Sad Love MessagesBeing sad is not so bad after all. It can be a beginning of a new and happier chapter of your life. But if you’re feeling blue and want to express it to your friends or to the one you love, here are some sad love messages and sad love quotes that you can use. You may send it as love SMS or love text messages. You can also post these sad love sayings as facebook status or Tweet.

Sad Messages of Love

I love you but I wonder if you will love me too.

Is there a heart doctor out there?
I need him to fix my broken heart.

I will write a letter but I do not know if you will read it.
I will give you flowers but will you appreciate it?
I will give you my love, but will you accept it?

Sad Love Words

It is hard to fall in love with a person who cannot love you back because he is in love with somebody else.

My life is nothing if you will not be mine.

Yes, you are with me but your mind and heart belongs to somebody.

Sad Love Words

A person’s worth is realized only when he is gone.

Why ran after me now when I used to ran after you before.

I used to love you before but you neglect the special feeling I have for you.
Now that I feel loved by the one who deserves my love,
I realized you are not worthy of my love after all.

My love for you is true.
Try it and you won’t feel blue.

I am happy that even in silence I can love you.

You will regret not loving me.
I am the sweetest person in the world.

My love is only for you.
I cannot understand why you can’t love me whole heartedly too.

Do not fear to get hurt because that way you will learn how to love even more.

More Sad Love Quotations and Sayings

You will not learn to love somebody if you do not love yourself.

Be ready to be crushed when you start to have a crush.

Love, when not reciprocated, is like hanging yourself to death.

It is happier to be single and happy than be committed yet lonely.

There is no teacher about love.
You will learn it yourself the hard way.

Why love a person who doesn’t love if you can just love somebody who loves you more than you do?

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