Tears – It may be the outcome of either Happiness or sadness. Tears burst out of us when we lose our control and when we fail to win over our emotions. Tears are the outcome of emotions. At times Tears comforts us and help us to retain our lost hope in a situation. Tears messages consist of messages which will clearly depict and represent the feel of everyone. Below you can find tears messages which you can use it to convey your feels either is it off Happiness or sadness to your beloved ones.


Tears are the expression of your Heart – what it feels and how it feels when you are Happy or sad

There are two kinds of words – words of mouth and words of heart. Words of mouth can be spelt but words of heart can’t be spelt, it can only be felt and it is Tears

Tears fill our eyes and hide the things before us so we at times fail to overcome our happiness or sadness

Tears conveys the meaning of our emotions when words fail to convey it

Tears are the easiest way to express our feels. Feels has to be expressed without restricting them. Tears and feels are correlated terms.

Its worth to spend our tears for our beloved ones but one who makes you cry is not worth for your tears

Tears are the broken hearts language. The language understood only by the beloved ones.

We may hide our hurts and pains but we can’t hide our tears because tears speak more than anything else

“No more tears” – the mantra of true friends. Friends are there to care about our cries and they are there to swipe away our tears

Tears are the sign of weakness; weakness paves way for defeat so don’t give chance for the weakness to overcome you

Tears roll down from our eyes when we really miss some one. Missing someone whom we love very much is the most painful thing in this world… Even tears can’t replace that pain

Tears have for many reasons. Tears of wounded heart has only one reason – hurt by their loved ones

Getting ignored in love brings tears without any reason. Person whom you treasure so much won’t be the reason for your tears.

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