you.

Time is gold but time spent with the queen of my heart is absolutely priceless.
I love you so much.

A girl like you is a rare gem which is impossible to find.
Do you know how blessed I feel about finding you?




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